Research: ENQVIST and FISCHER,

Listed in Issue 23


ENQVIST and FISCHER, Eastman Dental Centre, Stockholm, Sweden conducted a study to evaluate the effects of preoperative hypnotic techniques used by patients having surgical removal of their third mandibular molar.



patients were randomly assigned either to an experimental (n = 33) - hypnotic techniques - or a control (36) 2 no hypnotic techniques - group. The week prior to the surgery, the experimental group listened to an audiotape which contained a hypnotic relaxation induction, posthypnotic suggestions of healing and recovery as well as advice regarding ways to achieve control over stress and pain. The control group had no hypnotic intervention. One surgeon, who did not know the patient group assignments, performed all the operations.


In the control group, anxiety prior to the operation increased significantly, whereas anxiety remained at baseline level in the hypnosis group. Additionally, compared to the control group, postoperative consumption of analgesics in the hypnosis group was significantly reduced.



Enqvist B and Fischer K. Preoperative hypnotic techniques reduce consumption of analgesics after surgical removal of third mandibular molars: a brief communication. Int J Clin Exp Hypn 45(2): 102-8. Apr 1997.

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