Research: BRAUCHLI and ZEIER,

Listed in Issue 23


BRAUCHLI and ZEIER, Institut fur Verhaltenswissenschaft ETH Zurich, Switzerland studied whether there is a relationship between subjective well-being and change in immune markers in HIV-infected people.



21 HIV-infected people completed questionnaires. CD4-percentage and CD4/CD8-ratio immune markers were measured at the beginning of the study, after 8 months and after 15 months.


Baseline values of immune markers explained most of the variance observed of the immune markers following 8 and 15 months. After including several control variables in the hierarchical multiple regression model, Values for depression and values on the symptom checklist explained an additional variance increment of both immune markers after 8 months.


The results of this study suggest that predominantly depressive feelings co-determine immune status in HIV-infected people.


Brauchli P and Zeier H. Depressive affect and surrogate markers in HIV infected patients. Psychother Psychosom Med Psychol 47(1): 34-40. Jan 1997.

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