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TELLES and colleagues, Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore India recorded heart rate, breathing rate and skin resistance in 20 community home girls (Home group) and in 20 age-matched girls from a regular school (School group). The Home group had a significantly higher rate of breathing and a more irregular breath pattern, which is correlated with high fear and anxiety, than the School group. Skin resistance was significantly lower in the School group, which may be suggestive of greater arousal.



28 girls from the Home group formed 14 pairs, matched for age and duration of stay in the home. Girls within a pair were randomly assigned to either yoga or games groups. With the yoga group, emphasis was on relaxation and awareness, for the games group emphasis was on increasing physical activity.


After one hour daily for six months, both groups showed a significant decrease in the resting heart rate compared to initial values and the yoga group showed a significant decrease in breath rate, which was more regular, but no significant increase in skin resistance.


These results suggest that a yoga programme including relaxation, awareness and graded physician activity is a useful addition to the routine of community home children.


Telles S et al. Comparison of changes in autonomic and respiratory parameters of girls after yoga and games at a community home. Percept Mot Skills 84(1): 251-7. Feb 1997.

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