Research: WENNEBERG and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 23


WENNEBERG and colleagues, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa USA studied the relationships between increased platelet aggregability and the psychological traits hostility and anger.



This study was part of a larger intervention study investigating the potential efficacy of stress reduction techniques. Study participants performed 6-minute mental arithmetic tests under time pressure. Blood was taken during the first minute and whole blood platelet aggregation measured. Anger and hostility were assessed using Spielberger's State-Trait Anger, Anger Expression and Cook-Medley Hostility scales.


There were positive correlations between collagen-induced platelet aggregation and outwardly expressed anger, as measured by the Anger Expression Scale. These results suggested that modes of anger expression may be association with increased platelet aggregation.


These findings may provide a mechanism for the putative connection between anger/hostility and coronary heart disease.


Wenneberg et al. Anger expression correlates with platelet aggregation. Behav Med 22(4): 174-7. Winter 1997.

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