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  1. A Workshop with Sandra Sabatini

    by Elizabeth Irvine

    The author, who was initially exceedingly stressed out, late due to train cancellations, eloquently describes an inspirational workshop she attended with the renowned yoga teacher ...

  2. A Yogi called Helen - and the Unready Student

    by Mike Webster

    Helen, the author learned after he was introduced to her by his father, has been his father’s nanny when he was a small child in the family home on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. She ...

  3. Ashtanga Yoga - Feeling Fully Alive!

    by Rowena Warren

    The author describes her quest to learn Ashtanga yoga, which took her to a small studio in India where she studied with its founder, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson, Sharat...

  4. Balancing The Body And Mind With Yoga

    by Manmohan Singh

    Summary: Find out how you can balance your body and mind with the practice of yoga through this article.

  5. Benefits of Yoga for Knee Pain

    by Richard Kravetz

    At first sight, the knee may appear to be a simple joint, but it is actually quite complex. This complexity also makes the knee susceptible to many injuries, and the knee is often o...

  6. Case Study: How I Came To Yoga

    by Vernette Butler

    The author gives an account of encountering yoga at school but, finding it more meditation than exercise, did not continue. She apparently had a continuing battle with her weight, ...

  7. Dru Yoga for Healing

    by Paulette Agnew

    The gap between modern medicine, quantum physics and ancient forms of health care, is closing fast. The science of Dru Yoga plays an essential part in this journey of discovery, as...

  8. Dru Yoga for Wellbeing and Resilience to Stress

    by Jane Clapham

    This article reports on a randomized controlled study of the effect of a six-week programme of Dru Yoga, involving at least one 60-minute session a week, on the stress levels of em...

  9. Dyspepsia and Yoga Therapy

    by Shama (Sara) Palmer

    Dyspepsia is a medical condition that an NHS survey has reported affects about 40% of the adult UK population. It is characterized by recurrent pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn,...

  10. Four Important Facts of the Yoga Profession

    by Manmohan Singh

    If you desire to commence on an incredible journey of becoming a yoga teacher then understand these four core facets of yoga profession through this article.

  11. Hatha Yoga - The Energetics of Movement Transformation

    by Lillian Irene Lovas

    In this article Lovas explores how movement can be a way of motivating the inevitable changes that happen in our lives, how movement can be applied to therapeutic change and person...

  12. How Yoga Can Prevent Arthritis

    by Meera Watts

    Yoga can help reduce pain that occurs from having arthritis. It helps you to become more flexible also and improves the body’s functioning. Stress is also reduced which can be a con...

  13. How Yoga Practice Aids Many Age-Related Illnesses in Older Adults

    by Joe Fleming

    The statistics around ageing can sound quite grim when you put them altogether. Over 25% of seniors over 65 years of age will develop diabetes according to the American Diabetes Ass...

  14. Injuries in Yoga - Framing the Conversation

    by David Keil

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about injuries in yoga. I have this conversation regularly. I’ve been writing about some of the most common injuries for a number of y...

  15. Kundalini Yoga: Powerful, Transformational and Healing

    by Barbara Lyndley

    This article focuses on the benefits of Kundalini Yoga. The author explains what Kundalini yoga is all about and how it works at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.  She a...

  16. Mudra Yoga

    by Sandeep Khurana

    Mudra Yoga, a system of alternative healing, has its origins as far back as the earliest Hindu scriptures and texts, and is employed in the practices of Dharma, Buddhism, Tantra an...

  17. Partners Yoga

    by Jan Williamson

    Yoga practice is extremely versatile; it can be practised in solitude or in the more social atmosphere of a class situation and can be modified to suit age, ability and need.

  18. Positive Health of Mind and Body

    by Ruth White

    The author illustrates what she calls the “universal natural law that whatever we do in this life will eventually come back in exactly the same proportions” by relating the story o...

  19. Progressive Yoga: Practice Tailored to the Individual.

    by Yvonne Campkin

    The point of yoga, according to the author, is to work with one's own body, with the awareness that you are an individual with different needs from the next person....and that ev...

  20. Rebalancing: The Art of Transforming a Successful Yoga Instructor's Life and Career

    by Caroline Ratner

    Rachel Krentzman, had a thriving Yoga and Physical Therapy practice in a light filled studio located in the lovely Bird Rock section of La Jolla California. Rachel had met every go...

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