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Four Important Facts of the Yoga Profession

by Manmohan Singh(more info)

listed in yoga, originally published in issue 247 - July 2018



If you desire to commence on an incredible journey of becoming a yoga teacher then understand these four core facets of yoga profession through this article.


Wheel pose (chakrasana)

Wheel pose (chakrasana)


The increasing number of yoga studios and classes across the globe surely indicate an upsurge in the popularity of yoga. Yoga is well known as the science of peace, wellness, and harmony among the health enthusiasts and many yoga aspirants. From the beginning, mornings with sun-salutation series to ending the evenings with the relaxing yoga nidra practice, regular practitioners are conferred with overall enhanced health, tranquilized mind, and a stabilized soul. Amazed by the positive yogic transformations on the mind, body, and soul, several ardent yoga fanatics take a step towards the science of yoga in order to immerse themselves in intense and deep yogic wisdom with the purpose of becoming a skilled yoga teacher.

Being a professional yoga instructor in itself is a highly rewarding experience; however it comes with its own set of rules, regulations, and challenges. A Yoga teacher training course is the first sacred step towards the higher self which demands time, effort, and patience. Here are four important facts of yoga profession that every aspiring yoga teacher needs to know. Take a look:

1. Deep Authentic Yoga Knowledge and Disciplined Life

It is the innate love for the science of yoga that inspires many yoga enthusiasts to take up the yoga teacher training programs and to transform into a professional yoga master. Yoga teachers have their roots firmly planted in the authentic and deep yogic wisdom that very well reflects in their teachings. The study of enlightening subjects like Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Adjustment & Alignment, Yoga Styles and so much more expands their mind and gives them the golden chance to become well-versed with every feature of the art of yoga. Yoga teachers strictly follow a disciplined life inspired by yogic principles that help them lead a morally correct and spiritually conscious life. Additionally, there is no graduation from the science of yoga; yoga teachers are perennial learners and continue to absorb information throughout their life.

2. An Embodiment of Health and Well-Being

There are limitless studies stating that the traditional science of yoga keeps the practitioners in a sound shape of health; the epitome of such saying is our yoga teachers. Yoga instructors enjoy robust physical, mental and spiritual health. By practising the science of yoga without skipping a day, consuming a sattvic diet, adhering to the yogic guidelines, yoga teachers foster a physically strong, mentally agile and spiritually awakened health. By leading a life enriched with wellness and goodness themselves, yoga masters inspire and guide many people to follow the same path that shall lead them towards a fulfilling life.


Bow Pose

Bow Pose


3. Assisting Students with Patience, Care, and Discipline

The highly-inspirational souls interact with their fellow students in a very humble, understanding, and foreboding manner. They touch the lives of all those who come in contact with love, compassion, and empathy. They extend strenuous support towards the students in sufferings and guide the learners on the correct path for experiencing favorable results. Also, they plan the yoga classes with great diligence and make sure that they are conducted in an ideal manner.

4. The Never-Ending Urge to Learn and Spread Yogic Wisdom

It has already been stated above that yoga teachers are forever learners. They always aim at enhancing their yoga knowledge and yoga practice so that they can spread the yogic wisdom across the globe in a more efficient manner. They always motivate others to delve into the science of yoga for an enhanced life. The noble thought of leading the mankind towards greater well-being and positive transformations by the way yoga is what makes the yoga teachers really unique.


Take into account the above pointers, exhibit great transforming powers as a yoga teacher and lead on to make the yoga profession more gratifying for others.


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