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5 Best Places to do Your Yoga Teacher Training

by Manmohan Singh(more info)

listed in yoga, originally published in issue 254 - May 2019


Going on a Yoga teacher training program is a decision for a life. It is the gateway to the pinnacle of Yoga. In the world of certifications, a Yoga TTC is the most facile way to become a certified Yoga teacher. It makes you eligible to teach the sacred science anywhere in the world. In a Yoga TTC, in addition to learning the science of Yoga, everyone wants to create memories to cherish for a lifetime. If you are aspiring to master the spiritual science in the most amazing atmosphere, have a look at the following places that are considered the best in the world.


Yoga Teaching Training in Rishkesh



The term ‘Yoga’ cannot exist without the mention of Rishikesh, for the holy town is the birthplace of the spiritual science and knowledge-land of thousands of great yogis and spiritual philosophers. Nobody can separate Yoga from Rishikesh and vice-versa. Rishikesh is the global center of Yoga education where Yoga lovers from all over the world come to get introduced with the purest form of yogic wisdom. Yoga is completely unadulterated in Rishikesh, which is home to the most number of Yoga schools in the world.

All formats of Yoga TTC programs are organized by Yoga schools in Rishikesh giving aspirants a vast pool to choose a training event from. Along with learning Yoga in its virgin form, you can explore the rich spiritual history of the Indian town by visiting various temples and ashrams. Meditate on the breathtaking trails of the Himalayas and by the serene flow of the Ganges to attain the state of extreme peace.


Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that sits to the North of Gulf of Thailand. One of the biggest Yoga and wellness hubs in the modern era, the Kingdom is known primarily for the Buddhist school of Yoga, thanks to the Buddhist culture that the country is dominated by. One can witness the truest aspect of Yoga in the Siamese land along with the charm of nature and spirituality. While the island of Phuket is the most pristine place for the education of Yoga, Ranong province is also popular for its luscious vegetation and serene environment perfect for attaining mastery in the art of this ancient science. For luxurious Yoga programs, Koh Samui is regarded as the ideal spot because of its acclaim as the home to Thailand’s best beaches and resorts. If you wish to witness the sacred form of Yoga teacher training in Thailand, there cannot be a better place than the Northern province of Chiang Mai.

New York

New York, the fourth most populous state in the United Stated of America can be termed as the capital of Yoga education in the country. Although, the country doesn’t seem to be as spiritual as the South Asian countries are, there is a wide range of Yoga institutes and Meditation centers in the world’s biggest economy. The beauty of New York’s Yoga society is that you are sure to cross path with a number of Yoga teachers, who trace their roots to the Indian Subcontinent.

The Northeastern state of America’s fame as a Yoga destination is strengthened by the presence of numerous natural beauties such as Whiteface Mountain, Seneca Lake, and the infamous Niagara Falls. Yoga schools such as The Yoga School New York (TYSNY), Mount Madonna Institute of Yoga, Lighthouse Yoga School, etc. are the flag bearers of yogic training in the Western Hemisphere.


Yoga training
Teacher Training in Kerala



How could you complete a yogic discussion without mentioning the name of Kerala? Kerala holds a prominent position in the field of Yoga, owing to the cultural value of the Indian state based on the principles of Yoga. Since Kerala is the birth land of Ayurveda, almost all the Yoga institutes include Ayurvedic studies in their training programs. In Kerala, one witnesses an entirely different culture of South India along with the stunning experiences of delving in Trikonasana on the virgin beaches of Laccadive Sea. Master the ancient science and relish the best Luxury Yoga retreats in India when you book a Yoga program in the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula.




India’s northern neighbor, Nepal is one of the most sought-after places when it comes to Yoga and spiritual education. Set on the Himalayas, the tiny nation is one of the few places in the world where one can learn the yogic science of spiritual enlightenment near the place of Yoga’s birth, on the Himalayan peaks. The birthplace of Gautam Buddha is adorned with the snow-packed mountain valleys, astonishing lakes, and a pleasant weather making it an ideal Yoga destination.

Whether you are practicing Yoga for some time or a newbie to the ancient science, there is a Yoga teacher training in Nepal for everybody based on the aspirant’s depth in Yoga’s understanding. While Pokhara is the center of Nepal’s Yoga society, Yoga TTC events can be found in all other parts of the country as well.


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