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  1. The Obsession with Strength and Stability in the World of Health and Fitness

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This article discusses our obsession with strength and stability, based on the idea that the spine is an unstable structure needing constant co-contraction of the transverses abdom...

  2. The Power of Focus and Mental Performance in Sports Training

    by Walter Urban

    Researchers have proven that stress, anger and anxiety, when triggered in an athlete, can tighten muscles, tense up the body, hamper and negatively affect breathing, and generally ...

  3. The Role of Balance in Movement and Learning

    by Stephen Braybrook

    The way we perceive our place in the world is through our belief system and our interaction between our physical body, thoughts and feelings with the environment around us. At every...

  4. Top 5 Exercises Making Your Back Pain Worse

    by Dr RJ Burr

    What if I told you the exercises you’re doing for health, fitness and to even strengthen your low back are doing more harm than good? You’ve dedicated yourself to a healthier life...

  5. Top Expert Tips: What Cyclists Should and Shouldn’t Eat

    by Merlin Cycles

    A survey conducted by Merlin Cycles has shown that 49% said they would steer well clear of carbs in order to lose weight. This food group tends to get a bad rap, although a recent...

  6. Train Your Brain: Exercise to Improve Neural Pathways and Memory and Decrease Mental Fog

    by Kathleen Trotter

    Exercise has neuroprotective qualities – it protects the brain. These neuroprotective qualities include increasing circulation to the brain; protecting skills such as memory, schedu...

  7. Use It or Lose It

    by Ann Crowther

    This article discusses the pelvic floor muscles and tissues, how they are designed to work as a complete unit and the benefits of Pilates on these muscles. According to the author ...

  8. Virtual Personal Trainer Unveils How to Get Fit the RIGHT Way

    by Kaia Health

    Not everyone can afford a full-time personal trainer, so how can you tell if your exercise routine is helping you achieve your fitness goals - or potentially doing more harm than go...

  9. Walking to Work Through the Parks

    by Robert D Dangoor

    Since my nurse advised me to do more daily exercise, I have been walking to work from Kensington Gardens through Hyde Park, to Park Lane. I also return home through the parks; it's...

  10. What is Healthy Living about these Days..?

    by Milena Dowlaszewicz

    New remarkable diet can change your life! No need for pain and exercise! New amazing fruit that will burn all the unwanted fat and magically turn you into beautiful and successful w...

  11. Why you should Forget a Low-Carb Diet when you’re Training Regularly

    by Lee Dover

    We’ve all heard people talking about ‘cutting carbs’ when they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s not always the best way to improve your health. Carbohydrates are important energy...

  12. Winning Big without Performance Enhancing Drugs ‘Beyond the Zone’

    by Walter Urban

    A-Rod MLB, Lance Armstrong UCI, David Ortiz MLB, Manny Ramirez MLB, Brandon Moore NFL, Von Miller NFL, German biathlete Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle IOC, Italian bobsledder William Frull...

  13. Zoe Smith: On the Road to Recovery

    by Holly Venning

    Champion weightlifter, Zoe Smith experienced an injury in June 2016 which blighted her hopes of competing as part of Team GB at the Olympic Games in Rio. Here she discusses her inju...

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