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  1. Exercise Program for the Older Years

    by Diana Moran and Sir Muir Gray

    At the age of 77 I’m determined not only to get moving but to keep moving for as long as I possibly can. My ‘Sod sitting, get moving’ exercise plan consists of simple exercises spe...

  2. Fingertip Toes

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Toe touching has for a long time been the symbol and criterion of physical fitness. But does this posture or movement deserve to be so rated?

  3. Fitness for Health

    by Nigel Kerr

    Articles dedicated to the benefits of regular exercise show that exercise routines are much like religious doctrine. They all claim to be the miracle that will change your life for...

  4. Fitness Goals: How to Keep Yourself on Track

    by Greg Sellar

    Starting something for those who aren’t easily motivated is hard enough. Sticking to that something can be even harder, particularly when the going gets tough. These simple tips ma...

  5. Flexxicore Challenger: Alternative Approach to Traditional Exercise for the Elderly and Recovering Patient

    by Patrick James Moriarity

    Heavily ingrained in our culture is the need to achieve results. The athlete who goes through extraordinary sacrifices, pushing the body to extreme lengths, is rightly acclaimed fo...

  6. Glutes Mania Or Reductionism In Gyms

    by Joel Carbonnel

    If these days you were to read the fitness pages of newspapers and magazines you would be justified in thinking that the glutes are the new core. The word glutes and its synonyms a...

  7. Health Benefits of Kayak Exercise

    by Derek - Floating Authority

    Kayak Exercise is a great form of exercising any way you look at it. Not only does kayaking benefit your physical body but it also benefits your mind. Before we go into this in deta...

  8. How my Life has been Transformed by the FlexxiCore Challenger

    by Alison Lapper

    I am a 52 years old Mouth and Foot Painting Artist, infamous for Mark Quinn’s Trafalgar Square, Fourth Plinth statue, depicting me as disabled, pregnant and naked. As a child born ...

  9. How Technology is Changing the Way we Run - and Motivating us to Exercise More

    by Adrian Hon

    In recent decades, running has experienced a slow-motion explosion in popularity, becoming the most popular form of exercise in the world. In the US alone, 19 million people complet...

  10. How to Walk the Talk

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Regular contributor Joël Carbonnel takes a look at walking and the positive effects it has. It keeps the bones strong, boosts the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, controls b...

  11. Jump Start to General Fitness & Good Health: Preparation, Motivation and Recovery

    by Walter Urban

    My effort to break the current world record was to bring attention to the fact the adults can continue to remain healthy and get stronger longer than even before, and well into the...

  12. Keep Moving, Live Longer and Stay Healthy

    by Dr Eva Goes

    Dr Goes writes that after a whole day in front of a PC, many of us rush to the gym or go for a run, believing that a bout of vigorous exercise will compensate for a sedentary lifest...

  13. Optimum Exercise and Fitness Regimes to Enhance Weight Loss

    by Janet Thomson

    The old adage of calories in versus calories out although true in principle, has been refined somewhat in recent years. It’s true of course that your energy intake (EI) in relation ...

  14. Physical Activity and Health

    by Lisa Saffron

    The lack of physical activity is one of the less desirable consequences of our transport system. The dominance of the motor vehicle is not the only cause of our increasing lack of ...

  15. Prevention of Injury Through Strength Training

    by James Staring

    Anyone who is active will tell you that the most annoying barrier to continuing his or her sport or activity of choice is injury. It comes without warning, it is always inconvenient...

  16. Putting Your Back into IT

    by Ann Crowther

    This column focuses on correct posture and the ‘forward head’ problem which the author describes as the 21st century posture phenomena, due to the inordinate amount of time spent a...

  17. Research Shines Light on Blackcurrants for their ‘Unprecedented’ Fat Burning Properties

    by Fleur Cushman

    The ‘super’ nutritional benefits of berries are nothing new, however there’s one area of berry-specific interest that is gaining scientific momentum for it potential in athletes, t...

  18. Rhythm in Movement and its Potential Role in Rehabilitation

    by Stephen Braybrook

    In everyday life, what is it that you witness each time you observe people move? You may see the external actions of running, jumping, hopping, waving and nodding. What you do not s...

  19. Running Coaching and Injury Prevention

    by Stephen Braybrook

    Running is a widely participated in activity and is accessible for any age group and level of fitness. Because of its accessibility it is practiced by a wide spectrum of people, fro...

  20. Say Goodbye To The Gym

    by James Smith

    In this fast-paced world and economically distressed time, trying to budget out a portion of your income for a hefty gym fee is certainly not the best option. However, serious healt...

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