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  1. Physical Activity and Health

    by Lisa Saffron

    The lack of physical activity is one of the less desirable consequences of our transport system. The dominance of the motor vehicle is not the only cause of our increasing lack of ...

  2. Prevention of Injury Through Strength Training

    by James Staring

    Anyone who is active will tell you that the most annoying barrier to continuing his or her sport or activity of choice is injury. It comes without warning, it is always inconvenient...

  3. Putting Your Back into IT

    by Ann Crowther

    This column focuses on correct posture and the ‘forward head’ problem which the author describes as the 21st century posture phenomena, due to the inordinate amount of time spent a...

  4. Research Shines Light on Blackcurrants for their ‘Unprecedented’ Fat Burning Properties

    by Fleur Cushman

    The ‘super’ nutritional benefits of berries are nothing new, however there’s one area of berry-specific interest that is gaining scientific momentum for it potential in athletes, t...

  5. Resolutions, Anxiety, and You


    New Year’s resolutions, the yearly event that sends us all into the gym on January and causes us to abandon it by February, may be changing. We at conducted a s...

  6. Rhythm in Movement and its Potential Role in Rehabilitation

    by Stephen Braybrook

    In everyday life, what is it that you witness each time you observe people move? You may see the external actions of running, jumping, hopping, waving and nodding. What you do not s...

  7. Running Coaching and Injury Prevention

    by Stephen Braybrook

    Running is a widely participated in activity and is accessible for any age group and level of fitness. Because of its accessibility it is practiced by a wide spectrum of people, fro...

  8. Say Goodbye To The Gym

    by James Smith

    In this fast-paced world and economically distressed time, trying to budget out a portion of your income for a hefty gym fee is certainly not the best option. However, serious healt...

  9. Scientist turned Personal Trainer Combines Medical Knowledge with Exercise for Patient Fitness

    by Sandra Lake

    WITH more GPs urging patients with chronic illness to help their symptoms via exercise, a biomedical scientist turned personal trainer is advising on the best way to exercise while ...

  10. Selecting the Ideal Running Shoe - from Injury-Free Running

    by Thomas Michaud DC

    Given the potential for lacerations, abrasions, and/or thermal injury, it seems odd that for almost all of our seven-million-year history as bipeds, we got around the planet barefoo...

  11. Should We Exercise?

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The author discusses the value of fitness versus health in this article, and questions the belief that exercise is a must for fitness and longevity.

  12. Spoiled Sport

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This article is a critique of the popular idea that competitive sport is a good thing.

  13. Staying Healthy At Work: An Actionable Guide

    by Susan Melony

    You spend a significant part of your life behind a desk. Desk jobs can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s nice to not be a roofer working on top of a skyscraper. But ...

  14. Stretching and Exercise

    by Simeon Niel-Asher

    An individual’s physical fitness depends on a vast number of components, and flexibility is only one of these. Although flexibility is a vital part of physical fitness, it is import...

  15. Supervised Use of the FlexxiCore† Passive Exerciser in a Clinic Context

    by Maggie Tisserand

    A class of passive exercisers that stimulate the nervous system, mobilise the back and release tension was invented in Japan about 20 years ago.

  16. The 12 Best Apps for Tracking Your Health in 2019

    by Bestow

    The New Year is seen as a time of new beginnings and resolutions. It’s the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in our lives, which is why so many Americans make living a ha...

  17. The Achievements of Two Sportsmen

    by June Butlin

    June Butlin's column continues with the theme of Sports Nutrition from an holistic perspective and this month she reviews the activities of two former patients who benefited from m...

  18. The Beauteous Gluteus

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Last month, I introduced you to three highbrow terms (callipygian, cacopygian and steatopygia) which, translated in plain English, could read: the beautiful, the ugly and the huge ...

  19. The Benefits of Gardening

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    Staying fit doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships or fitness classes. Everyday activities around the home have huge physical benefits and can support mental wellbeing too.<...

  20. The Great British Map of Cycling

    by Merlin Cycles

    Nothing beats the feeling of spending a sunny afternoon exploring forest trails and hidden paths. Or not having to hit the gym in the evening because you’ve already commuted to and ...

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