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Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD FACN Founder, Executive & Scientific Director of Alliance for Natural Health. For over three decades, Rob Verkerk has developed an intimate relationship with the tightropes that span between science and law, between academia and industry, between government and the people — and not least — between humanity’s internal and external environments. He has Masters and Doctorate degrees from Imperial College London, where he also worked as a postdoctoral research fellow for 7 years. In 2002, Dr Verkerk founded the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) and has acted as its executive and scientific director since this time. He has directed legal actions to protect the right to natural health and campaigned against drinking water fluoridation and genetically modified crops. He has also been instrumental in exposing the limitations of classical risk analysis as applied by government authorities to foods and natural health products and he is a recognised pioneer in the development of novel, scientifically rational risk/benefit analysis approaches. He is also the scientific director of ANH-USA. Dr Verkerk has authored some 60 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings and contributes regularly to magazines and other popular media. He is an accomplished and inspirational speaker and communicator on a wide range of issues relating to sustainability in healthcare, agriculture, food quality and related fields. Dr Verkerk may be contacted on Tel: 01483 362200; info@anhinternational.org or www.anhinternational.org/

Articles by Dr Robert Verkerk

  1. EU Supplement Legislation Update

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    Most of us take for granted that we live in a democratic society in which the rules and regulations are carefully constructed by experts in their respective fields. Having been work...

  2. Why is Natural Healthcare So at Risk?

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    The author, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health, writes about the EU as the single source of legislation most likely to inhibit the practice of natural healthcare ...

  3. EU Supplement Legislation Update: The Next Battlefronts

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    This article touches on the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) on-going legal challenge to demonstrate why a positive list-based system for food supplement regulation in Europe woul...

  4. Natural Products and Lifestyle - Their Potential Role in a Bird Flu Pandemic

    Listed in medical conditions

    In this article the author focuses on the potential role of natural products in a bird flu pandemic. There, apparently, is increasing evidence now that the H5N1 (which initiates the...

  5. The Need for a New Paradigm in Healthcare?

    Listed in environmental

    Dr Verkerk discusses the concept of sustainability, as defined by the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development.

  6. EU Plans to Ban Therapeutic Dosages of Food Supplements

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    In this column on plans to ban therapeutic dosages of food supplements, the author discloses that, based on ANHs examinations, the type of risk assessment being applied to food supp...

  7. How Sustainable is Orthodox Healthcare?

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    This article looks at how sustainable our healthcare system is, and questions what is being done with the 8.1% of our GDP that we spend on healthcare here in the UK. The author, Ex...

  8. Sustainable Healthcare: Just How Unsustainable is Orthodox Healthcare?

    Listed in brexit and eu directives

    In this column, Dr Verkerk laments the over-reliance of people upon pharmaceutical drugs. Americans on average make over 1.1 billions visits to physicians or hospital outpatients de...

  9. Blueprint to Healthy Eating, Fuelling and Exercising

    Listed in nutrition

    Eating a healthy and balanced diet is key to improving the quality of your life, especially when coupled with regular physical activity and due attention to your emotional health, r...

  10. Should we Still be Worshipping at the Altar of Peer-Reviewed Science?

    Listed in evidence

    In furthering our scientific knowledge in human health, as with any other field of science, it’s vitally important that the reader has the ability to trust that the scientific findi...

  11. Fake Blow to CAM Use for Cancer

    Listed in cancer

    Did you hear that cancer patients who refuse conventional cancer treatment and opt for alternative medicine are twice as likely to die than patients who use only conventional treatm...

  12. Are We Lighting the Fuse of an Autoimmune Time Bomb?

    Listed in immune function

    There’s been increasing concern voiced by world-leading immunologists that we could soon witness a devastating super-epidemic of autoimmune diseases. Some think it’s our exposure t...

  13. PFAS – The Unfolding Chemical Disaster

    Listed in environmental

    We are being bombarded by human-made chemicals every day. There is increasing evidence that this chemical burden is overwhelming our internal biotransformation and detoxification ca...

  14. Are Humans Really Dying More Quickly Than Expected?

    Listed in cfs me long covid

    Have you been noticing that more people appear to be dying or becoming critically ill of late? Many of us have, and it’s tragic when it’s close to home. And while we all recognise ...

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