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  1. Annexe 3: List of ingredients

    by Mike Abrahams Ph.D.

    Annexe 3: List of ingredients to Mike Abrahams article

  2. EU Plans to Ban Therapeutic Dosages of Food Supplements

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    In this column on plans to ban therapeutic dosages of food supplements, the author discloses that, based on ANH’s examinations, the type of risk assessment being applied to food su...

  3. EU Supplement Legislation Update

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    Most of us take for granted that we live in a democratic society in which the rules and regulations are carefully constructed by experts in their respective fields. Having been wor...

  4. EU Supplement Legislation Update: The Next Battlefronts

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    This article touches on the Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH) on-going legal challenge to demonstrate why a positive list-based system for food supplement regulation in Europe wo...

  5. European Directive on Food Supplements

    by Mike Abrahams Ph.D.

    European legislation overrides domestic UK legislation. Now that the Food Supplements Directive is becoming law, it will have to be enforced by the UK. Even if UK legislation conti...

  6. How Sustainable is Orthodox Healthcare?

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    This article looks at how sustainable our healthcare system is, and questions what is being done with the 8.1% of our GDP that we spend on healthcare here in the UK. The author, ...

  7. Sustainable Healthcare: Just How Unsustainable is Orthodox Healthcare?

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    In this column, Dr Verkerk laments the over-reliance of people upon pharmaceutical drugs. Americans on average make over 1.1 billions visits to physicians or hospital outpatients d...

  8. The Importance of Supporting Migrant Healthcare Workers as we Build a 'New Normal' for The NHS

    by Luna Williams

    The 19th of July marked an event that many of us had been hoping for since the beginning of 2020; the total easing of social distancing restrictions across the UK.

  9. Why is Natural Healthcare So at Risk?

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    The author, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health, writes about the EU as the single source of legislation most likely to inhibit the practice of natural healthcare...

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