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  1. A Case of Multiple Sclerosis

    by June Butlin

    In her column this month June Butlin discusses a person who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  2. A Case Study on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    by June Butlin

    This column by June Butlin looks at the auto-immune disorder Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which is characterised by severe rashes on the cheeks and nose, as well as tirednes...

  3. Adrenal Fatigue

    by Fawne Hansen

    If you’re constantly exhausted, craving sugar, snapping at everyone and not sleeping properly, you could be just stressed. Or, you could be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.

  4. Anosmia – Smell Loss – Effects upon People’s Lives

    by Chrissi Kelly

    These are just some of the smells that people who have lost their sense of smell will be missing this spring. As you work in the garden this spring, or prepare a delicious meal with...

  5. Autism: Dietary Treatment Options

    by Sandra and Max Desorgher

    The authors of this article have spent several years researching the causes and treatment of autism, which has reached epidemic proportions, and they put forward their theory that ...

  6. Avian Influenza: What Steps Can You Take?

    by Julia Pendower

    In this article on Bird Flu or H5N1 Avian Influenza, the author sets the facts straight on this disease of birds by saying that this particular virus has shown that it can infect h...

  7. Case Study Issue 87: Allopathic Medicine is Killing my Parents

    by Catherine M Crawford

    Catherine Crawford, is qualified in aromatherapy and nutrition, and is currently studying Australian Bush Flower Essences. She describes the case of her elderly parents who are bot...

  8. Coping with Vestibular (Inner-Ear) Trauma

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    The author begins by giving a detailed account of the complexities of the vestibular system, one of the most complex sensory centres in the body. As well as being responsible for o...

  9. Cystic Fibrosis – The Story of Michael Morrison

    by Edward and Breda Morrison

    Ed and Breda Morrison share the story of their son Michael & how he used CAM Therapies to improve his quality of life.

  10. Ebola - Saving Lives with Natural Allopathic Medicine

    by Dr Mark Sircus

    WHO chief Margaret Chan said the Ebola epidemic is out of control. “The virus attacks the body’s soft tissues - a process some doctors describe, bluntly, as like watching a patient ...

  11. Hepatitis C - Clinical background and treatment options

    by Matthew Dolan

    Hepatitis C is serious, widespread and poorly understood. This article will provide readers with an understanding of the nature and origins of hepatitis C, the ability to identify ...

  12. How to Spot the Signs of Different Conditions

    by Lee Dover

    There are a variety of conditions and illnesses which can prove very detrimental to our health. However, many have telltale signs that can be detected early to either stop the proce...

  13. How to Treat Sleep Apnoea

    by Jaume Palau

    Sleep apnoea is a serious disorder which stops people’s breathing every few seconds during sleep and impacts between three and six per cent of the world’s adult population. It is ...

  14. Hypothyroidism and its Link to Depression, Fatigue and Poor Health

    by Belinda Burman

    The author argues that the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism-growth, temperature control, energy production and carbohydrate and fat metabolism, is at the heart of much of ...

  15. Living with Adversity of Surviving Benign Brain Tumour

    by Lorraine Kemble

    I was born a healthy baby but at 8 months old I was ill for a few weeks with flu-like symptoms. Soon afterwards, while I was attempting to crawl and then walk, it was noticed that I...

  16. Living with Multiple Sclerosis and Treatment Approaches

    by Wendy Gist

    In this article on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the MS Society reveals that about 85,000 people in the UK suffer from this condition and that every week around 50 more people in the co...

  17. Migraines and Headache

    by Theresa Coe

    The article examines the differences between migraines and headaches and states that the most common type of headache is muscular. It gives the causes for headaches as follows: p...

  18. MS Awareness – It’s Okay to Ask About Disability

    by Joseph O’Sullivan

    Liam stumbled into the toilets of a Richmond pub, using the walls, bannisters and every other protruding object along the way to support himself on the short journey. Once inside th...

  19. My Journey with Epilepsy

    by Jane Shortall

    In this article the author shares her experience with epilepsy at the physical, emotional and mental levels and how it turned her life around.

  20. Natural Approaches for an Overactive Thyroid: A Personal Story

    by Kath Clements

    The author of this article, Kath Clements, shares her personal story of dealing with hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes overactive and consequently the...

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