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How CBD Can Be a Path to a Healthy Life

by Michele Lowe(more info)

listed in medical conditions, originally published in issue 276 - February 2022

All humans strive for a healthy lifestyle, but not many come close to it. The recent coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for a balanced lifestyle that gives health priority over others. The pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Many countries took a heavy brunt of it, leading to large-scale economic and personal losses. The countries which escaped the first wave had a devastating second wave. The lockdown restrictions over the years gave many anxiety and stress. For the ones who lost their dear ones, it got worse.

The long working hours led many to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. For the first time, 30% of the workers resigned from their jobs in the United States of America. The popular choice of a stable job seemed to be a fairytale of the past for many. Most resigned employees complained of longer working hours and no work-life balance. Some wanted to start something of their own. Most desired to place their health as a priority.

The personal losses during the pandemic made many think about their needs again. Many believe that the trend will go on until big corporations put the health of the employee first.

The need for a healthy lifestyle is not new, as humans have always desired a healthy lifestyle. The balance in modern society is hard to achieve, leading many to turn to other interventions. Some prefer working out to get rid of the anxiety, while some turn to chemical-based products to improve their lifestyle. They are the popular choice, but they may cause severe long-term side effects on the consumer. Others turn to organic products. The popular choice now seems to be CBD-Based products, and ordering effective CBD Hemp capsules is the present trend.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabinol originates from the leaves of the popular Sativa plant. The plant is small in height and requires less maintenance. The process of extraction of CBD extract can be natural or rely on artificial machines. It is necessary to ensure that the method caters to the guidelines, ensuring a good quality of CBD extract. The CBD-Based products are organic and contain CBD, Hemp, THC, and other binders. The THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content in CBD-Based Hemp capsules is responsible for inducing a state of trance in the consumer. The content of THC should be less than 0.3% to distribute the product legally in the United States of America. The FDA approval makes CBD-Based products stand out from the alternatives in the market.



There is a wide range of CBD-Based products in the market. They include CBD Capsules, wax, Gummies, Oil, and many more. Surveys show that senior citizens prefer CBD Oil, as it is easy to consume. Adults prefer CBD Gummies as they are sweet and portable. There is a variant of CBD for everyone. College-going adults also tend to use CBD oil to fulfill their vaping needs.

CBD-Based products can be a critical addition to your daily routine, as they can improve your lifestyle in the following ways-

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

A study by the American Psychology Association shows that every six out of eight American adults suffer from severe symptoms of stress. Long-term anxiety also leads to developing a condition of stress. It can be due to long working hours, constant deadlines, pending bills, and so on. The Hemp extract in the CBD products interacts with the neural receptors of the consumer and soothes down their brain. It relaxes them instantly and reduces anxiety and stress. Reduced stress is vital for a healthy lifestyle, as it also keeps the people around us happy. After all, humans are social animals.



Increased Digestion

Growing adults suffer from indigestion in many cases. It is due to an imbalanced diet, irregular meals, and a lack of exercise. Irregular bowel movements can decrease a person's productivity and can be an obstacle in your daily tasks. The extracts in the CBD products mix with the bloodstream and interact with your digestive system. It helps in breaking down complex food substances into simpler ones, leading to better digestion. Better digestion is a must for a healthy lifestyle in humans, as it can also lead to a fit body. Indigestion is often associated with obesity.

Improves Sleep Cycle

A study by the Recovery village concludes that more than 60 million adults suffer from various sleeping problems in the United States of America. The disorders can be a lack of sleep or varying stages of insomnia. Many reveal that they find it hard to sleep because of anxiety and various other factors. The problem is as common in senior citizens as in growing adults. An irregular sleep cycle can reduce the productivity of the user. It can also lead to laziness and obesity.

The Hemp extract in the CBD-Based products induces a state of calm in the consumer. It helps the mind relax almost instantly. The tetrahydrocannabinol creates a state of trance, further calming the mind of the consumer. They both combine and facilitate the consumer to sleep and increase their sleeping hours. A balanced sleep cycle increases productivity and also improves our health as a whole. A daily dose of CBD-Based products can be the best option to treat insomnia and take care of your physical and mental health.

Health Warning

The Food and Drug Association of the United States of America has strict guidelines regarding CBD-Based products. It prohibits more than 0.3% content of THC and also ensures quality standards. For a beginner, it is critical to consult your doctor before starting with your favourite dose of CBD products. To take them in a controlled quantity is necessary as it demotes addiction. Take help from your experienced friends, and research what worked for them. CBD can also have short-term light side effects if a dose plan is not in place. They can include heavy headedness, dizziness, and many more.


CBD-Based products have a large and varying consumer base. It includes growing adults and senior citizens as well. A study by Statista reveals that the market of CBD-based products was more than 1100 million dollars in the United States of America. Experts suggest that the market will double its value by 2025. As more and more countries make the distribution and production of CBD-Based products legal, the market will expand further. It will also increase the competition among vendors, making it a consumer market. More vendors mean that the prices of CBD-Based products will go down in the future, making it easier for the consumers to take care of their health.


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