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Cystic Fibrosis – The Story of Michael Morrison

by Edward and Breda Morrison(more info)

listed in medical conditions, originally published in issue 252 - February 2019


Ed and Breda Morrison share the story of their son Michael Morrison explaining how he extensively used CAM Therapies to improve his quality of life.



Manifestations of Cystic Fibrosis


Michael was the second of our four children.  Both Michael and our other son Ted were born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a condition which affects the lungs, liver, pancreas, endocrine glands and can extend to other organs. It can even lead to multiple organ failure. Frequent lung infections and the build-up of mucous was Michael’s most common complaint.  When he was born, the doctors told us that it was unlikely that he would live beyond his 12th birthday. We realized later they were working on the basis of historical data.


Michael Morrison


Michael had a difficult period in his early life, indeed up to the age of 20. During his childhood and teenage years, he was regularly prescribed strong antibiotics with constant use of inhalers and nebulisers. We went from consultant to physiotherapist to the next consultant. They all did their best; it was one quick fix after another. Occasionally the drugs worked. The illness would abate slightly but only for short periods.  Michael was only three and a half years old when his little brother Ted died. Ted’s passing remained in his memory throughout his childhood and teen years. It was much later that we understood it better. Michael was questioning. He was reading. He wanted to learn. He was looking for solutions

An incident occurred when he was a student at the University College Dublin (UCD) which had a particular impact on him. One evening whilst studying in the library his chair went from under him and he almost pulled the entire table of books down as he tried to protect himself. At the time, embarrassment was his only concern but over the next few days he found his breathing became more laboured than usual. When lying down, it felt like a gurgling or bubbling sensation.  Doctors could not find anything wrong but recommended he return in a week if the sensation continued. Some seven days later with no improvement, another examination recognized that one lung had collapsed. He was rushed to hospital where the lung was drained and he was scheduled for surgery the following day. However, the next morning there was a shortage of nurses so the surgery was postponed until the following week.

We were gravely concerned about Michael’s condition so we sought advice from an American homeopath, Vega Rozenberg. In earlier years we had been to see him when he was in Dublin, so he was familiar with Mike’s case. He advised taking Carbo Veg, a homeopathic remedy most often used for respiratory problems. Within five days, Michael had no pain or discomfort and x-rays showed his lung had reflated. The homeopathic remedy had spared him surgery.

As an enquiring student, Michael was now asking how and why.

This episode encouraged Michael down the path of homeopathy and the wider field of energetic medicine.  It was a fruitful period for him and indeed for us, his parents and all of the family. Ten years later, he was writing in a very positive manner about his experiences and health issues and he completed his first book, A Path Less Conventional, published by Athena Press. In between, he had completed his studies at University College Dublin (UCD)  and obtained his Degree in Commerce. He went on to complete his Masters at Smurfit Business School immediately after graduation. After that, his interest was research with the natural environment, air pollution, quality food, nutrition and energy medicine as his primary focus.


Michael had been a book lover from his early years. His condition required that he spend many weeks at a time indoors. Thankfully, he had chosen reading as a child rather than overdependence on toys or worse still television. Now his love of books stood to him. For his research he sought out writings of established experts on energy medicine. Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) founder of the Bach Flower remedies was one particular author that impressed him. It was the expressions by Dr Bach which drew Mike in. Bach viewed illness as a lesson of life, an opportunity to learn, to grow and to develop. In his book,[1] Michael quotes from the writings of Dr Bach.

“Disease is in itself beneficent, and has for its object the bringing back of the personality to the divine will of the soul. Thus, we can see that it is both preventable and avoidable.”

Another quote that attracted him was “we must not just heal their disease but their personality, characteristics and emotions also”.[2] In his early 20s, Michael realized that there is a very definite spiritual aspect to life and we as humans must be guided by the spirit,  that vital force within. Michael’s time in hospital, the ongoing visits to doctors, consultants, physiotherapists; they all had a purpose, but had failed to provide worthwhile outcomes or sustainable results. He believed that he had to look within himself for solutions. He also realized that he would have to continue to use all these services provided by conventional medicine. Step-by-step he evolved his own thought process and simultaneously developed regular practices and routines which he could comfortably live with. He found improved health outcomes utilizing conventional medicines and energetic therapies side-by-side. In his last years, he was hopeful that medicine would move towards a holistic model where body, mind and spirit would receive the consideration and respect they need in an integrated fashion. Expanding consciousness among ordinary people became one of his ambitions. He felt this would develop and become the mindset of the future, as so many experts were proposing.[3]

His new health programme involved yoga and meditation, breathing exercises, homeopathy, light exercise and incorporating a healthy diet. It brought him into contact with many people in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). His demeanour was more patient and tolerant. Michael in his late teens had been critical of hospital services, the abrupt and impatient staff, unhealthy practices, unsuitable foods, adult patients alongside children, a lack of differentiation of patients with different health conditions. He saw cross contamination as a risk factor to which the hospitals paid little or no attention, at least in his early years. One day, Michael heard a consultant refer to him as “Twiggy”. He was upset by the remark and carried that memory for a number of years. By his mid-20s, as a result of his integrated healthcare approach, he had put aside his more intolerant views. He now understood better that most likely the man in question was under pressure, stressed at the time, working to a formula and certainly working under difficult conditions. Michael’s adoption of complementary medicine and the role of the spirit had changed him for the better. He had begun to use his knowledge and experiences to work for real change. Achieving better patient outcomes was his objective from then on. He saw a role for the doctor and the patient and the value of two-way education.

Spirit Body Mind

Spirit Body Mind - Photo Credit

Natural Therapies

Michael built upon his positive experience with Yoga and Meditation, which enhanced his ability to relax and manage stress. He used Affirmations every day which he found both self-empowering and soothing. They cleared his mind of negative chatter, which so many people are inclined to be absorbed by. Encouraged by the work of Dr Richard Gerber, Michael branched further into energy medicine.[4] 

Buteyko breathing, a form of physical therapy developed by Professor Konstantin Buteyko, helps normalize levels of carbon dioxide in the body. It was one of the early therapies Mike trained in. This method is particularly suited to anybody suffering from cystic fibrosis or asthma. Prof. Buteyko discovered during his research that low or excessively low levels of carbon dioxide gave rise to a host of metabolic problems including alteration in pH levels (alkalosis), lowering oxygenation levels for brain and bronchial tissues. He found that overbreathing, which was recommended by conventional medicine, gave rise to lower carbon dioxide levels.  Following some initial training, the skills can be learned and practised at home.[1]  

Homeopathy was one of Michael’s biggest passions. He studied it from its founding by German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) more than 200 years ago. He researched the works of great homeopaths. He found an Irish producer, New Vistas Healthcare, whose remedies became an anchor for his health and continued for the remainder of his life.[1] New Vistas offer a range of homeopathic medicines which fell into three categories:

  • Xenobiotics, which detox and cleanse the residue of unwanted toxicants or negative taints sitting in the body’s energetic imprint. These may address harmful substances such as chemical or heavy metal toxicity;
  • Liquescences, which are organ support remedies designed to enhance the health and performance of individual organs;
  • Symtomatic remedies, which support specific conditions.

Organic Produce

Organic Produce - Photo Credit

Specifically, he used a remedy named BAC as a means of addressing bacterial infection, and VIR, which he found very successful for viral infections. From the organ remedies, he used Lung Liquescence as impeded lung function is an attribute of CF. Mucous Liquescence was always on call as it was very good to clear excess mucous. Nutritionally, he used Magnesium Liquescence which enhanced the uptake of magnesium and calcium from the food chain and also acted as a natural bronchodilator. He used Recovery Liquescence from time to time to enhance his immune responses and clear particularly bad viruses. Cold Liquescence was another of his favourites as it enabled him to better manage his many, recurring colds. Michael preferred liquid vitamins as they were more absorbable than tablets. He also used fresh curcumin, naturally derived from turmeric roots, to aid congestion and aches He also enjoyed juicing, blending a few of his favourite fruits with greens, spinach and rocket mostly.

Kinesiology was another technique that Michael came across during the homeopathic lectures that he attended. On his return home one evening, he started to demonstrate this new skill to both of us, with our other son Jeff as his ‘client’. As soon as Ed saw the outstretched arm he interjected; “my mother used that technique in the 1960s and 70s”. It was called Muscle Testing. Sheila Morrison was a herbalist who practiced actively for three decades up until the mid-70s. Natural healing was in our family. Michael’s great-grandfather, Edward Geoffrey Morrison, was also a herbalist in the late 1800s. Perhaps his influence lives on, accounting for the abundance of herbal plants available in Wexford such as berberis and comfrey.

In any event, Michael had come to appreciate the advantage of using Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, to determine what the body needs at any time. The body knows its own strengths and weaknesses; it has that innate knowledge. It can identify what is beneficial and what is not. The muscle acts as the indicator. It can distinguish if something introduced to the body is welcomed or not. If, say a natural and high-quality herb is held in the person’s hand, the muscle will test strong, if the body recognizes it will benefit from this herb. However, if a chemical or dangerous solvent is held in the hand, the muscle will test weak, indicating this is not in harmony with the body. It is not the strength of the muscle that is being tested but the subconscious mind with which it is connected with; this is what determines what the body needs. The muscle response is the catalyst for the information.

Some five years after he had introduced the practice of integrated therapies, Michael reported on the benefits he had personally experienced.

  • Twice-yearly home intravenous treatments had been eliminated;
  • Nebulizer use five time a day prior to 2002 had been reduced to twice per day during the past 5 years;
  • He had only one antibiotic in a 5-year period compared to several antibiotics per year for some 24 years; in other words, most of his life;
  • -His number of GP visits had reduced dramatically, as had the frequency of hospitalizations.

Spiritual Healing

In expanding his own healing philosophy, Michael gave special attention to family constellations, inheritances and historical experiences. Hahnemann believed that many people are susceptible to or predisposed towards certain adverse health conditions due to ancestry, family history or early life experiences. To this, he gave the term miasm.  An example would be an infection which was medically mistreated. This could permeate the entire body and leave an energetic imprint which could then be passed to successive generations. Another scientist, French biologist Dr Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829), also published a similar theme; that personal characteristics can be inherited and indeed that changes occurring in a lifetime can also be passed on. Professor Bruce Lipton outlines how the modern science of epigenetics have confirmed the views expressed by Hahnemann and Lamarck some 200 years earlier.[5]  

Michael of course was interested in the inherited characteristics, as CF is classified in medicine as a genetic defect at birth. He went beyond the family pattern to look at miasmic influences at society and planetary levels. Dr Richard Gerber stated that war, civil strife and famine all impact negatively on the national consciousness and permeate the collective energy field.[4]  A portion, maybe a significant proportion, of the population will be affected and, whether through lowered immune function or inadequate nutrition, will absorb the negative energy thus becoming a potential carrier of an ailment.

Addressing miasmic details is a critically important element in healing and the return of good health. Homoeotherapy is effective in helping identify and alleviate stress, weaknesses, imbalances or injuries, helping restore a better quality of life. The energetic imprint can also be cleared in order to enhance the health status of future generations.  

Flower Therapy is another healing modality that can help. Michael found that Boab, along with other Australian Bush Flower Essences, was very good for clearing negative energies which damaged psychological patterns in family life which were passed from one generation to the next.

Cover Prisoner of Wordds

Cover Prisoner of Words.

On a personal level, he found prayer and contemplation were very important, in fact intrinsic, to the process of healing. These practices enable forgiveness which is essential, whether it is for current family members, earlier ancestors, school teachers, health or other professionals or the authorities. It must be from the heart. Forgiveness must be whole and unconditional. Michael used his scientific mind to research the power of forgiveness in healing but recognising the difficulties, he allowed his belief system to see and feel its importance.[6]

Quality of Life

Over this period of five years, and indeed for the remainder of his life, Michael experienced a far better quality-of-life than at any time throughout his childhood and teenage years. His experiences and progress using CAM therapies had now become known within regional societies supporting people with cystic fibrosis. He was invited to speaking engagements which he gladly accepted. He attended a host of training seminars offered by different branches of the CAM community and, in some cases, private companies. 

One day he received a letter from his godfather, Tony Clarkson, telling him about a healer in Brazil named João de Deus (John of God).  Tony spoke glowingly about what he had heard of this healer and within two weeks both Tony and Michael had decided to travel to Brazil to meet João de Deus. The journey was challenging in itself; twenty hours flying followed by four-hour car journey into the mountains. The decision to go there and get there was amazing given his health issues. But we were not surprised, nor were any of his college pals, given his determination to learn and experience new therapies which could be of benefit to himself and other people in need.

Cover Prisoner of Words.

Cover A Path Less Conventional

In his first book, A Path Less Conventional, Michael describes in detail the background to João do Deus and the services provided at his Healing Centre in Abadiania. From a troubled childhood - troubled by the gift he carried, homelessness, being run out by people who normally should help (the priest and doctor), João found civilian employment in the army. He started healing and reached a point where he bought valuable land and built his Sanctuary and Healing Centre. It was the spirit within the man, the actions of the Divine that guided him and protected him from harm. It reinforced Michael’s own view of the importance of spirituality.  He himself had raised his own awareness and consciousness, through which his spirituality had evolved. The outcome was improved health and significant change in lifestyle. From that first visit, Michael resonated with this humbling experience and returned to Brazil a few times over the following 12 years.

Back home, Michael continued his reading and fact-finding. He became an advocate for change, especially for improvements in hospital and care services for people with CF, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and respiratory illnesses. He urged CF support groups to request and insist that facilities for cystic fibrosis patients to be improved. This included accommodation units isolated from other hospital facilities so as to minimize cross-contamination. He called for corridors and rooms to be air-locked. He canvassed for air filtration to be installed so as to have purified air available in the wards. He encouraged the installation of water filters so as to have fresh and uncontaminated water available. Michael was a supporter of science and an ardent student. However, he was also curious and realistic.  His questioning had improved his own quality of life. After years of eager research, he was confident in encouraging others to explore, experiment and ask questions, to ensure that all viable and health-enhancing means be fully considered.

Along the way, Michael received an invitation to visit New Vistas, to see the laboratory and how the remedies were made. He was delighted with his experience and the information he received. He talked at length with Martin Murray, the founder of the company. Michael was pleased that Martin and himself had so much on common; their views on scientists and innovators and the role these visionaries had played in the renaissance in CAM therapies and natural healing techniques.  Pierre Thuillier de Chardin, a Jesuit Priest, influenced them both with his theory on the evolution of mankind. Jan Christian Smuts, a former military leader and politician, with his views on holism and how it should be practised.[7] Professor James Lovelock on damage to the planet caused by intensive farming and overstocking.[8] All these factors influence human well-being and health conditions. Martin shared with Michael an incident involving chemicals when he worked in mainstream industry. The company hospitalized fifteen people one morning when fumes from a cleansing material caused mass headaches and drowsiness. There was no particular injury to anybody but nevertheless it was a turning point for Martin to look more closely and deliberately at chemicals and how they impacted on people. When he read the work of Dr Rachel Carson, about the damage caused through the use of herbicides and pesticides,[9]  it was the catalyst which brought a change of direction in his career. From that came the development of New Vistas medicines and other ancillary health tools. Michael valued these measures greatly because of the improved quality-of-life he benefitted from.

Michael celebrated his thirty sixth year, the last third of which had been progressive and enjoyable for him. He was learning all the time. However, his lung prognosis was not improving. Rather, it was showing the effects of prolonged infection and treatments involving strong medications and antibiotics. Doctors advised him to consider a lung transplant. Michael thought about it for a while and carefully reflected on his potential outcomes. It would mean a lot of prescription medicines. There would be side-effects. The transplant itself may not be successful.  He reasoned that he had had a great opportunity in life. He had a condition which he had learned to manage successfully for more than a decade. He was grateful to have had a family that supported him and his decisions. He had made many new friends who shared his views.


Lit Candles -

Michael declined the transplant and asked the doctors for their understanding. He continued to use his natural remedies up to and including his last days.  He placed his life in God’s hands and thanked everybody involved for their help along the way. Michael passed away peacefully in July 2014.  Ar dheis Dé go raibh h’anam.*

*(translation from Irish, May his soul be on the right side of God.)


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