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  1. My Journey with Epilepsy

    by Jane Shortall

    In this article the author shares her experience with epilepsy at the physical, emotional and mental levels and how it turned her life around.

  2. Natural Approaches for an Overactive Thyroid: A Personal Story

    by Kath Clements

    The author of this article, Kath Clements, shares her personal story of dealing with hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes overactive and consequently the...

  3. Natural Products and Lifestyle - Their Potential Role in a Bird Flu Pandemic

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    In this article the author focuses on the potential role of natural products in a bird flu pandemic. There, apparently, is increasing evidence now that the H5N1 (which initiates th...

  4. Opioids For Chronic Pain - Chronic Pain: First Do No Harm

    by Dr Gary Kaplan

    In the US we have about 4.6% of the world’s population and consume about 80% of the opioid medication produced in the world. Over 50 million people suffer with severe chronic pain a...

  5. Painkiller Addiction

    by Professor James Elander

    Addiction to painkillers (analgesics) is a major problem that affects up to one million people in the UK,[1] and many more in other countries, including in Europe[2-4] and the USA.[...

  6. Planning for your GP Trip: Six Steps to Understanding your Pain

    by Lee Dover

    It’s one thing to go and see your doctor. It’s quite another to be able to accurately describe your pain. After all, we all have different pain thresholds, so describing the intensi...

  7. Sense of Smell: Loss May Predict Death within Five Years

    by Mike Menkes

    Losing your sense of smell can be very depressing and isolating. It means missing out on many experiences most of us take for granted, such as smelling fresh flowers, perfume or the...

  8. Stroke Disease - Approaches to Rehabilitation

    by PaTrisha Anne

    The main killer in the UK today is heart disease, the forbearer of stroke. Stroke affects over 100,000 people each year. Its effects of stroke are numerous and include problems wit...

  9. The Hospital and I - Excerpt

    by Martin J Walker

    Between January and November 2014, I was a patient at one of the biggest and most modern hospitals in Europe, in a country whose language I did not speak.

  10. The Role of Virtual Scanning in the Detection and Treatment of Migraine

    by Dr Elena Ewing and Graham Ewing,

    This article looks at Virtual Scanning, said to be the first-ever technology to regulate our behaviour and health on the basis of the brains own sensory data processing mechanisms....

  11. Thyroid Care in the UK Overlooking Key Clinical Factors

    by Karen Alexander

    Thyroid disorders affect one in twenty in the UK although this number is underestimated as many go undiagnosed. Proper functioning, metabolism and protection of the thyroid is lar...

  12. Tom's Story

    by David Taylor

    In this case study David Taylor discusses Irlen (Scotopic Sensitivity) Syndrome and the effect it had on one particular child. Irlen Syndrome is complex condition, which often coex...

  13. Veracity of Vicious Disease - Malaria

    by BD Basu

    Malaria is one of the world’s most serious health problems, and is far from being eliminated. The parasite which causes it spend part of its life cycle in the gut of the anopheles ...

  14. What to Do if You Think You've been Misdiagnosed

    by Amy Hodgetts

    For many of us, we trust our doctor to make the right call. After all, that is what they are trained to do. But what happens if a mistake is made?

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