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  1. A New Vision for Psychoneuroimmunology?

    by Will Wilson

    My original intention in writing this article was to explore Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and its recent developments. Considering the subject has lead me into other areas of thou...

  2. Adaptogens - Stressing the Importance of Protection

    by Irene Stein

    Until fairly recently, the function of vitamins was regarded with a great deal of scepticism by the orthodox medical profession, but they have been shown to play an intrinsic role ...

  3. Adrenal Fatigue – Start Addressing it Today and Boost Your Immune System NOW

    by Louise Murray

    The stress and strain and ‘always on’ nature of our modern-day lifestyles means that many of us are now living in a constant state of high alert, and are suffering with chronic stre...

  4. An Holistic Approach to Immune-Related Illnesses

    by Dr Simon Hincks

    I hit upon using the NLP model of Neuro-Logical levels. This model was outlined by one of NLP's leading developers, Robert Dilts. It suggests a way of thinking about the way in whi...

  5. Can Beliefs Impact The Immune System?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    In Disney’s portrayal of the Jungle Book,[1] Mowgli’s belief was that the python Kaa was friendly! In Mowgli’s case this belief was based upon ignorance and would have resulted in ...

  6. Cold and Flu Busters: The Natural Approach

    by Klaus Ferlow

    The author gives a very detailed account of approaches to strengthening the immune system and helping it to prevent and to cure colds and flu, concluding with a thorough discussion...

  7. Does the HIV / AIDs Pandemic Affect National and Household Level Food Security

    by Claudia Louch

    The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pandemic, also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), is a global crisis with consequences that will be felt for decades to come...

  8. Effective Lymphatic Function Part I

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    All body tissues are nourished by tissue fluid. Most of this fluid returns to the blood via the lymphatic system. The lymph starts in tiny lymph capillaries and passes through larg...

  9. Effective Lymphatic Function Part Two

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Energy is usually thought of in terms of muscular or physical energy resulting from adequate sleep and food; these are contributing factors in energetic manifestation and not the or...

  10. Empowering The Placebo

    by Mary Martin

    This article looks at the power of the placebo effect, which a House of Lords Science and Technology report in 2000 states "is not just an imagined experience but can positively im...

  11. Facilitating Positive Changes

    by Mary Martin

    The author presents two cases which demonstrate the power of the mind in the context of Reflexology. The average GP, she says, has no time to talk patients through their problems a...

  12. Identity and Immunity

    by Dorothy Rowe

    The author identifies that stressful situations like moving house or exams make one more likely to pick up every flu bug or cold. Research undertaken into the efficient functioning...

  13. Immune Health and Efficiency

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    To understand immune deficiency, we must first appreciate immune efficiency. With this as the author’s starting point, the article describes the immune system and discusses both fa...

  14. Immunity and the Mind: Finding our Way Through Challenge and Crisis

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Immunity is the body's defence against illness and disease. When under attack it seeks to provide resistance to all manner of pathogens that harm the body's natural state of balance...

  15. Introduction to Micro-immunotherapy

    by Saqib Rashid and Dr Pascal Mensah

    Micro-immunotherapy is an innovative unique healthcare approach which uses molecules specific to the immune system to regulate immune responses, in order to optimize its function an...

  16. Mushroom Biomass: Some Clinical Implications of β-Glucans and Enzymes

    by Ana B Barros

    Mushrooms are widely appreciated all over the world for their nutritional value and medicinal properties. They have low fat, high protein and vitamin contents. Mushrooms contain sev...

  17. Optimal Immunity and Nutritional Support

    by Millie Barrett

    The human immune system is a complex structure made up of many separate parts that come together with the common goal of protecting us from disease and ill-health. Ill-health can co...

  18. Plant Sterols/Sterolins for Optimum Immunity

    by Professor Patrick JD Bouic

    This article will be of interest to readers seeking help with immune-system related challenges, and to practitioners working with such individuals.

  19. Royal Jelly Healing Formulation – Adaptogenic, Anti-Ageing, Immune and Energy Enhancing Properties

    by Christopher Pogson

    Back in the early 18th century there was an Indian legend doing the rounds of Puerto Rico that a magical Fountain of Youth existed somewhere in the environs, whose curative powers w...

  20. Rusty Nail or Hypodermic Needle - Prick and Choose

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In the bacterial world, the Clostridium family is a very large one comprising about a hundred species but only Clostridium tetani (Nicolaier’s bacillus) can cause tetanus, although ...

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