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Effective Lymphatic Function Part Two

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 221 - April 2015

In Part One, lymphatic drainage basics were explained along with the major physical factors affecting the efficient working of the lymphatic system and how inefficiency can contribute to health problems.

emotional distress diminishes

the amount of activating energy needed

for the lymphatic system to drain effectively


The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System


Lymph diag


Energy is usually thought of in terms of muscular or physical energy resulting from adequate sleep and food; these are contributing factors in energetic manifestation and not the origin. If we liken these co-factors to an electrical circuit, its wiring, a socket, plug and light bulb, then we can see that all are parts of the whole ‘light’ manifestation. Does the bulb light up because it is plugged into the socket? Not entirely, that is only part of why. All are co-factors of light bulb working (i.e. the energetic manifestation) but not the source of it.

Invisible electricity going into the circuit is the source of the light bulb energy whether from sunlight, wind, water or generator, just as the invisible bio-electricity going to the body is the source of bodily energy. Brain, nerves, muscles etc. are all co-factors of bodily energy manifestation just as the circuit, wiring, socket, plug and light bulb are.

Invisible energy sources such as electricity, wind and radiation are unseen ‘in the raw’ but made manifest in their effects upon physical matter such as clouds, trees, plants, insects, birds, animals and humans. The invisible spirit, or energy of life, is also unseen ‘in the raw’ but manifested through a body and this invisible source of energy activates our human bio-electromagnetic circuit board (brain), wiring (nerves) and end organs.

Bio refers to life.

Electric refers to current.

Magnetic refers to activated attraction.

Each body cell is like a tiny battery cell, activated by current, resulting in potential to react to its internal and external environment. It can be likened to an individual factory cell working with other factory cells to produce a united-effort product, for example an enzyme. In the process of production, cells, like all other production units require a reason and plan for production, necessary relevant raw materials, the means of processing the raw materials, means and directions to export the product from the cell and an avenue of waste disposal. The production unit also needs a security team (like a burglar alarm system) provided by the immune system and means of maintenance and repair.

What is this bio-energy and where does it come from? What factors determine its presence and potency? What importance is it to the lymphatic system? The last question, “what importance is bio-energy to the lymphatic system” is relevant to this article.

Without the invisible bio-electric energy activating a ‘body’[1] nothing is activated. This is clearly demonstrated in, for instance, an animal or human upon death. One second there is ‘life’ and the next there is not. What is the difference between the two? The answer is that one has an energy source and the other does not. Where the life energy source is missing there is only a corpse.

In some instances this energy source is fully active and then suddenly it is not, for example, in an unanticipated tragedy like a fatal incident. In other instances this energy wanes little by little until the energy source dims and expires as happens in chronic (long term) malnutrition, poisoning, ill health or old age.

The lymphatic drainage system is very susceptible to energy fluctuations relating to emotional states. Every cell in the body reacts to the belief system which in turn affects intellectual, behavioural and emotional states. As a dramatic true example, I heard this from an unidentified source (unfortunate in that I cannot reference it), in the case of a lady sent home to get her affairs in order (as the result of a hospital report) because she believed that she did not have long to live. This lady’s health went downhill rapidly, as ‘prophesied’[2] by the hospital report until she was informed of a mistake. Her report was clear and she had received someone else’s by mistake. Her recovery was extremely rapid!

The power of belief can also be demonstrated in another scenario. Imagine someone having a policeman at the door informing them that their nearest and dearest had died in a fatal incident. Their belief system would instantly affect their emotions, intellect, and all bodily health, including the thymus gland and lymphatic system. Did the ‘death’ of their nearest and dearest cause this reaction? No! Only the belief that it was so! The policeman went to the wrong door! The extreme examples outlined above serve to show how emotions affect energy to every cell, encompassing the lymphatic drainage system, which is readily disrupted by emotional ‘switch-offs’.  

Emotional coping or resolution strategies are a more long-term matter than learning how to quickly ‘switch-on’ energetic reflex points which activate energy to the physical lymphatic drainage system outlined in Part One. This is similar to acupuncture removing meridian energy blocks but does not remove the source of the blocks; albeit both long and short-term strategies are good investments towards health. If resolution strategies are not utilized the cycle can be never-ending, distress switching off energy to reflexes and techniques used for switching on those reflexes.

The rate of success and/or time taken for success in dealing with the physical effects of emotional issues using lymphatic drainage techniques, remedial massage, acupuncture, kinesiology, homeopathy, herbal and nutritional supplementation, chiropractic adjustments and many other avenues of treatment are not about the treatment alone, but a combination of the relevance and adequacy of the treatment to address the cause of the problem(s) with associated symptoms, the practitioner and the person undergoing treatment.[3] The experience of many practitioners has identified the emotions of guilt and condemnation amongst those carried as a burden within the subconscious belief system, especially originating from childhood. These emotions are not necessarily, and rarely are, genuinely founded on reality, but assumed as a consequence of some external circumstances and the blame for those external circumstances misplaced by internalizing the ownership of responsibility to ‘make sense of the situation’. Even where guilt and condemnation are a result of personal reality, they are often internalized without rational resolution. It is often necessary and expedient to forgive others but much harder to forgive oneself, predicated on an already established faulty belief system.

Lymphatic reflex points can be located readily from feeling the painful tissues situated over them but many of these points relate to more than one area. For instance, the reflexes on the outside of the upper leg relate to energizing lymphatic drainage of the large intestine, but also connects to breast tissue drainage; the lymphatic reflexes on the inside of the upper leg relate to energizing lymphatic drainage to the small intestines. We do not have all knowledge and I am sure that bio-energetic connections are yet to be ‘discovered’.  Diagrams of lymphatic reflex points are available and can be used on a monthly, weekly or daily basis (for example before sleep or after a morning shower).

Energy flows round the body in circuits and a brisk massage in the direction of this energy flow can be an effective energizing technique, again done to efficiency after a morning bath or shower. Diagrams of the direction of this energy flow are available through many health disciplines; acupuncture, massage, kinesiology are three examples. Some website examples, randomly taken from the abundance of readily available ones, are referenced below[4] showing how easily self-help can be found to start correcting energetic reflex points and energy flow to the lymphatic system and body in general.  Self-help and practitioner courses are also available.

An effective way of handling emotional stress is to understand how the brain works, how it lays down its original belief system, maintains those beliefs or modifies them.[5] A real example is that of a child believing that tiny little worms lived in books because of the term ‘bookworm’. Later in life the child understood the real meaning of the term and her belief system was modified. When belief modifications take place, neuronal connections are rearranged in brain tissue; this liberates the affected emotional, structural and chemical ramifications so that current events are not predicated on past neuronal connections.  

Where negative belief patterns are the result of trauma, especially from childhood, then emotional stress release techniques[6] can help with the discharging of ‘trauma’ energy which becomes locked in energy circuits. Historical beliefs can then be replaced with current beliefs. This can be enhanced significantly by using the body feedback system of kinesiology[7] which works well with stress release techniques. Learning the basics of valuable tools like emotional stress release and kinesiology means that you can work alone in private at home, work with friends or relatives or work with professionals. Kinesiology and emotional stress release techniques can be used from elementary to advanced levels.

The lymphatic system can be readily overloaded during detoxification which is commonly mislabelled as infection.[8] Low immune states can be triggered by many factors including emotional problems and long term fatigue. However, keeping on top of lymphatic drainage, nutritional supplementation and, of course, well balanced dietary intake will help maintain health. Where obvious lifestyle or emotional factors are present, they need addressing for optimum health.  These areas span a wide variety of topics such as mercury dental fillings and have been mentioned elsewhere.


1. The term ‘body’ is referred to here as meaning a bio-physical entity.

2. Prophesied means predicted or revealed through, or as if through, divine inspiration (dictionary definition). This should ring alarm bells. Should someone with training in medical matters presume to occupy the office of a prophet? Who or what would benefit from such an assumption? The result of accepting such a prophecy from a medical source commonly leads to restricted options presented as solutions. These are usually further tests, drugs, radiation or surgery. Could there be a connection?

3. Many practitioners recognize subconscious ‘sabotage programs’ running in clients where progress is not as expected. In many kinesiology practices this potential is spotted readily via muscle testing techniques. Subconscious ‘guerrilla’ tactics are usually the product of childhood defences and are the genius of survival, but when adulthood is reached these same level tactics have outlived their functional use and become destructive to maturity. However, they are handy signposts to resolutions.


5. Dr Caroline Leaf, Who Switched Off My Brain? Thomas Nelson, ISBN-13: 978-0981956725, 2009; Dr Caroline Leaf, Switch On Your Brain: The Key To Peak Happiness, Thinking, And Health, Baker Books, ISBN-13: 978-0801015700, Sept. 2013.

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7. Maggie La Tourelle, Principles of Kinesiology: What it is, How it Works, and What it Can Do for You (Discovering Holistic Health), Singing Dragon, ISBN-13: 978-1848191495, March 2013; Dr John Diamond, Your Body Doesn't Lie: Introduction to Behavioural Kinesiology, Eden Grove Editions, ISBN-13: 978-1870845250, May 1997.

8. ICHC - Detoxification is wrongly called infection, Why?


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