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  1. Stress and Ageing: The Micro-Immunotherapy Approach

    by Dr Lourd├Ęs Reig

    Stress has considerable effects on the immune function. Recent studies have suggested that the aging of the immune system (or immunosenescence) is, in part, closely linked to psycho...

  2. Supporting Our Immune System - Plus Divulgence

    by Alexander Barrie

    We are bombarded, information-wise, from all quarters as to how we may reduce the possibility of contracting this globally, thought to be accursed, Coronavirus, but also to learn th...

  3. When the Immune System Attacks

    by Harry Dalford and Julie Kingston

    This article summarizes thoughts about auto-immune disorders, and their apparently rising prevalence, especially in more developed countries, in cooler latitudes. It explains the d...

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