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Supporting Our Immune System - Plus Divulgence

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 265 - September 2020


We are bombarded, information-wise, from all quarters as to how we may reduce the possibility of contracting this globally, thought to be accursed, Coronavirus, but also to learn the different ways we may bolster our Immune Systems to reduce the risk of contagion.


Cover Morphic Resonance

The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature by Rupert Sheldrake.
Available on and


Those of you who are acquainted with Prof. Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance, will remember that within the contents of his book, reworded:

“A species of tree that has contracted a disease, in an especial way, appears to send a warning to all other trees of the same species, in all the different areas of the Globe to enable that species to prepare and to defend itself, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.”

The Professor speaks of The Collective Unconscious.  Think of a deep memory, of which we are hardly aware, that is mainly hidden but ready to manifest into consciousness when primed to do so.  It is the transmission from one tree to another with a message that is for us difficult to comprehend. Many of us find it hard to understand the means by which this message may be delivered. It is apparent that there has to be an electrical/magnetic field of sorts that presents the medium by which this message may be transferred - an aspect of Collective Unconscious: Physicists may call it:  The Morphogenetic Field. 

My point being, that this plague-like disease (COVID-19) travels, as a wave travels affecting all and sundry as it undulates across the globe - affecting some people more penetratively than others.  In other words, as we are of the Homo sapiens species, we will all be affected slightly, mildly, or even fatefully, because as with the vegetal world (as revealed above), we the people, though of animal origin, will suffer similar consequences, being of the same species, no matter of what part of the world we inhabit.

How this ‘otherworldly’ contamination travels to affect same species of organic material, is to some extent discussed above, but the whole matter is open to debate. Life is a mystery indeed, and the more we learn and to understand it, the more questions arise, and many of the true answers to our questions are as elusive as ever - this is the beautiful and magnificent paradox of life! 

“God moves in a mysterious way. His wonders to perform” (William Cowper).

What I am saying is, that as Homo sapiens, we have already all been touched with and by this virus - this virus of torment. The sneezing, coughing and contaminated droplets from our fellow-men do not make the slightest difference as to whether we as individuals go down with this disease or not – it’s already beside and inside us. 

The disease’s toxic manifestation depends on our propensities, our proclivities, which allow its full development within us or not as the case may be. For some, it will mean death, for others, a few weeks of illness, and for the majority of us, just a disruptive nuisance, producing a few dry coughs, sore throats and a few sneezes here and there.

Thinking as to how this Coronavirus penetrates those individuals who have not travelled to other parts of the world where the virus is rampant and / or never been close to one who has contracted the virus, developed or still incubating, the reason, possibly may now be understood as outlined above.

This whole subject of transmission, so fascinating, requires further development, because it reveals the connectedness to all things, and as to why the current ethos or way of thinking of man for good or ill, seems to be, or becomes: Universal - in other words, the way people are thinking and feeling around the world is actually, and in the round, the SAME.  This is with any subject under the sun, not just with viral contamination.

Politically, the governments of the world, advised by their scientists, are making life much more difficult to endure by driving home the need to isolate ourselves and to lockdown. This in my humble opinion is the worst possible measure taken, and indeed, foisted onto and into the people – the people would and could do nothing but suffer.

Life should go on as usual, no disruptions, trade and communications as normal.  Because, when this madness ceases, we, society will have little to return to – economies crashed, and bankruptcies – whatever assurances we get from governments in the end is all tat and meaningless, meanwhile.

Those who fall ill should retire to their homes and have bed-rest until they recover. The love and support of their families will see them through, but also, they must keep very warm; this includes the drinking of hot substances as with ginger to create interior heat that will support the body’s defences, but also to help extinguish the virus that is easily destroyed by heat sources. See below things we should and should not do!

Our way of thinking, our fears – fears increased by the news issuing from the media, government and their scientists, has to damage our immune systems, leaving us wide-open for this extraordinary virus to develop interiorly within our bodies (there is a plethora of scientific literature that confirms this awful connection of worry leading to illness). If this Coronavirus was / is so dangerous, as we are led to believe, since it is already beside and inside us, we should all be dead by now, with people dying and lying in the streets as they did at the time of the medieval historical Black Death!

There is another consideration, unpalatable to the many, and that is: 

Probable mass-hysteria; the kind of derangement that gripped a large percentage of the British Nation at Princess Diana’s death.  This form of stupidity amongst the masses, has dramatic consequences as to the general health of the demos. Confusion and mis-information seems to be present now affecting people en masse by many of them actually expecting to contract the virus in question, and with some people consciously or unconsciously actually looking forward to coming down with it (Death Wish).  

This may explain why some younger citizens are infected with it - the younger generations do not have the stamina and the endurance of previous generations and a few probably think it ‘cool’ to be ill with it and to be part of the ugly flavour of the moment.  It is a human problem, that the easier the life for us, the weaker we become with added sentimentality piled-on.  Our affluent societies in modern times have conveniences and safeguards that never existed just a hundred years ago – and because of this, many of us are psychologically feeble as well.

To Improve Interior Rigour and Therefore our Immune Systems

The habits and items to CEASE doing or taking. Try to begin reducing at least: 

1. Smoking

2. Alcohol consumption

3. Using Microwave Ovens

4. Stop eating Refined Sugar & sugar generally

5. Stop Snacking.

6. Stop using Aluminium Utensils.

7. Stop Reading & Viewing material that is unhinging, subversive and deranging.

8. Cease Inner Negative Thoughts and Feelings that only damage our wellbeing and therefore our vitality and our Immune Systems.

9. Micro-waves from mobiles, tablets and WiFi systems - all lethal in reality; think about this.  You should keep these necessities away from your body as much as is possible. 

Those habits and items to adopt  or more enthusiastically so: 

1. Eat only two meals a day.

2. Practice Intermittent fasting.

3. Chew your food and eat slowly with purpose.

4. In cold/cool weather,  it is essential to keep warm. Be fully clothed always, and with undergarments.

5. Wear a hat and use a scarf to keep head and neck warm and safe.

6. Feet must always be dry - never wear shoes that let-in water.

7. Exercise always - the body was designed for daily motion.

8. Qi Quong means Effort and Discipline. Thus, this means any kind of movement and exercise. Exercising all joints is necessary and health-giving and effects favourably all visceral organs directly.

9. Preferably organic foods to consume where possible, but also fresh and fewer processed foods.

10. Outdoors in the light essential.

11. Adopt, read & study the Articles of Faith i.e. the sacred SCRIPTURES you were brought-up with and also, as with any of the Self-realization Organizations.

My point being that answers to life questions are usually within the contents of religious  SCRIPTURE.  Apologies if I sound as though I am haranguing you - basically we humans require strict guidance because under the political regimes we live-in, in modern times, we suffer with too much guile - and worse, we cannot see it!


Skeletal Distortions + Pelvic Corrector

Skeletal Distortions from The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction Issue 172 – July 2010

The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device from The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction Issue 172 – July 2010


Continuing the Theme of the Things We Should Adopt:

Some of you know a bit about Pelvic Correction.  Without our spines enjoying alignment, whatever we do to improve our Immune Systems, unless our spines and our pelvises are aligned, we just cannot reach that optimum state of health we should like to attain and which is our birthright to enjoy. It is not only back-pain and all other musculoskeletal-skeletal aches and pains we suffer, but the more subtle aspects of our physiology not producing what we want and what we need that matters also.  All those pesky Conditions/Ailments that beset our lives, many are due to misalignment of the pelvis and skeletal frame.

The pelvis is: The Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and it determines to a large extent the health of the whole of the human spine when integrated and aligned so that its horizontality parallels to the Visible Horizon. (this visible line is engendered when the sky meets the circumference of the earth) When this horizontality is projected outwards, on a plane to meet that horizon-line, there is balance and poise - This is one of the unseen connections to Mother Earth.   Not to mention again that, the healthy spine assists us to suffer fewer illnesses as well as to give us flexibility of movement.

Certain items above require explanation. For example: Many of us professionals know that the use of Microwave Ovens for cooking your food is detrimental to health in that our blood’s vitality is lowered, thereby leaving us open to the contracting of various diseases. Explanations on other items mentioned may be given if I am emailed and/or texted with questions;  we have organized a Course / Workshop to bolster our knowledge and health generally. Please visit

Developing this mystery of ‘virotic’ travel that does not seem to have a connection with a person infecting another person:  Just as an invisible message is sent from one tree to another tree of the same species, no matter in what part of the world they reside, in the same way, a ‘virotic’ outbreak penetrating one, or a few people somewhere on the Globe will [perhaps] message latent viruses already lurking within hidden places and within people themselves but in entirely different areas of the planet [perhaps already residing deep inside our bodies] and ready to be aroused - rather like Sleeper Cells of the terrorists - and to do their dastardly work when called upon.......and in the terrorists case, encouraged to do their cowardly criminal corrosive activities because we ordinary human-beings are proven to be sentimentally weak and too much under the mesmeric laissez-faire of 75 years of peace and thus, lulled into a sense of unawareness of the lurking dangers of the Globe; this present-day weakness is taken advantage of by the felons of this world - we need to think as did Sir Winston Churchill, not to trust anyone or anything!!!  The virus itself may be thought of as a felon indeed - but is the virus the cause, or the result of ?!?!?!   

Are people falling ill because of the depressing news they receive from the professionals? This lockdown with the madness that goes with it, foisted upon us by our government and thought to be the solution to the problem is of course not yielding the results as was meant to be - namely: the demise of this viral transference. The opposite effect is being painfully suffered by the people.

It is a commonplace  occurrence that the government solution to a national problem - a problem that is odious and destructive in effect and which must be exterminated, engenders more painful and damaging almost insuperable complications that are worse than the effects of the original problem - so too with this ‘virotic’ plague.

Just observe the body language and the demeanour of the doctors and the nurses, their facial expressions - all sufficient to create panic and depression amongst the people.  Life should go on as normal, without the sentimental attitude to death as we perceive it within the Occidental World. 

Death for most of us is a true and happy release, not a finite end, but another way we may redeem ourselves for the stupidities we have perpetrated in and of the present life.  It is ironic, that the

Indian communities living outside of their homeland India have adopted consciously or unconsciously all the ridiculous fears of and about, death, that we occidentals entertain and which are totally contrary to the natural ethos residing in India as seeing death as a happy release and a necessary part of life - Read: J. Krishnamurti.


Dying to be Me + Many Lives, Many Masters

Recommended Reading: Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani;

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss.


Recommendations from Psychologists

1. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. (Everything we need to know, we already know);

2. Don't look out for death toll. It's not a cricket match to know the latest score. Avoid that;

3. Don't look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state; 

4. Avoid sending fatalistic messages. Some people don't have the same mental strength as you (Instead of helping, you could activate pathologies such as depression);

5. If possible, listen to music at home at a pleasant volume. Look for board games to entertain children, tell stories and future plans; 

6. Maintain discipline in the home by washing your hands, putting up a sign or alarm for everyone in the house;

7. Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to depress your immune system and make it weak against viruses;

8. Most importantly, firmly believe that this shall also pass and we will be safe.... !


Sun Symbol: Courtesy Wikipedia

Sun Symbol: Courtesy Wikipedia


And now for the coup de grace as regards to the statements outlined above - a shock to the conventional mindset: The Morphogenetic Field ! The ancients were right!  All phenomena good or ill may be deduced before it actually manifests simply by the calculations made from the planetary locations within our Solar System. This means the application of the values of the angular relationships the planets make to one another, every day, week, month and year as they follow their orbits around their master: The Sun (symbolcircumpunct)  all within our Solar System.  This explains the significance of the quote: ‘It’s In The Lap Of The Gods’. (‘......of Ancient Greek origin - the gods are the planets).

It is not realized universally as yet, that the positions of our planets at the time and the day of the New Moon that heralds the beginning of The Chinese New Year, marks the trend that will pan-out over that coming year as to its events and as to its character.  The positions of the planets at this New Moon that initiates The Chinese New Year are of this utmost importance secularly, but not religiously, for the whole world.


Chinese Element Illustration + Creation Cycle

Chinese Element System Illustration from The Chinese View of the Elements - How their Character and Qualities Support and Maintain One Another Issue 175 – Oct 2010


Even the present day Chinese do not realize that their New Year is actually The New Year for the whole of the world as well, let alone the rest of the world not being aware of this phenomenon.  You could say, that for whatever the reason, the Chinese have got it right as regards this extraordinary masterstroke.  There are things / matters that the Chinese ancients understood, that are beyond our comprehension within our Occidental World thinking; just as their systems of medicine, so elegant, escape our understanding and our mindset.

In China itself, the early morning New Moon of Saturday 25th January 2020, signalled the beginning of The Chinese New Year. The planetary positions were unusual within a 24 hour window at this New Moon juncture. The planets involved and which seemed to be conjoined. In various angular positions, at this time period, according to ancient astrological lore, were: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and to some extent Neptune all within a 2 degree arc.

The outstanding and most important configuration that day was between Venus and Mars, being at a 90 degree angle in relation to each other, but interestingly almost exact in seconds of arc. This is considered a very powerful connection indeed, but one that is fraught with dreadful consequences, in this case, for the world as a whole.

According to ancient lore, when planet Venus in its orbit reaches very close to the Earth, in its orbit [Earth], influenza may be generated as a pandemic amongst the earth’s human inhabitants.  In fact, checking the word Influenza in certain old style lexicons, the word Influenza is defined (paraphrased):  “as planet Venus comes close to planet Earth as in their orbits, they may cause a potential outbreak of the plague” - in this case: Influenza. Interestingly, Covid-19 is a nasty variation of common Influenza (if there is a common type!), but is still a respiratory infection and therefore may be fateful.

A little deviation here and a personal gripe: With slapdash use of English nowadays we use the word FLU which is short for Influenza.  To many of us, seeing the word FLU without an apostrophe (‘flu) judders the udders so to speak.  Even the respectable clinics and their doctors use the word FLU.  Don’t they know it is bad English?  Is it a case of the usual rubbish about maintaining the masses to remain in their blissful ignorance?

Returning to the fascinating subject about this very difficult configuration between Mars and Venus.  We have known since the beginning of time that a 90 degree angle made between two planets generates rigour and dissonance - as to how these dis-attributes unfold accords to the nature of the planets involved and the Zodiacal Signs they are residing in at the time.

Positive Venusian traits produce harmony and friendship; appreciation of the Arts.  Completion in relationships;  abounding peace and wellbeing from which issues: stability in health. Negative Venusian traits produces vanity and self-indulgence; sexual gratification without  appreciation.  Taking things for granted. Ugliness in behaviour that is an absence of awareness in offending others. Tardiness.  Absence of self-caring and subsequently becoming a burden to others, especially in matters of health and wellbeing.

Irritated by the Planet Mars because of its caustic cosmic relationship to Planet Venus at the time of the New Moon priming the Chinese New Year to commence, has engendered and engenders within humanity internally and externally a prolonged period of discordance in many departments of life leading to unsatisfactory results in projects and plans previously made.  

In 2020’s case, mostly, these failures are caused by an epidemic that becomes pandemic and which mundanely ushers-in: ruin to people’s hopes and wishes.

The other planets involved, only have a minor role to play that only helps or hinders the processes just explained, though with the involvement of planet Jupiter, promises are made, or things made to look promising with this planet’s presentation, but can only bring disillusion and disappointment.  Jupiter promises much and delivers nothing when the time is right for it to push forward its influence, that is, when it is afflicted by other planets’ bad angular relationships to it.  Writing this article in April 2020, worries me because planet Neptune, to some extent, is involved also within the mix, and it [Neptune] may bring, in time, total dissolution, in this case, to the world economies - a sobering thought.  Yet, inside this almost Godless society in which we now live, these happenings or events about to happen might be the result of God’s intervention; waking us up to where we are as a society on the spiritual plane - which is nowhere!  Planet Mercury involved, represents trade and industry, and employment et al, and we may now witness at the time of writing all of this, the Economy is crashing?

Very few governments of the world are enlightened and very few have true vision as to the bigger picture, as their consciousness is at a basic standard.  The basic standard in truth has to be of low-perception consciousness - a manifestation of a blinkered-mind.

All of these reduce our immunity to outside pathogens and subsequently the pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the drugs that will ostensibly heal us, they think, in their corrupted minds, as we the people suffer various illnesses induced by their wholesale affirmation of harmful influences as stated above, whether by drugs,  detrimental electrical/magnetic fields, and toxic food and contaminated water.

Suggesting social distancing and lockdown to the impairment of the economy, should be a made a criminal offence, especially when implemented as such.  Alas, I see only irreparable damage to the people and the  economies of the world. It is not so much the effects of COVID-19, but the terrible effects of the governmental shutdown.  It is this total stoppage that is the true virus - a virus that is now accursed because of the wrong dictates taken by governments as they panic without thinking it all through.

With all that has just been written above, it will surprise people who manage to get to the end of this diatribe, that the detrimental positions of the planets at the time of the beginning of the Chinese new year 2020 would have produced some problem just as bad as the curses that were/are  foisted onto humanity as now (this pandemic), no matter what the nature of the problem was/is - in other words if it had not been this corrosive  pandemic covid-19, it would have been something else just as destructive - who knows: an invasion of aliens from another world with the intension of the destruction of humanity?


Two World Visions - Optimistic - Left versus Pessimistic- Right

Two World Visions: Optimistic – Left; Pessimistic - Right



The choice of illustrations for this Article may be a little controversial representing Optimism and Pessimism. Pandemics are powerful influences that are cosmic in origin, and were known as such by the Ancients. Their purpose, as is the occasional major War between nations, is a reminder to humanity of its vulnerability and a way it may be shown that it cannot ‘take things for granted’.   These cosmic events are a wake-up call to assist us to exit away from feebleness.  Feebleness that we suffer naturally when we as humanity are not dramatically challenged sufficiently at certain junctures in our lives and, in our nation’s destiny. 

Also, such worldly events are nature’s way of ridding the world of its dross.  Nature is not sentimental, its purpose is to try to keep the animal and the vegetal STOCK in good health.  Thus, the need for a cull every so often.  As I said, nature is not sentimental.

In peace-time and in ordinary times, we humans are lulled into a false sense of ‘being looked-after’ and as life has become easier in modern times we all enjoy a measure of protection via The State. This is a good thing of course, but the downside is a false sense that pushes us into somnolence - somnolence that has descended on most of us, and sadly we are unaware of this detrimental phenomenon.

Even so, we Homo-sapiens have endured over many thousands of years.  This means that we are wanted and needed and that there is a force (God-like if you wish) that returns us to the good and to the prosperous times.  We as a species are probably the most successful to have been able to survive for so long - and still going-strong in this existence.  An existence, even so, in which we are forced to play: 


Cover Essay I Say

Essay - I Say: Writing of Alternative Political & Philosophical Ideas by Alexander Barrie.


Russian Roulette !

Acknowledgement Citation

Reproduced here from Dr Alexander's new book: Essay I-Say. ISBN-13 Softcover 978-1-951727-68-0.  Amazon Books


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