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The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in back pain, originally published in issue 172 - July 2010

This System is presented as an adjunct to existing therapeutic disciplines, thus equipping the practitioner and the layman, with the knowledge and the skill to help free themselves of unnecessary back, shoulder, neck, knee and ankle pain and more, by maintaining and stabilizing their pelvises, which, as the foundation of their skeletal frames, when not aligned absolutely, is in most cases the cause of osteopathic pathologies as well as spinal deterioration and spinal maladies...


Skeletal Distortions chart

The Ideas Introduced Exist as a Result of Previously Pursuing Three Lines of Direction:

  1. Observation;
  2. Empirical work on myself and others;
  3. Correction/solution.


Through the years it became apparent to me that people suffer greatly with musculo-skeletal problems, which, as a practitioner of a number of medical skills, I could manage reasonably well and bring relief to most people, but usually only temporarily.
A complete cure was always uppermost in my heart and my mind. I began to perceive that the various musculo-skeletal conditions anywhere around the body were nine out of ten times, symptoms of a dysfunctional* pelvis and not problems that were from disparate reasons.


Empirical Work on Myself, and Others

I observed when diagnosing lumbago, osteoarthritis, spinal maladies, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, RSI complaints, plantar foot pain, and several other conditions, that leg length discrepancy and pelvic distortion* were prevalent virtually without exception.

The discovery that nine out of every ten people have, in varying degrees these debilitating conditions led me to conclude that two of the most dominant pelvic lesions* were:
  1. Iliac (wing) osseous prolapse on one side - ('drop');
  2. Iliac torsion ('twist') of both ilia (wings), that is: one wing anterior the other posterior or forward torsion for one and backward torsion for the other.
When pelvic correction was performed, leg length discrepancy equalized, tension in the spine eased and elsewhere in the body. However, this diagnosis and subsequent correction was the easy part; perhaps only two out of ten people gained pelvic stability that obtained. True, the severity of the lesion lessened, especially when the segments of the spine were re-aligned, either osteopathically or energetically, but the pelvis would misalign again, and sciatic, lumbar and other aches and pains would return.


Pelvic Slippage Recurs

This recurrent pelvic misalignment may be indeed the nightmare for Osteopaths and Chiropractors as they struggle to stabilise a given pelvis, if they look at a pelvis as to the origin of most of the conditions outlined above. Some practitioners have worked-out their own Systems to assist stabilization and correction of people's pelvises with some success, including self-help techniques, but there is no unification of knowledge on the subject as yet.
The pelvis is the Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and the base for the 'hara' (centre of gravity of the body and the core of one's interior strength). Naturally, if the basin/pelvis that holds the 'hara' is distorted, so commonplace, then an adverse effect is to be expected in the human physiology.
When pelvic subluxation occurs, an immense strain is placed on the lumbar vertebrae/segments: because, the whole spine is sitting on a pelvis (its sacral component) that is tilted to one side, it [the spine] must therefore, bend and twist to accommodate this physiological dilemma. A pelvis should be neatly horizontal to enable the spine that sits on it to remain erect and vertical and therefore healthy.


Some Observations

  • Approximately one person in five hundred suffers leg length discrepancy even after pelvic correction;
  • When a pelvis is corrected and stays thus, certain medical conditions tend to clear-up;
  • There are a number of different distortions a pelvis may sustain.

The Correction

Over several years experimenting with particular techniques, some invented, some discovered, and applying some existing methods such as with Muscle Energy Techniques but modified, I have succeeded in bringing into being gentle techniques that anybody may deploy to return their own pelvises to their proper angularity. Thus pelvic stability is possible and therefore freedom from pain may be enjoyed.
Importantly, the patient may be taught the relevant techniques suitable for him. These techniques take a few minutes each day to execute and the patient is empowered now and in some control. He does not experience the impotence in not knowing what to do, once this System has been adopted. I should add that when the patient receives a clear and succinct explanation from the practitioner as to the pelvic problem involved, the patient is enthusiastic to practise the techniques to gain freedom from pain. This System does not take the place of Osteopathic or Chiropractic techniques; if anything the techniques employed by these practitioners, work more successfully when the patient looks after his own pelvis.


The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device
The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device


The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device

This simple Device, without moving parts, has been designed to obtain excellent results in re-aligning your pelvis. If your pelvis is not aligned and stabilized you will suffer the 'slings and arrows of outrageous' back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains. This PCR Device is geared to execute 'Three Techniques' all different, but they re-adjust the pelvis back to its proper angularity. These 'Three Techniques' implemented by this PCR Device are easy to learn and only take seconds or minutes to execute. Back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains are caused 95% of the time by an unstable pelvis, so commonplace. When it is dislocated it loses its horizontality, and thus the spine is forced to suffer distortion, and also, the body has to sustain leg length discrepancy. You now have a chance to correct the dislocation of your pelvis as many times as you so wish.



Testimonial Case Studies

Women Aged 50 At the age of 50 I broke my right heel-bone and crushed the ankle. The doctor said I would never walk again without crutches and wanted to fix and peg my foot at an angle. I refused this operation and for the next 25 years I sought help wherever I could find it, with varying success -I learned to walk again, but with a limp and considerable pain. One leg became longer than the other - and my spine developed a curvature - my whole body felt crooked and I feared I might need a hip operation. Then last year I was attracted by something I saw about Pelvic Correction, and I went to a lecture on how important the pelvis is where alignment of the skeletal frame is concerned. I went to see Alexander Barrie privately who worked on me to help not only to stabilise the pelvis but to strengthen the abdomen and its organs and the legs gradually gained re-alignment. The healing took place continually with the damaged and deformed right foot. My walking is now painless and I have an increasingly normal gait.


Male, Wales UK I had to write and thank you for your wonderful system, and tell you of the difference it has made to my life. For sixteen years I have suffered with pain in my left hip, and down my left leg. For the last five years it has been so uncomfortable that my whole life has been affected. Various G.Ps have diagnosed Sciatica, and Osteopaths and Chiropractors have given me little relief. Interestingly, some of the Complementary Practitioners have told me that my pelvis was twisted but none offered any advice about what to do about it. I have also spent lots of time and money on self-help practices, to little avail. Finally, in January '04 my wife decided to risk some of our precious resources on your book. They arrived within the week, and the techniques gave great improvement within days. Now, three months later, I am almost pain free. On the two occasions that I have had a relapse, the techniques got me back on track in a couple of days. The biggest problem I now face is getting used to this pain free life, only since the pain has gone have I realized how depressed I had been, and how much of my life had been ruled by my problem. So, thank you Alexander for the priceless gift of your system, I wish you good health and good luck.


Female Middle Age As I was driving home after seeing you today, I was trying to remember when I first saw you. It must have been at least five or six years ago. I was suffering from a very painful 'frozen shoulder', recurrent lower back problems and a number of lesser ills which I put down to increasing age; problems with my knees, and with my digestion; mysterious chest pains, usually at night, although the doctors said my heart was fine. Doctors had failed to help me with these problems, as had a course in the Alexander technique, and homeopathic treatment. An Osteopath had helped with my back, to a limited extent, but not at all with my shoulder. Within a month or two of starting treatment with you, my shoulder was on the mend. It has never given me any trouble since, even when I play tennis! My back problems have diminished to a minor grumble, kept well under control with the exercises you have recommended. All the other problems have disappeared, almost without a trace. My general health is excellent, and my quality of life has improved enormously. I have no doubt that your treatment is the principle reason for my well-being, and I felt it was about time I thanked you properly.

*These equal lesions, subluxation, distortions and dysfunction of the pelvis. (All of similar meaning)


  1. john Woodsmall said..

    What happened to the "Back-Champ"?
    I think I know someone who wants one.

  2. Rachel said..

    I really want to find out more about this. I live in the U.S. and have a rotated pelvis, upslip and posterior pelvic tilt on left side. All pain is on left side. Do you have a youtube video showing how to use this once purchased? Are you available to help if someone struggles to learn to properly use it?

  3. Monica said..

    I've had a short leg for many years and over the last 5 or so years, I've developed osteoarthritis on my lower left side of my back. It aches all the time but movement has not been limited up until the last few days. It aches more than usual and is going around to the front hip area. I can't bend all the way down to put on socks or shoes without pain. I've noticed over the last couple months that I feel tilted to the left more so than usual. My pelvis is definitely off balance and likely causing the short leg or maybe it's the other way around. Not sure. I'm interested in this ring corrector and anything else I can do myself. I can't afford to see a Chiropractor just yet but I need to do something in the mean time to regain normal motion.

  4. Sharon said..

    When and where is it possible to get one of your devices? and is it only suitable for a certain sized person? ie do you have to put your legs through the middle of the ring? Also, does it or can it do more harm than good to try and walk with a tilted/twisted pelvis? as I am finding it increasingly difficult to get about. When is your book going to be available to buy again please as I don't like reading books online/kindle? Thank you for your time.

  5. Paula Murakami said..

    where do get the pelvic corrector ring device? I have a twisted pelvic bone which is causing severe pain in the legs knees and shins. I have no luck finding a doctor to see for this. Only one DO here in Spokane that may help but refuses to call me for appointment after I spoke with the nurse which told me to get a referral to see him which I did and they won't call me for a appt.I have called them three times. It is a message only phone. I have given up getting any help or pain relief.

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Alexander Barrie MRSS CSTA Dip MS Astrol Back-Pain Consultant is a Physician of Natural Therapies. He is the Founder of The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™︎, Registered Craniosacral Therapist, a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher. He is also an Astrologer and Musician and author of: Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide, Essay I-Say and Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-Pain. Alexander is Married, a Father and Resides in North West London UK. He may be contacted at the Alexalign Clinic, also in Harrow on Tel: 020 8423 5659;


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