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Royal Jelly Healing Formulation – Adaptogenic, Anti-Ageing, Immune and Energy Enhancing Properties

by Christopher Pogson(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 256 - August 2019

Back in the early 18th century there was an Indian legend doing the rounds of Puerto Rico that a magical Fountain of Youth existed somewhere in the environs, whose curative powers would restore the health and youthful vitality of any old person who bathed in it. An explorer Ponce de Leon was so entranced by this myth that he got together three huge sailing ships and set out in search of this supernatural spring, braving foreign waters and hostile locals and eventually ending up discovering Florida. Your search need not be so dramatic, for if Irene Stein is to be believed, an Elixir of Youth is available to you direct to your doorstep – and its name is Irene Royal Jelly – a formulation that works in a wide range of anti-ageing benefits with considerable improvements mentally, emotionally and physically.


Royal Jelly Cover + Irena Products + Irena Health for Life


According to Stein, Irene Royal Jelly is a unique formulation that blends a myriad herbal and natural ingredients that work independently and synergistically to optimise the overall effect of the compound on the body. The formula is based on Royal Jelly, the nourishment of the queen bee that in itself is lauded for its multiple health benefits and has been used for healing in China for centuries, but also includes among many others Korean Ginseng, known for its energy-giving properties, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, an array of vitamins and Glutamic acid, which is known to delay the ageing process.

Irene Stein, who is credited with introducing the West to the health benefits of Royal Jelly back in the ‘70s, has dedicated a lifetime to her passionate pursuit of the benefits of Royal Jelly and to creating her Irene formula. For the better part of 50 years she has worked closely with eminent biochemists, herbalists and alternative health doctors to produce what she calls “the ultimate health supplement – which is then homoeopathically potentized -  100% natural and non-addictive, and more potent than anything else currently available.”

"There have been many professional Dowsers over the years who have been very impressed for themselves and for others, Penny Pullen ( Dowser ) believes this Royal Jelly formulation is far superior to anything else in the market place today as a result of her testing/ comparison."

“Throughout my entire career with various Royal Jelly formulations, and we’re talking about more than 50 years here, I have never had one instance of an ill health side-effect, from any of my customers, who have included celebrities, sports stars and even the British Royal Family.”

Irene is not a cure in itself,” she adds, “it is an Adaptogen, which means it is a food that helps the body to help itself and creates a balance.”


Adaptogens have the potential to help every person in some way and most of us could benefit from several points on this impressive wish list; more energy and stamina; a balanced appetite; a feeling of well-being; greater ability to deal with stressful situations; more productivity and motivation; improved focus and concentration; faster recovery from physical activity; better regulated menstrual cycle with less emotional difficulties; greater ability to cope with jet lag and climate change; less craving for sugar and alcohol; improved sleep; better moods; less anxiety and more enthusiasm for life.

According to medical literature, Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that enhance the body’s ability to cope. They work on a cellular level to normalise the function of every cell, so stimulating the healing process to boost the body’s natural defences and helping the body to function normally, especially in difficult circumstances, such as, for example, the aging process.

 “Old age is the only thing that comes to us without effort,” quipped American writer Gloria Spitzer. And indeed it comes to us all, bringing with it a variety of health problems, both mental and physical.

Generally as we get older, the body’s immune system weakens leaving us more susceptible to ill health and disease; energy levels drop, especially if combined with illness; mental sharpness is known to deteriorate in old age, all of which can have an adverse effect on quality of life and lead to depression and general lack of joie de vivre.

Irene aged 70, Mother Sophie Aged 83
Irene aged 70, Mother Sophie Aged 83

But anyone who flicks through Irene Stein’s publicity material can see a different picture of old age in the photograph of her mother, Sophie, taken when she was 82. The picture shows a bright-eyed lady brimming with good health, glowing skin, and a healthy head of hair.

"When I started my mother on the Royal Jelly formula," Stein recounts, "like 16 million other people in Britain, 80 percent of whom are over 70, she suffered from crippling arthritis. After only a short time on the formula, the pain began to diminish, until it disappeared completely and never returned.” She was also born of 7 brothers and sisters all with heart problems, and she managed to outlive them all.

Stein attributes this result to Irene’s ability to reduce pain and swelling in the joints, thereby increasing mobility and flexibility, by the inclusion of Pantothenic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Phenylanine, Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorous among others and by the presence of Magnesium and Potassium. All of which may sound pretty baffling, but the results from double blind trials conducted among arthritis sufferers, are pretty clear: “Patients taking Irene, whether for rheumatoid or osteo arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis reported significant reductions of pain levels … it would seem that improvement associated with taking Irene was significant,” the test report stated.

Take for example the case of Albert Painter. At 50, he had to quit his job as a plasterer as his severe arthritis in his knees and shoulders “nearly killed him” and his neck was so stiff, he couldn’t look up at the ceiling. The pain kept him awake at nights and drove him into a long deep depression, and he even ended up in a psychiatric hospital. And then he started on a three-month course of Irene.

The turnaround didn’t take long, he says. His spirits started to lift and the pain lessened. He became more active, more socially involved, fitter and more flexible. Best of all for Albert, now that he is in great spirits, he has met Anne. He says he has not persuaded her to marry him yet because she likes her independence, but nevertheless they are a very happy couple who are enjoying the fruits of a full and loving relationship.

Vast improvements in general health were also recorded in a trial on residents of an old people’s home in Cardiff, where for the three winter months that the test was run, hardly any illnesses occurred and medical help was barely sought. In a medical trial on elderly patients in Loughborough, too, improvement was noted in a number of areas after the patients took a course of Royal Jelly: increased appetite, weight increase/ decrease, an improvement in mental alertness, general improvement in hair growth and skin tone and increased feelings of well-being.

Irene combines all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids we need and even acts as a natural hormone balancer, making it an excellent supplement for women going through the menopause,” says Stein. “There are a number of supplements out there that can work very well for individual afflictions, but they have to be taken in different ways and at different times, and many people forget to take them. I offer them the whole lot in liquid form that works ten times more powerfully than the individual ingredient.”

In her books, which became best-sellers in the industry, Stein runs an alphabetical list of disorders that the Irene formula is known to alleviate and even why. So for example, Irene is effective against angina as the Royal Jelly and Ginseng in it increase haemoglobin levels and enhance blood flow through the body and the inositol in Irene lowers cholesterol, ensuring the arteries leading to the heart do not become blocked. Both of these conditions are also improved as a result of many other ingredients that are present within the formulation. Back pain is reduced as Irene oxygenates the blood and speeds the healing of torn ligaments and fights inflammation.

The formula also deals with digestive problems as the Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium and Bismuth in Irene combine to clean the digestive tract and counter stomach acid, indigestion and heartburn, and she even tackles some of the other side effects that come with old age, little spoken about in public literature. Incontinence, she says, can be treated with Irene, as the Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C – all of which enhance muscle tone - can help strengthen the sphincter muscle. And forget those lurking niggling illnesses waiting around every corner, says Stein: Royal Jelly will boost the immune system, she claims, strengthening the body’s defence against illness and restore strength and vitality.

When Sue Adams’ mother came back from hospital after having a mini stroke, she was very tired, confused and completely dependent on her family to cook and take care of her. But when she started on Irene, “the response was almost immediate. She is back to her daily walks and cooking and shopping for herself. Her attitude now is that she would prefer to be independent and get on with life,” she writes.

This demonstrates that Irene can also have a positive effect on mental outlook, attitude and general mood, which can also affect how the body fights disease. Irene believes that a huge percentage of illness comes simply from the wrong attitude of mind.

Old age doesn’t just bring with it the physical effects on the body; the mind and the “spirit” also wear with time. Mental clarity often becomes clouded, energy levels drop.

Clients of Irene Stein, however, have written her hundreds of letters telling her how Irene has also sharpened their mental agility and lifted their energy levels and general mood.

But the true testimony can be seen in Irene herself. At the age of 80, Irene Stein has the vibrant looks of a woman many years her junior, her hair is thick and glossy and not one of them is grey. But it’s her energy that has most people who meet her quite astounded. She takes vigorous walks on a daily basis, plays tennis regularly and will still often put in a 12-hour work day in the thriving business she single-handedly created.

So has Irene Stein managed to create the mythical Fountain of Youth? “Not quite,” she says, “but every time I read from a client how Irene has helped their lives, I know I feel a little bit younger.”

And it’s easy to see why: “Irene has given me back my life,” Annette Parslow, an arthritis sufferer wrote to her. How can that not make you feel good?


Composite Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Capsicum, Damiana, Echinacea, Saw Palmetto

Top Row, Left to Right: Royal Jelly, Korean Ginseng, Capsicum Minimum

Bottom Row: Left to Right: Damiana Aphrodisiaca, Echinacea, Saw Palmetto


Major Ingredients in Irena and their Actions:

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is one of those natural products that have been overlooked time and time again. Our jackrabbit lifestyles generally leave little time to nourish ourselves the way we should, and most of us are lacking many of the nutrients that this natural pharmacy allows us to reclaim.

Royal jelly is a substance that is produced by nurse bees and fed to the queen bee. All bee larvae are fed this substance for the first three days of their lives. The queen bee is fed this substance all the days of her life. So it is the Royal Jelly diet that is responsible for the metamorphosis of the bee larvae into a Queen Bee.
Royal jelly is often called, “nature’s fountain of youth”. This substance has yet to be synthesized and baffles scientists with its complex make-up. Some compounds of royal jelly have not even been identified by science! But of course, as you shall see, the combination of fresh royal jelly with the other herbs amplifies its effects tenfold. The only Royal Jelly formulation encompassing all these elements is Irene, the Unique Royal Jelly formulation from Irene Stein.

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is extracted from the plant Panax Ginseng. The word Panax is Greek in origin and means “all healing”. The Chinese have used Ginseng for thousands of years in their medicines; it is said that ginseng resembles the human body, and according to Chinese medicine, that is one of the reasons why it has such a potent healing effect. Like Royal Jelly, Ginseng is an adaptogen, normalising physiological functioning depending on individual needs (i.e., it will lower high blood pressure, but increase low blood pressure.)

It is probably most famous for its role in increasing sexual appetites, but is also effective in fighting depression and fatigue, resulting in a boost in physical and mental energy. It is believed to relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms experienced during the menopause as it contains oestriol, a form of oestrogen.

Ginseng contains vitamin E, a vitamin not found in royal jelly and which is part of the liposoluble group. This is vital for maintaining outer skin protective coverings – namely the hair and nails. It is also responsible for promoting healthy sexuality.

Capsicum Minimum

Capsicum Minimum is a strong circulatory stimulant and increases blood flow to all tissues. It has antiseptic and counter-irritant properties and is used to reduce pain. Capsicum is used to support the treatment of conditions marked by reduced circulation, to “flush out” diseased tissue and help reverse pathological conditions.

Damiana Aphrodisiaca

Damiana is used to combat depression, and as a mild purgative and diuretic, It also acts like testosterone to stimulate and enhance the reproductive system.


This is probably one of the most commonly used herbal extracts today, thanks to its powerful effect on the immune system. Studies have confirmed its place as a powerful natural antiseptic whilst clinical trials have shown Echinacea to be an immuno-stimulating plant which has been effectively used to treat clinical infections and chronic inflammatory disease. Echinacea D6 is used in the formulation to act as a homeopathic potentiser. Lab studies have shown that this element is responsible for making the royal jelly ten times as effective as the natural ingredient in isolation. It allows the formulation to be absorbed and assimilated within an hour of ingestion.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata)

Saw Palmetto has many applications, chief amongst them being the treatment of urinary problems and catarrhal conditions. It is also used to tone the male reproductive system. Some evidence also suggests that it also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


Analysis of the effects of the major chemical components:

Adaptogens - Stressing the Importance of Protection by Irene Stein

Published in Positive Health PH Online Issue 38 - March 1999.


Further Information, Personal Consultation

For further information and to arrange for your personal consultation please get in touch on Tel: 07831 641199;


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