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One Woman's Quest to Create the Ultimate Adaptogenic Product


Irene Stein, with 50 years of experience with a wide spectrum of health conditions, together with Masters of Complex Homeopathy and Plant Knowledge, has created her Unique Royal Jelly Formulation, Irene Royal Jelly.

Irene Royal Jelly combines the healing properties of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Damiana Aphrodisiaca, Capsicum Minimum and Saw Palmetto to bring balance and restore health.

Irene Stein says: "There are a myriad of different ingredients in my formulation that all work separately and together to help your body be the healthiest and balanced as possible."


Ingredients of Irene Unique Formulation

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is one of those natural products that have been overlooked time and time again. Our jackrabbit lifestyles generally leave little time to nourish ourselves the way we should, and most of us are lacking many of the nutrients that this natural pharmacy allows us to reclaim.

Korean Ginseng
Ginseng is extracted from the plant Panax Ginseng. The word Panax is Greek in origin and means “all healing”. The Chinese have used Ginseng for thousands of years in their medicines; it is said that ginseng resembles the human body, and according to Chinese medicine, that is one of the reasons why it has such a potent healing effect. Like Royal Jelly, Ginseng is an adaptogen, normalising physiological functioning depending on individual needs (i.e., it will lower high blood pressure, but increase low blood pressure.)

Capsicum Minimum
Capsicum Minimum is a strong circulatory stimulant and increases blood flow to all tissues. It has antiseptic and counter-irritant properties and is used to reduce pain. Capsicum is used to support the treatment of conditions marked by reduced circulation, to “flush out” diseased tissue and help reverse pathological conditions.


Damiana Aphrodisiaca
Damiana is used to combat depression, and as a mild purgative and diuretic, It also acts like testosterone to stimulate and enhance the reproductive system.


This is probably one of the most commonly used herbal extracts today, thanks to its powerful effect on the immune system. Studies have confirmed its place as a powerful natural antiseptic whilst clinical trials have shown Echinacea to be an immuno-stimulating plant which has been effectively used to treat clinical infections and chronic inflammatory disease. In fact, 30 of 34 recent studies carried out in Germany into the ability of Echinacea to act as a prophylactic, preventative or therapeutic agent, have demonstrated a positive effect on the body’s ability to resist disease.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata)
Saw Palmetto has many applications, chief amongst them being the treatment of urinary problems and catarrhal conditions. It is also used to tone the male reproductive system. Some evidence also suggests that it also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Royal Jelly, Irene Product and Health for Life


Improvement of Male and Female Hormonally Driven Symptoms


Women – Natural approach to Menopausal Symptoms including Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

The formulation has a high level of naturally occurring Oestrogen and Testosterone, along with Damiana, which emulates hormonal action and thus helps the body regain its hormonal balance.  In addition Glycine (which regulates the pituitary gland, in turn regulates the hormone cycles).

  • Hot Flushes and Night Sweats Subside;
  • Regain lost libido due to compound action of the hormones and Ginseng;
  • Improvement with Depression.

Male Symptom Improvements – Hair Loss, Bladder Control and Erectile Dysfunction

Irene contains vital nutrients necessary to prevent hair loss and promote healthy re-growth – Lysine, Phosphorus, Silicon, Vitamin E, Zinc and Folic Acid. Biotin may help prevent premature baldness and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B)  can help restore the natural colour to prematurely grey hair. Inositol and Silica are vital for good hair, whilst the hormones Oestrogen and Testosterone can rebalance the system and allow natural regrowth.

  • More luxuriant Hair Growth, new darker coloured, thicker hair;
  • Improved bladder control affected by benign enlarged prostate;
  • Improvements with erectile dysfunction and increased libido;
  • Increased Energy and Stamina.


Ingredients and Published Analysis of Irene's Properties


More Information (pdf format):
Summary of Ailments and Benefits

Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Irene
Adaptogens Health


Creating, Developing and Testing Irene


Formulating the Formulation……
In 1980, Irene Stein established links with a talented bio-organic chemist Dr Emile Coufalik. Dr Coufalik specialised in a polymorphic approach to herbology, combining a number of plant extracts, whereby each substance works in synergy with another to produce a total effect that is far greater than the effect of each plant taken in isolation.

Preserving Irene’s potency
The primary ingredient in the Irene Royal Jelly Formulation is fresh and unprocessed Royal Jelly. It is a widely held belief that fresh Royal Jelly is infinitely superior to the freeze dried variety. This was, and remains, the firm belief of Irene Stein who, from the outset, was determined to use only the pure and fresh variety in the Irene Formulation. The first Royal Jelly products to appear on the western market were in fact all freeze dried. Freeze drying (or lyophilisation) is a simple method of preserving Royal Jelly for long periods. However, whilst freeze dried Royal Jelly is considerably cheaper than the fresh variety, it unfortunately does seem to be much less potent.

Testing Irene Royal Jelly’s strength
Irene Royal Jelly has been subject to both Kinesiology trials and Kirlian photography. Kinesiology is the study of muscular movement and effort which can be used to great effect to find the body’s weaknesses – physical conditions, as well as mental and emotional problems, in particular, stress. The therapy is closely related to acupuncture – splitting the body into 26 meridians, each of which is responsible for a key organ.

Testing Irene Royal Jelly’s suitability
Irene is suitable for a variety of different diets and religious groups. The formulation contains no animal products and according to the UK Vegetarian Society is suitable for vegetarians. Vegans, however, may choose not to use the product since the Royal Jelly was produced by bees. We can assure you that no harm came to the insects that produced it. In addition, over the last 30 years Irene has never encountered any case of adverse effects from taking the Irene Formulation.

Nothing else compares……
In conclusion, our research and extensive laboratory testing has proved that Irene is potent, naturally preserved, effective, strong and suitable. Without doubt, there is no better Royal Jelly health supplement on the world market today.



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Scientific Evidence

Adaptogens Health

Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Irene

Arthritis Report

Extract from the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Kinesiologist Report

ME Report

Oxygen Therapy Prevents Cancer

Royal Jelly & Cholesterol Levels

Summary of Ailments and Benefits


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