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  1. A Psychologist's Diary of Breast Cancer

    by Anne-Marie Schuller

    I was 34 years old when breast cancer was diagnosed and since then my life has been radically transformed. I knew early on that it was up to me to overcome this disease by being ...

  2. Activity to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

    by Jessica Auton

    One in three of us in the UK will develop cancer at some point in our lives.[1] Although it is predominantly a disease we associate with later life, cancer can strike at any age. As...

  3. Acupuncture for Cancer Survivors: Recovery, Renewal, and Transformation Post Cancer Treatment

    by Beverley de Valois

    Up to 25% of cancer survivors experience long term consequences of cancer and its treatment, which are often not adequately addressed by the healthcare systems.[1] To begin to addre...

  4. Acupuncture to Reduce the Side-Effects of Chemotherapy

    by Shelly Phegley

    This article focuses on acupuncture and how it helps to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy.

  5. Advancements in Rectal Cancer Treatment: Enhancing and Improving Lives

    by Dr Sandeep Nayak

    Rectal cancer is a type of colorectal cancer that affects the last part of the large intestine (colon). It is one of the most common cancers worldwide, with an estimated 43,340 new ...

  6. Awareness of the Symptoms of Leukaemia Low in the South East

    by Donna Richardson

    A Kent Woman Beat Leukaemia, Got Married and had  Baby Despite being Told her Egg Reserves were Low Following Chemotherapy. Twenty-eight-year-old Rhianna McKenna from Welling in Ken...

  7. Benign Tumours: My Journey

    by Barbara Payne

    My once size ten, shapely body achieved through exercise and weight training, had ballooned into a size twenty two and for some obscure reason my feet and hands were getting bigger...

  8. Breast Cancer - Detection or Deception?

    by Sherrill Sellman

    Sherill Sellman writes a hard-hitting article about the treatment of breast cancer in the USA, exposing the dangers of some cancer detection procedures and treatments and the hidde...

  9. Breast Cancer - Naturopathic Approaches

    by Angela Burr-Madsen

    The author looks at the issue of complementary health care for breast cancer from the perspectives of naturopathy and kinesiology. Naturopathy is a non-invasive therapy that invest...

  10. Breast Cancer Special Feature

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Breast Cancer: The Epidemic that Won't Go Away

  11. Breast Cancer: Current Trends and Future Hopes

    by Dr Derek Pheby

    Breast cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, creating a burden of disease comparable with that of colorectal cancer.

  12. Breast Cancer: Helping the Healer to Heal Herself

    by Judith Price

    In this article nutritionist Judith Price describes how a colleague diagnosed with breast cancer planned her own course of treatment, firstly using self-hypnosis and the Emotional ...

  13. Breast Cancer: There Must Be Another Way!

    by Chris KH Teo

    This article presents an interview with a young woman whose breast cancer has been in remission for twelve years. The context is research the author has been doing with individuals...

  14. Cancer and Complementary Medicine: A Roundup

    by Richard Eaton

    Richard Eaton explores the contribution by practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to the provision of cancer healthcare in the United Kingdom (UK). Although t...

  15. Cancer And Master Acupuncture

    by Michael James Edmondson

    Cancer is a western medicine disease whereas Master Acupuncturists practise oriental medicine, so how is it going to be possible to reconcile these two entities - the western medic...

  16. Cancer Chemosensitivity Testing

    by Gregory D Pawelski

    When a patient has an infection, doctors often send a sample of infected blood or tissue to a lab where they can grow the bacteria and see which antibiotics are most effective (cal...

  17. Cancer Control through Pathology-Based Homeopathic Medicine

    by Dr Tasos Vartholomeos

    Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses information of a biophysical nature and/or very small (infinitesimal) doses of medicines or remedies that are hardly traced even ...

  18. Cancer Diagnostic Tests and Treatments: Advantages and Limitations to Existing Conventional Treatments; Introduction to Alternative Approaches

    by Dr Peter Kay

    Cancer is a word used to describe a wide range of disorders that result from the growth and spread of abnormal cells throughout many different parts of the body. Cancer was origina...

  19. Cancer Killing Medicinal Mushrooms

    by Lev G Fedyniak

    Cancer can be a brutal disease and its treatment can be as brutal as the disease itself!

  20. Cancer Prevention, Detection and Treatment – The Way Forward

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Even if you don’t have cancer, or are not particularly interested in reading about cancer, please read the following articles which contain important information about environmenta...

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