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  1. Cancer: A Call for Change

    by Maureen Usher

    I've been on an extraordinary journey. It's not been an easy one and as I travelled I became aware that many others have travelled down the same road....The journey starts the day ...

  2. Cardiac Glycosides at Low Concentration Providing Neurohormonal Effects: The Final Solution Against Cancer?

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    “Although there is not total agreement on the nature and clinical significance of the effects of digitalis on the autonomic nervous system, the following points seem well establishe...

  3. Case Study Issue 125: Reversal of Brain Tumours

    by Hillel Fridman

    In this Case Study the author shares his sister Bernice’s remarkable survival of four rounds of cancer. About a year ago four tumours were discovered around Bernice’s brain stem wi...

  4. Case Study: Three Generations of Breast Cancer Survivors

    by Susan Beausang

    This is a history of three generations in a family now known to have the BRCA2 gene, with an 85 percent lifetime chance of developing breast cancer. Both Susan’s grandmother (at ag...

  5. Complementary Therapies for Hormone Refractory Prostrate Cancer

    by Prof Ben L. Pfeifer MD PhD

    In this article, the authors say there is a growing demand for complementary therapies by prostrate cancer patients even though they cannot replace potentially curative methods suc...

  6. Coriolus versicolor as an Effective Addition to the Treatment of HPV Infection

    by Dr Silva Couto and Prof. Todor Chernev

    Six months of treatment with Coriolus-MRL, a food supplement that contains biomass of the fungus Coriolus versicolor, is associated with a reduction in viral load in low-grade squam...

  7. Coriolus versicolor for HPV Patients with Cervical Lesions (LSIL)1,2

    by J Silva Couto and D Pereira da Silva

    Link between HPV and Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer rates are high in women between the ages of 35 and 55. Risks increase with earlier sexual intercourse, number of sexual partne...

  8. Curcumin vs Cancer

    by Mike Menkes

    Turmeric extract, curcumin, has been classified as a potent anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and a natural anti-inflammat...

  9. Deuterium Depletion in Cancer Treatment and Prevention - Practical Application Advice

    by Krisztina Krempels, Orsolya Abonyi, Krisztina Balog, Ildikó Somlyai

    Deuterium depletion is a new complementary modality in oncotherapy and in prevention of the disease as it was reviewed in Positive Health PH Online earlier this year in Issue 203 F...

  10. Developments in HPV Care and Coriolus versicolor Supplementation

    by Dr Stoyan Borisov

    PSK (Krestin) is a extract of Coriolus versicolor developed by Kureha Chemical Industry Company and licensed to Sankyo Pharmaceuticals Ltd in the 1980s for use as adjunct immunoth...

  11. Dietary and Chemo-prevention Strategies for Prostate Cancer

    by Yvonne Leahy

    Projects concerning the relationship of various nutritional factors to the incidence of prostate cancer, the sixth most common cause of death in men.  Mortality rates, however, var...

  12. Ellagic Acid: A Potent Anticarcinogen

    by Llori Valenzuela and Mark A Brudnak

    Llori Valenzuela and Dr Mark Brudnak investigate the link between diet and cancer, in particular the health benefits associated with the consumption of plant-based foods. This is a...

  13. Epilogue: Much Needed Research Strategies for Breast Cancer

    by Dr Fleur Fisher

    Breast cancer remains the most feared diagnosis for women in the developed world – yet, despite intense therapeutic effort, the results of treatment cannot be described as an overa...

  14. Essiac Herbal Remedy - The Entire Story

    by Claire Cummings

    Essiac herbal remedy, developed by Rene Caisse in the 1920s, is believed to have a positive remedial action on cancer. It is also reputed to ease the effects of conventional cancer...

  15. Fake Blow to CAM Use for Cancer

    by Dr Robert Verkerk

    Did you hear that cancer patients who refuse conventional cancer treatment and opt for alternative medicine are twice as likely to die than patients who use only conventional treatm...

  16. Feeding the Skin

    by Jillian Alexander-Gregory

    This article tells the incredibly inspiring story of a woman, her life literally ebbing away following treatment for breast cancer, who 'miraculously' recovers after being given an...

  17. Fighting Breast Cancer with Nutrition

    by Dr RE Lister

    Overnight success as a performer is usually the result of many years of unrecognised persistent effort and this can be likened to the sudden interest in the potential for antioxida...

  18. Flaming Cancers

    by John Benest

    Therapist, John Benest, reviews a case history from one of his patients, a 70 year woman who underwent radiotherapy treated for cervical cancer.

  19. Four Reasons Why Cancer Patients Routinely Die

    by The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation

    I can give you all kinds of esoteric philosophic mystical pseudo-mystical reasons why panic is going to kill you and belief systems and you have to be calm and do the Simonton relax...

  20. Holistic Integrated Cancer Support Therapy

    by Nicola J Bradbury

    Nicola Bradbury is a medical herbalist, counsellor and healer, qualified in bio-acoustic sound therapy, reflexology and touch for health kinesiology. She shares the considerable ac...

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