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  1. The Metamorphic Technique for Personal Transformation

    by Julia Bradshaw

    Have you ever wondered how your time spent in the womb and your experience of birth can affect you throughout life? If you believe that we have a consciousness from the very moment...

  2. The Mezieres Method - a revolution in manual therapy

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Francoise Mezieres (1909 - 1991) career as a physiotherapist and a teacher of anatomy/physiology changed radically following an empirical discovery. With this discovery she found th...

  3. The Mini-Trampoline

    by Michele Wilburn

    Mini-trampolines, also referred to as Rebound units and bouncers, are easily accommodated in homes, and widely used in sports centres, gymnasiums, health hydros, hospital physiothe...

  4. The Multiple Applications of Swiss Balls

    by Paul Chek

    This article looks into the benefits of Swiss ball training and the multi-functional exercises one can perform with it. He says that the use of Swiss balls in most gyms tends to be...

  5. The neglect of the body in psychotherapy

    by Allan Rudolf

    This month's column continues on a theme discussed in a previous issue – the interactive aspects of Bodywork and Psychology.

  6. The Originality of The Mezieres Method

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This column touches on the misrepresentation of physical therapies, namely Mézières Method, and development of totally irrelevant systems of exercises (such as Yogalates), in an at...

  7. The Potential For Increased Lung Capacity

    by Tanya Milne

    Most of the adult population (in this country), probably only use about a third of their lungs available capacity when inhaling. This situation can happen very quickly when caused ...

  8. The Primordial Psoas and the Chakra System

    by Liz Koch

    “Deep within our physical body emerges a bio-intelligent tissue called the Psoas. This mysterious tissue is defined within the biomechanical paradigm as a core stabilizing muscle...

  9. The Psoas Within

    by Liz Koch

    At the very core of your physical body lies a muscle that influences every aspect of well-being. The psoas muscle, critical for balance, alignment, joint rotation and range of moti...

  10. The role of soft tissue work

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    Soft tissue work was incorporated in physical therapy many years ago. Its efficacy has been demonstrated by the extent of its utilisation and by its continuous evolvement, sometime...

  11. The Weakest Chains

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The work of Mézières is firmly based on what she called 'muscular chains' (MCs). I don't know if she was the first one to use this term but she gave a clear and precise definition ...

  12. Touch Therapy Training Programme For Children with Disabilities

    by Katie Essex

    The author shares her experiences of her involvement as both therapist/instructor and research assistant in the Touch Therapy Training Programme (TTTP) developed by Julie Barlow an...

  13. Transformational Bodywork

    by Graeme Stroud

    Transformational Bodywork is a method of working on the physical body that begins the process of contacting, accepting and transmuting the pain, trauma and congested energy that re...

  14. Trauma Energetics

    by William Redpath

    The author, William Redpath, a psychoanalyst, Reichian therapist, special education teacher and certified advanced Rolfer, has spent many years studying tragic theory and trauma th...

  15. Trauma Release Body-Mind Processing

    by Louis A Gross BSEE

    In this article Gross describes his system of Trauma Release Body-Mind Processing, which combines Ida Rolf's Structural Integration Method of Connective Tissue Manipulation, psychi...

  16. Treating Chronic Pain Deep Tissue vs. Muscle Release Technique

    by Michael Young

    By using the Muscle Release Technique,™ we not only break up scar tissue, we lengthen the muscle. This results in more flexibility, no more nerve impingement and no more pain. By u...

  17. Treating Pain in Joints and Muscles

    by Vicki McKenna

    As an acupuncturist I commonly see people with pain in their joints and muscles. Often pain in joints is labelled "arthritis" and muscular pain may be classified as "fibromyalgia" ...

  18. Treating the Complex Shoulder

    by Simeon Niel-Asher

    This article focuses on shoulder problems, such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendinopathy, capsulitis, arthritis of the glenohumeral joint, impingement syndrome, post operative...

  19. Treating Trigger Points Reduces Pain from Knee Osteoarthritis

    by Valerie DeLaune

    Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots in skeletal muscles, and when pressed, feel like tender 'knots' or tight bands in the muscles. Around 75% of pain is caused by trigger poin...

  20. Trigger Point Therapy

    by Steven Hefferon

    The author explains what triggers a trigger point (a type of muscle stiffness), why they cause trouble, how to recognize if you have trigger points and how long it takes before y...

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