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The Metamorphic Technique for Personal Transformation

by Julia Bradshaw(more info)

listed in bodywork, originally published in issue 214 - May 2014

Have you ever wondered how your time spent in the womb and your experience of birth can affect you throughout life? If you believe that we have a consciousness from the very moment of conception, then you can appreciate that The Metamorphic Technique works on the very principle that patterns are evolved during the gestation period that can then become set as our blueprints for life, some of which can hold us back and prevent us from being our true selves.

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The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle, stand-alone technique which is not a ‘therapy’ as the practitioner is not manipulating in any way. It does not aim to 'fix' or 'heal' as it does not seek to address specific symptoms. The practitioner works without and prediction or intention of the outcome. Rather it is the persons’ own life force that is activated to move forward in a way that is perfectly right for them. The practitioner works as a catalyst, placing a light touch on the spinal reflex points of the feet, hands and head and this can shift or release energy patterns that no longer serve them or that they have become stuck in. The persons' life force and innate intelligence is empowered and can begin to transform.

Our early years including the gestation period are formative and influential times for us. Our reaction to experiences in the womb, at birth, and as we grow up, create habits and patterns that become established in our consciousness. Some of these patterns can limit and restrict us in our journey through life. Mothers' experiences (including any stress or trauma) during our gestation period can also shape these patterns. Patterns that evolve may be emotional states like fear, anger, holding on or low self-esteem. They may be beliefs we have about ourselves and our environment, limiting ideas we have & judgements. We may have behavioural and learning patterns, addictive or destructive personalities or the way we personally respond to stress. Patterns may also manifest as physical issues or illness in the body.

Julia Bradshaw

The Metamorphic Technique is suitable for all from babies in the womb to the dying. Expectant mothers often find it a profound practice to use during pregnancy, often feeling connected with their babies and reporting that they have found it useful during labour. By lightly working on the spinal reflex points that relate to the prenatal period the practitioner acts as a catalyst to mother & baby's life force. Children have been found to enjoy receiving sessions and will simply move away when they have had enough. It is a simple technique that can easily be taught to parents to do themselves with their children and on each other, in between sessions with a practitioner.

In fact, foetuses, children and babies have shown to be particularly responsive to the Metamorphic Technique because patterns are not so ingrained within their consciousness and any effects from a negative experience can be released before they make a lasting impact.

People have sometimes been drawn to this technique during times of stress, depression, grief, trauma, relationship issues or at times of major life change or uncertainty. Some people have reported feeling more positive and focused after receiving sessions and returning to 'themselves'. As it is a transformational process, differences are often noticed over time, although some report immediate changes. You cannot predict how someone will respond as it is so individual.

There is no need to take a case history and there are absolutely no contraindications. You can just come and relax, sleep, talk or read whilst the session takes place.

The author has her own story to tell of her experience of the Metamorphic Technique to highlight how much of a profound effect it can have, but it is important to point out that this is just her individual experience and each person will usually have a unique response to the technique:

“I received sessions of the Metamorphic Technique fairly regularly whilst I was pregnant, each time I felt very connected to the baby and very relaxed, energized and positive afterwards. The baby responded too as often there was quite a lot of movement during the session! But what happened during labour was quite profound. I had been contracting at home for around 7 hours, when the contractions stopped. After about 4 hours of nothing happening my mother who has been briefly taught how to perform the technique, worked on my feet for approximately 5 minutes after which the contractions suddenly started up again. A few hours after that we drove to hospital but en-route the contractions slowed right down again and by the time we had arrived at the hospital and were settling in the room they had stopped again completely. This is quite common, as the baby can feel the environment has changed, there are different noises and often they pick up on the stress and anxiety the mother can often be feeling. So, not wanting to be sent home I asked my mother to again work on my feet and voila! Within about 3 minutes the contractions had started again, this time stronger than before and we were shortly in Active Labour.”


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About Julia Bradshaw

Julia Bradshaw has been practising the Metamorphic Technique for 6 years and covers the North Dorset area predominantly, where she lives with her husband and 2 year old daughter. She also practises Reiki and Massage. Read more about the technique and Julia at  or get in touch with her on Tel: 07825 500236;


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