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  1. BEAM - Bosiger Energy Alignment Method

    by Fiona Slatter

    The author is a co-founder of the Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM™), and explains how the technique works to balance the body's natural energy flow (vital force/chi). It work...

  2. Bert-Ola, My New Friend and Teacher

    by Allan Rudolf

    Werner Erhard, the founder of EST, once said that if you put a rat in a maze with cheese in the centre, the rat will keep trying various possibilities until it eventually figures o...

  3. Biodynamic Psychology: Healing Through the Body's Wisdom

    by Ellena Fries

    The author discusses the origin and concept behind Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy & Massage, developed by the late Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005), how it works, the techniques used a...

  4. Biodynamic Psychotherapy - Meeting the psyche in the body

    by Clover Southwell

    Biodynamic psychotherapy was developed in the 1950s by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist, and is based on a deep appreciation of the inseparable interac...

  5. Bizarre Bazaar!

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    This month’s column is bound to irritate some readers, and anger others, but as I have recently been both irritated and angered myself, this possibility seems to me worth while in ...

  6. Body Alignment Technique and Vortex Technology

    by Cherry Tyfield

    Body alignment technique uses vibrational energy to heal others and ourselves. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level. This u...

  7. Body Parts and Body Problems

    by Allan Rudolf

    Where two or more bones join we have a joint, and a joint is a place which generally allows movement. There is, however, a trade-off between joint movement and invulnerability. T...

  8. Body Stress Release

    by Kerry Teakle

    The article discusses how Body Stress Release (BSR) began as the idea of retired American chiropractor Dr Richard van Rumpt, that the body is limited in its ability to respond to s...

  9. Body Therapy, Ethics and Quantum Mechanics

    by Allan Rudolf

    A few months ago, I was having tea near St. James Park in London with friends who were far more knowledgeable about the politics of body therapy and alternative medicine. I'm certa...

  10. Body Un-Awareness

    by Marjorie Brook

    As a race we are excellent at compensating. From surviving in harsh environments, overcoming illness and disease to dealing with daily stresses. We learn to adapt and adjust in orde...

  11. Bodywork and Baking Bread

    by Allan Rudolf

    I have a good friend named Donna (not her true name) who started studying body therapies about twenty years ago. The first therapy she learnt was a form of structural bodywork, an ...

  12. Bow Legs and Knock Knees

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This column looks into the shape and language of legs. The author provides a simple tip on how to check if you have bow legs, knock-knees or lock-knees, flat or hollow feet, hallux...

  13. Breema Essence of Harmonious Life

    by Jon Schreiber

    Through deep receptivity to the body, and a rhythmic connection to the Earth, Breema can help us become available to the instinctive wisdom of the body. By allowing that wisdom to ...

  14. Callanetics(r) - Superb Exercise Programme based upon Ballet and Yoga

    by Ágnes Nagy

    This article focuses on Callanetics exercises, developed in the 1980s by ex-ballerina Callan Pinckney. The author explains how the exercises work and can change the body from head ...

  15. Carrying Weight

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas, having angered Zeus, was forced to hold up the sky – a Herculean task if ever there was one. As the heavens were at that time thought to be sph...

  16. Case Study Issue 82: The Metamorphic Technique - The Life Force at Work

    by Hazel Russo

    Hazel Russo’s case study describes the experiences of Lynne, who became disabled after a simple insect bite, but whose condition has been improved profoundly by treatment with the ...

  17. Case Study: Unravelling A Tight Psoas Mystery

    by Liz Koch

    The author states that it is possible to unravel complex symptoms if one understands the psoas as ‘messenger of the central nervous system’. The case study involves complex difficu...

  18. Castaways - Complications of No Therapy Following Cast Removal

    by Marjorie Brook

    The needs of children are completely overlooked when it comes to injury rehabilitation and the ability to cope with the physical stress of daily life.

  19. Changes in Self-Reported Pain Scores Following a Single EMMETT Technique Treatment

    by Tony Sherry

    The EMMETT Technique is a unique complementary therapy that works to relax the body and mind, to ease discomfort and increase ranges of movement. It was created by Ross Emmett who i...

  20. Chinese Herbal Sports Medicine

    by Lev G Fedyniak

    This article focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and why and how Chinese herbal medicine, in particular, is one of the best treatments for sports injuries.

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