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BEAM - Bosiger Energy Alignment Method

by Fiona Slatter(more info)

listed in bodywork, originally published in issue 81 - October 2002

The Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM(tm)) is a truly holistic health programme that is based on the fundamental principle that any imbalance in the physical, mental or emotional state occurs as a result of a reduction in the circulation of the body's natural energy flow, commonly referred to as vital force or chi.

Following this premise, the founders of BEAM(tm), Carol Bosiger and Fiona Slatter, have pioneered a multifaceted approach to healing that restores this fundamental energy balance with the result that the body's inherent healing ability is enhanced.

In a healthy person, the energy flow is strong and circulates around the body carrying vitality to every cell. This energy enables the body to fight invading pathogens, cleanse, repair and maintain a state of homeostasis. Where illness occurs, these natural processes have been disrupted by a lack of circulating energy which can be caused by prolonged stress, injury, poor diet, lack of sleep and rest, toxins and negative emotions.

The practitioner begins a treatment by assessing the patient's current energy status and by determining the factors that have contributed to the energy depletion. The practitioner will then decide on the most appropriate combination of techniques to ensure that the patient's energy is restored to his/her optimum level.

During the course of the treatment, the patient will feel changes in his/her levels of pain, stress, anxiety or congestion as the energy begins to balance. The practitioner responds to these changes in the patient so that by the end of each session there is a marked improvement in the presenting symptoms.


Each treatment commences with the taking of a full case history. Particular attention is given to the historical sequence of conditions and the exact location and severity of each symptom. This enables the practitioner to discern the pattern of energy disruption that indicates the source of the primary energy imbalance which has led the patient to his/her current state of ill health.

In addition to the case history, the practitioner gains further information regarding areas of energy depletion through a thorough visual inspection of the patient's feet, face and general deportment.

The treatment begins with the application of small purple pads placed on specific energy points. The pads are held in place by means of the BEAM(tm) machine, which regulates the pressure of the pads. The patient's energy flow is monitored throughout the pad sequences to ensure that his/her energy is balanced and at the optimum level by the end of each treatment.

If the patient presents with any current pain, the pads will be moved in specific sequences to remove the energy block that is responsible for the pain. During this process there is constant communication with the patient to ascertain the status and area of the pain until the pain is greatly improved or completely removed. To assist in this process, the practitioner will ascertain if there are any nodules in the muscles as these would further impede the energy flow. Any nodules found are removed from the muscles using compression techniques, after which magnets are swept over the area to assist in restoring the energy flow.

Once the energy has been rebalanced, the body's natural healing ability will be stimulated to eliminate toxins, so that gradually, treatment by treatment, all presenting symptoms either greatly lessen or disappear. When the cleansing process has been completed, the body is then able to repair and restore itself. The patient can be aware of this process in many ways. Foods that were previously unacceptable to the body can be tolerated without the previous symptoms of bloating, wind, tiredness, rashes, etc. Allergies to house dust, cat and dog hair, etc., and hay fever disappear. A weak immune system will strengthen. The appearance of the skin, hair and nails will improve. The patient will have good, constant energy, will sleep soundly and feel positive.

The BEAM(tm) programme also includes advice on obtaining maximum energy from food. The patient's current food choices are recorded and suggestions are made that will increase the energy obtained from their meals on a daily basis.

Energy depleting lifestyle habits are also addressed and advice is given on either moderating or removing them so that maximum energy can be maintained.

Changing longstanding habits can seem daunting at first, particularly when the patient has either tried and failed previously, or is feeling very low due to long-term illness or pain. Practitioner and patient work together to establish a programme that the patient feels is both acceptable and achievable. The marked results achieved in a matter of days then encourage the patient to embrace further changes until all their energy depleting habits are eliminated.

BEAM(tm) also encompasses a range of techniques that are suitable for sports injuries. During the initial assessment process the practitioner will determine the most appropriate modules for the patient at each session. If the patient presents with a sports injury, additional, specific pad sequences would be applied together with a thorough check through the muscular system for nodules, which would be removed using the compression techniques and magnets mentioned previously. The importance of dietary choices would also be explained so that the patient fully understands the underlying lack of energy that has led to the injury, poor recovery time or the repetitive nature of the injury suffered. When the energy flow is restored to its natural state, the muscles will be stronger and less prone to injury. Joints, similarly, will function normally and will therefore be less prone to trauma during sporting endeavours.

Case Histories

The following case histories illustrate the improvements that can be achieved and maintained using the BEAM(tm) programme. The number of treatments required by each individual will vary depending on a number of factors such as their age, duration and severity of the complaint, history of medication, operations or injury and the person's inherent constitution. Lifestyle factors such as stress levels, workload and sense of satisfaction with one's life also have to be taken into consideration. However, most people feel an improvement after the first treatment and this improvement is built on during subsequent treatments.


Case History 1


Female - 31 years - single - migraine

This lady presented with a history of migraine that had started in 1993. Currently she was experiencing two to three attacks a week that could each last for three days or more. She reported that
she was lucky to have two pain-free hours per week. The pain was accompanied by nausea, retching and numbness in her face.

She had a form of Albinism resulting in exceedingly pale skin and hair, extreme photosensitivity and constantly painful eyes. She often felt dizzy and disoriented.

She suffered from Sherman's disease, resulting in constant lumbar and cervical pain, which she attempted to control with weekly chiropractic treatments.

First Treatment

A full case history was taken, where it was recorded that she was very prone to sore throats and pain in the frontal sinus area. She had an irregular menstrual cycle accompanied by extreme premenstrual tension. Her skin was constantly itchy and she was prone to prickly heat. She always felt dreadful in the mornings and needed an hour before she could open her eyes due to the pain and light sensitivity. Despite eight to ten hours' sleep per night, she was constantly exhausted and was known to fall asleep during dinner - literally into the soup on one occasion! She felt permanently cold.

On inspection of her feet, it was noted that the liver, head and spinal areas lacked energy. Visually it was noted that she had extremely pale skin, and was very dark around her eyes. Her right eye was noticeably smaller than the left. Both pupils were very dilated. Her speech and movements were slow.

At the beginning of the pad sequence it was noted that her energy levels were very low. Extra attention was given to raising the energy before moving on to deal with the migraine and then the spinal pain. The treatment ended with a sequence designed to relax the body completely.

Dynamics of food was discussed to assist in raising the energy generally and in particular the energy levels of the liver.

Second Treatment

Two weeks later, she reported that she had not had a migraine or a headache since the day of her first treatment. She reported that her energy levels were higher, she felt warmer and felt better in the mornings. Her eyes were less painful but still very photosensitive, and her spine was generally less painful. She had only experienced two slight attacks of dizziness and disorientation.

On a visual assessment it was noted that the darkness around her eyes had lessened and the pupils were less dilated. The size of her eyes was more balanced. Her skin was not as pale.

At the beginning of the pad sequence it was noted that her energy levels had improved. The pad sequences used were the same as for the first treatment.

Third Treatment

Again, two weeks later, she reported that she was still free of migraines and headaches. Her eyes were less photosensitive and were pain free. She had less itchy skin and no sore throats or sinus pain. She had experienced considerable improvement in the spinal pain. Her energy levels were very good and she was able to go out at night without falling asleep. She had not experienced any dizziness or disorientation.

On a visual assessment it was noted that she looked completely different with no darkness around the eyes. Both eyes were the same size and the pupils were normal. Her speech and movements were normal and she appeared bright, happy and relaxed.

At the beginning of the pad sequence it was noted that her energy levels were normal and the sequence used was the same as for the first and second treatments with additional sequences for the spinal pain.

Subsequent Treatments

She had three more treatments, at fortnightly intervals, before going on holiday and all improvements were maintained, with the photosensitivity and spinal pain continuing to improve. When she returned from holiday for her next treatment she reported that, for the first time ever, she had not experienced any attacks of prickly heat and she was able to scuba dive more often as she had not experienced any of the usual sinus pain.

She had a further three fortnightly treatments and the only symptoms reported were photosensitivity and some spinal pain. By her own admission she feels and looks completely different. She is able to enjoy a social life as well as her pressurized work life.


Case History 2


Female - 36 years - married with a ten-year-old daughter - colon problems

This lady presented with colon problems, constipation, wind, pain and bloating, which were so severe during the seventh month of her pregnancy that she was hospitalized. She was given laxatives after the birth. A year later she was tested by means of a radioactive capsule and told that she would never eliminate naturally again as there was no sign of peristalsis. In June 2000 she took part in drug trial for six months and was told that her only options were the drug or a colostomy. While on the drug she suffered severe headaches. The drug, which has subsequently been withdrawn because it caused liver damage, was of no benefit at all. She then changed her diet and was able to eliminate, naturally, on a daily basis. However, she still suffered attacks of extreme bloating, wind and severe pain that would keep her up all night several times per week.

For the last five years she had been feeling dreadfully tired and had been gaining weight. She now felt exhausted and very depressed about her weight, which she felt was out of control.

First Treatment

A full case history was taken, where it was recorded that she had a very itchy scalp, was unable to breathe through her nose, and suffered from a very tense neck and shoulders. She was generally stressed, depressed and not coping with the pressures of home and career. Her hands and feet were always cold. She kept fit by taking long walks every day. She was very prone to becoming giddy, and would faint if she had to stand still for too long. Her legs would swell for no obvious reason. She also suffered from mild asthma, controlled by Ventolin.

On inspection of her feet it was noted that the lung and large intestine energy was out of balance. Visually it was noted that she looked pale and drawn. She seemed very low in herself.

At the beginning of the pad sequences it was noted that her energy levels were very low. Once the energy had been raised, particular attention was given to raising the energy through the colon before ending with the sequence for relaxation.

The dynamics of food was discussed to assist in raising the energy and in particular to support the lung/large intestine energy.

Second Treatment

Two weeks later, she reported a general improvement in her colon. The pain had improved and had not disturbed her sleep. She had only had one attack of bloating and wind. Her nose was still blocked. She had required one dose of Ventolin as dog-sitting had brought on a slight asthma attack. Her scalp was very itchy and red. She had more energy and was not falling asleep in the evenings. She had lost weight. Her neck and shoulders were less tense despite experiencing a great deal of stress at home. She had not experienced any dizziness. Her legs had been slightly swollen.

On a visual assessment it was noted that she looked less pale and drawn and seemed more positive.

At the beginning of the pad sequence it was noted that her energy had improved. Again the energy through the colon was stimulated. A sequence to raise the energy throughout the system was used instead of the relaxing sequence.

Third Treatment

Two weeks later, she reported a great improvement, with no colon pain, wind or bloating. Her nose was less congested. Her scalp was still very itchy and red. Her energy levels were good and she was coping well with the stress. Her legs had not swollen generally or during a flight to the Canary Islands. She had lost more weight.

On a visual assessment it was noted that she looked well and relaxed.

At the beginning of the pad sequence it was noted that her energy was good and the same sequences were used as for the second treatment.

Subsequent Treatments

She then had a further two treatments at fortnightly intervals, where the improvements continued. Finally, she had three treatments at monthly intervals by which time she was symptom free and had lost one stone in weight. She had good, consistent energy levels and was coping well with the pressures of her life.


About the Founder


Carol Bosiger, MSARS, MAR, FAEA, has been a practitioner of alternative medicine since 1986, and has trained therapists since 1988. During that time she has gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in what really works to rebalance and restore the body's fundamental energy source, which culminated in the foundation of The BEAM(tm) School and Clinic in January 2000.

Further Information

The Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM(tm)) Foundation was launched in October 2001, and is currently applying for charitable status. The BEAM(tm) Foundation aims to finance treatments and training, through centres that will be set up both in the UK and abroad. Research to show the physiological changes effected by BEAM(tm) treatments is planned for the near future. Scientific tests to monitor changes in neurotransmitters, free radicals and enzymes will be conducted.

The BEAM(tm) School training programme has been designed to train each therapist to the highest standard. This enables practitioners to provide their patients with highly effective techniques in energy medicine. For further information please contact the BEAM(tm) School and Clinic on Tel: 020 7935 6888;;


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About Fiona Slatter

Fiona Slatter, MAR, FAEA, has been practising in the alternative medicine field since 1996, specializing in the treatment of sport-related injuries. She can be contacted on Tel: 020 7935 6888;;

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