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  1. Chironic Healing - The Cranio-Spinal-Sacral Mechanism and Physical Etheric Interface

    by Dr Trevor D Creed

    The basis of Chironic Healing is that each of us has an etheric energy pattern, or 'blueprint', that underlies the physical body that we can see and touch. It is a conductor of vit...

  2. Come Home to Your Body: The Journey of Feeling Safe in Your Body

    by Emma Gilmore

    These techniques are for therapists and clients alike. When working with clients with complex histories, they will often arrive in a heightened sympathetic state. When clients share...

  3. Confidence in Continence, Urinary Incontinence and Posture

    by Joel Carbonnel

    It has been estimated that bladder incontinence affects about 6 million people in the UK and reaches 5% of the total population in developed countries.

  4. Constructive Programme for Repetitive Strain Injury

    by Darren Tilley

    The author, a professional Osteopath specialising in soft tissue manipulation, found his career jeopardised by severe symptoms of repetitive strain injury. Anyone whose livelihood ...

  5. Core Blimey!

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In his Expert Regular column, Joël Carbonnel looks at the trend of the so-called 'core area' currently circulating in fitness circles and magazine articles. Much is spoken of conce...

  6. Creating Creativity in Body Therapy

    by Allan Rudolf

    I've been involved in body therapy for about twenty-five years and although I have studied many systems and styles of body therapy my main practice has always been Rolfing. Being a...

  7. Curing By Poisoning

    by Joel Carbonnel

    "All drugs are poisons, and chemotherapy is a particularly nasty set of poisons," says Richard Sullivan, head of clinical programmes at the charity Cancer Research UK.[1]

  8. De-Code Your Pain: Investigate the Three Common Triggers

    by Ya-Ling J Liou

    Have you been working hard to re-configure your posture, your work ergonomics or your sleeping position with the hope of solving nagging, persistent pain? If none of your efforts l...

  9. Disk-Eating Pimple Bugs

    by Joel Carbonnel

    A concise history of the theories of aetiology would show that among the myriad of ideas put forward to explain the cause of disease, four stand out clearly. They have in common th...

  10. Double Chins, Triple Bellies and Demi-Thighs

    by Joel Carbonnel

    One of the outcomes of misusing ourselves is that some muscles become short and tight while others become slack and flabby. This unequal and imbalanced distribution of tone does no...

  11. Dr Rolf, Rolfing and Structural Integration

    by Allan Rudolf

    The practitioner of Structural Integration (Rolfing) applies systematic pressure (energy) to re-shape and re-balance the body structure. Tissue which was short and hard becomes sof...

  12. Emotion in the Body - The Vagus Nerve

    by Emma Gilmore

    In my last article “Physical and Emotional Holding Patterns” I said that I would explore further how emotion manifests in the tissues of the body, particularly the viscera. As a bo...

  13. Etiology of the Clubfoot, PreClinical Clubfoot, Primus Metatarsus Supinatus Deformities

    by Brian A Rothbart PhD

    Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), to this day, has no general consensus as to its’ etiology in normal newborns.  Many theories have been proposed, including such factors as inc...

  14. Eulogy for a Book

    by Allan Rudolf

    Every once in a while I come across a book which is relatively unknown, possibly out of print, and which has an important influence on my bodywork practice.

  15. Expert Tease

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This column focuses on the value of ‘experts’ and their expertise. The author believes there is some truth in the saying ‘an expert is one who knows more and more about less and le...

  16. Eyes That Feel, Hands That See

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Hands and eyes are the favourite organic implements of the bodyworker. 'Bodyworking' is a hands-on, eyes-on affair. But, according to their elective technique, therapists can give ...

  17. Face Value

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Everybody does it! Consciously or unconsciously, everyone gives a psychological meaning to new faces, and judges character subjectively. From earliest time, the "mirror of the soul...

  18. Flotation and Body Harmony - A unique healing experience

    by Peta Knaggs

    Wellspring combines the benefits of flotation therapy and Body Harmony. It is an experience which clients describe as, "exquisite", "profound", "extraordinary", "unlike anything I ...

  19. Forward Head Posture

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Viewed with the naked eye, the neck of many vertebrates appears to have an oblique or horizontal orientation. A study from X-rays of the neck region of these animals revealed that ...

  20. Getting A Wiggle On

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In his column this month Joel Carbonnel looks at the muscular legacy we have inherited from our distant relatives the reptiles.

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