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Chironic Healing - The Cranio-Spinal-Sacral Mechanism and Physical Etheric Interface

by Dr Trevor D Creed(more info)

listed in bodywork, originally published in issue 57 - October 2000


The basis is that each of us has an etheric energy pattern, or 'blueprint', that underlies the physical body that we can see and touch. It is a conductor of vital energy from our inner origins to the outer physical. Physical and chemical traumas, and emotional/mental restrictions, may block the flow resulting in 'dis-at-ease-ments' on all levels.

Through guided training it is possible to learn how to activate a 'mind switch' and begin to feel or sense the etheric pattern and initiate a self-healing response within the client as they repair their pattern and balance the flow of their energies through it.

The archetype of the myth of Chiron inspires this new technique of working with the etheric energy pattern of the body to bring about physical change. Ease of pain and suffering is achievable and, most importantly, measurable with this method. The application of the technique is in the basic energy system that pre-empts the human body. It involves the conscious removal of blockages (or impingements) from the energy pattern. The technique is a conscious tapping of the energy system involving mental (not physical) focus.

We have been able to demonstrate etheric pattern balancing with pre- and post-physical indicators to thousands of patients and health practitioners. An evolving body of clinical study, observation, channelled information from the master Chiron, and input from a worldwide network of Chiron advocates, has helped to extend this powerful method.

Dr Trevor Creed explaining the Etheric Diamond

Dr Trevor Creed explaining the Etheric Diamond

History and Development

The primary question that has driven the quest to find out more about the subtle energies of the human body is:

How important is the mind in relation to the body and where should health care be mainly centred?

My chiropractic experience goes a long way back. My clinical practice as a healer has been continuous since 1969. Basic chiropractic philosophy did, and always will, prove logical: remove interference to the central nervous system and full body function and potential will be restored. While the techniques I use today are not to be regarded as chiropractic methodology, their focus is on removing interference from energy flows in the broadest sense. That is why so many other methodologies can see the benefit of this approach. There is much scope for integration.

In 1974 I became a student of craniopathy as developed and taught by Dr MB De Jarnette, an osteopath and chiropractor whose early research into the effect of structure on function led to the development of sacro-occipital technique (SOT). He observed that when the primary respiratory impulse (movement of fluids and dural membranes within the cranio-spinal-sacral system) is compromised, the body goes into defensive reactions to protect this mechanism. Out of these observations, De Jarnette developed the category system of analysis with a multitude of physical indicators that could be related to these categories.

In association with category 1, De Jarnette developed a method of defining indicators relating organic visceral reflexes to the cranio-spinal-sacral mechanisms. With category 2, indicators for musculo-skeletal compensations were mapped. And with category 3, he gave us an understanding of what the body does to protect itself when fibro-cartilages (spinal disc structures) are damaged and the lumbar spine loses its ability to support the body's weight and move in accordance with normal bio-dynamics.

Muscle testing, as developed by kinesiologists, has been a valuable method of finding priority areas for clinical application, although I have found that a diversity of indicator methods can be utilized from many healing modalities.

In conjunction with my study of chiropractic, kinesiology and cranio-sacral concepts and methods, a trance medium, Jan Thomas, (formerly Trenorden), in Australia has provided channelled information detailing the geometrical nature of etheric structures.

It has now been determined that different levels of the etheric pattern relate to the cranio-spinal-sacral mechanism. For example, the 1st, 3rd and 5th levels (spherics) of the etheric pattern provide the energy for life, weight-bearing, and mobility.

• Level 1 (Category 1) – provides the vital energy, or life essence, that 0activates the primary respiratory iImpulse for conduction of energy to all organ systems of the body.
• Level 3 (Category 2) – provides motive energy necessary to allow the body to align itself with the force of gravity.
• Level 5 (Category 3) – provides the life essence that gives flexibility to the fibro-cartilages of the body and allows normal mechanical movement of the spinal structures to occur.

When any of these levels are disturbed it provides the category system of indicators, which can then be checked following etheric healing procedures. In other words, the etheric procedures we have developed provide immediate clinical evidence of the direct interaction that occurs between physical structures and etheric energy fields.

The initial channelling of information about etheric patterns by Jan Thomas in 1984 sparked a convergence of ideas and methodologies across a wide range of healing techniques. The etheric pattern has been identified as a critical missing link in a number of healing approaches. This is a quantum leap for healing. Members of our first research group took the work in a number of directions, many of which added greatly to existing healing disciplines.

For example, etheric balancing methods have been picked up and applied by kinesiologists, physiotherapists, homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, nurses, aromatherapists, reflexologists, medical practitioners, etc., and added to the value of their therapeutic approaches. I have personally taught the concepts of etheric balancing in Australia, the US, Europe, and the UK to practitioners from most health disciplines. There are currently a wide diversity of practitioners and teachers of this work in many parts of the world. In May 2000 a representative body, the International Association of Chiron Healers, was incorporated to oversee and disseminate further information.

Philosophy and Application

There can be no progress in healing without some acknowledgement of the Source of your life and that of your patients. What is it that co-ordinates the complexity of the body? What precedes and directs matter to co-ordinate its own existence? From where does life emerge? These questions are at the core of this technique. Etheric healing comes from Source.

The Source of life is your own construct. Source may be coincidence, or a random conglomeration of the laws of physics. It may be a personal god or a guide, or a psychological model. The issue in healing is not whether there is a Source, but how you and your clients relate to it. Life exists, so it comes from somewhere. This technique is about how to link back to Source through the higher etheric pattern to reflect the original life intention. Whatever a patient's belief of Source may be, if they are not relating to it through their etheric patterns, they will be experiencing displacement of energy, which is the cause of ill health.

There are many times in a day that we hand back to Source the responsibility for critical life events. For example, there is a natural organic rhythm in our own bodies that we do not consciously control, except indirectly through sensible living. In the final analysis, we do not co-ordinate our own hormonal secretions, our heartbeat, our rates of oxygen absorption, our brain chemistry, and so on. Homeostasis is a natural event. Some things about living are too complex to control directly, and yet they exist and they work more often than not, so we allow Source to continue with that responsibility. Healing so often requires faith in Source. The practitioner can administer treatment to the limit of conscious knowledge but in the end must wait for the patient to individually connect to Source and reflect the higher etheric pattern to bring back health.

Intrinsically interrelated etheric and physical patterns are the working field. Practitioners become the reflectors that allow patients to heal themselves. The archetype of Chiron emphasizes self-healing at the core of the method. Practitioners initiate energy shifts but do not take credit for the healing, because it only ever comes from within the patient's own energy patterns. As practitioners, we only regulate energy transduction. The healing energy must come through at the patient's own rate so they can heal themselves.

There are some essential steps to enable initial engagement with the etheric energy fields:

1 Clearing negative-to-health vibrations
2 Bringing in the protective qualities of the Universal white light
3 Reaching etheric compatibility with the patient.

These three steps provide a balanced energetic environment for further exploration.

Whilst we are energetic beings inhabiting physical bodies, there is also a corresponding 'feeling pattern' that connects with the physical. As we balance the physical patterns, we must also balance the feelings/emotions. Jan Thomas has provided channelled information regarding the correspondences between the feelings and the physical.

Further information is available about the geometric structure of the etheric pattern, which is a blueprint for the physical. For example, we have found that there are three main lines of etheric energy (a main, central line, a right, physical line, and a left, spiritual line). There are nine triangles attached to the main line of energy, and 13 triangles on each side line. There are converging diamond patterns at the top and bottom of the energy bodies. There are 26 spherics, or levels that are fed by the lines, triangles, and diamond structures. Key crossover points in this geometry have been found to correlate with the chakra system, as discussed by a number of other philosophies. Overlaying the physical etheric pattern is the feeling pattern, a diamond/pyramidal form, which brings in its own range of variables.

We now have a system for working with specific etheric structures and patterns in such a way that Source re-establishes harmonic balances. Since the etheric pattern is the blueprint for human form and function, ease of pain and suffering is the frequent and quick response. This technique offers one of the most comprehensive clinical approaches to bio-energetic healing.

While an article of this type does not allow for detailed descriptions, four basic clinical characteristics are most compelling:

1 Short application times – Comprehensive etheric balancing methods can be completed in as little as a few minutes up to 20 minutes.
2 Comprehensive indicator range – Pre- and post-application checks can be sourced from many different health care techniques.
3 Fast reaction times – Sensitive individuals may feel energy shifts as the session occurs. Physical indicators will change virtually immediately, if the healer has been effective. The average client will experience subtle to major changes in symptomatology within 72 hours. (Varies from case to case.)
4 Powerful methods for patients to help themselves – As changes to etheric energy patterns essentially derive from within each patient, it is possible to show people how to initiate this response within themselves for times when a practitioner is not available.

Fundamental to etheric healing is the concept of the 'mind switch'. We have been able to determine an array of simple articulations of the conscious mind that allow connection with critical etheric structures. The power of the mind switch can be combined with other healing methods to bring balance back to the blueprint pattern by reconnection with Source energy.

In this model, the role of the healer is to reflect balanced etheric energy. Patients bring their true energy patterns out from within. The physical world already has remedies in the form of allopathic medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower and gem essences, nutritional approaches, and more. We have been able to demonstrate that the application of these established methods (when they proceed effectively) works through the mechanism of the etheric pattern.

An aspect of our work has involved experimenting with distance healing, because our concept of the etheric dimension is that there is no time or distance. This is a continuing area of research and, perhaps, a discussion for a future article.

Case Studies

Fred G, 38 years old, presented with migraines and severe intermittent lower pelvic pain for a 20-year period. He was symptom-free after the second visit.
Betty V presented with degenerative fibrosis of the lungs, with emphysema of chronic duration. Ongoing treatment afforded dramatic temporary symptomatic relief with drastic reduction of medication. There was no real prospect of total recovery, but significant ease has been experienced when no other therapies were impacting.

Alice H presented as a three-week-old baby, with continual crying, daily vomiting and reflux. After the first visit she had one full day free of vomiting and crying. There was a mild recurrence prior to the second visit, after which the colic pain ameliorated. Sleep patterns returned to normal for baby and parents. The parents were so impressed that they became patients.

Typical client responses to the techniques of etheric healing include:

• Surprise that it is so gentle, or non-force.
• Finding that it can also be suitable for very young children and frail elderly due to non-force application.
• Happy not to be spending more than a few minutes in treatment.
• Impressed by the range of demonstrable indicators as proof of effectiveness.
• Depending on personality, pleased to have some self-healing techniques to take away from the clinic.

If we ask the question again – How important is the mind in relation to the body and where should health care be mainly centred? We believe we can answer with conviction and growing understanding of the connectedness of mind, body and Source.


De Jarnette M. Cranial Technique. MB De Jarnette. Nebraska City. DC. 1979-1980.
De Jarnette M. Sacro-occipital Technic. MB De Jarnette. Nebraska City. DC. 1984.

Further Information

Dr Trevor Creed, 120-122 Merri Street, Warrnambool Victoria 3280, Australia Tel: 00 613-55620177. Fax: 00 613-55620968
International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI), 204 Mill Street, Ballarat Victoria 3350, Australia Tel: 00 613-53331484
Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC), 15 Hill Street, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia Tel: 2-94112151
Belgium Agent: Dominique Monette, Institute Belge de Kinesiologie, Avenue Paul Nicodeme, 26-B-1330 Rixensart, Belgium Tel: 00 322-6522686
Germany Agent: Alfred Schatz, Institute Fur Angewandte Kinesiologie Gmbh, Eschbach Strasse 5, D 79199 Kirchzarten bei Freiburg, Germany Tel:00 49 76-61987100
UK, France and Switzerland Agent: Michael Nixon-Livy
International Institute of Applied Health Services, 7 Rue Du Docteur D'Argelos 13100 Aix En Provence, France Tel/Fax: 0033 442935426.


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About Dr Trevor D Creed

Trevor Creed is a United States trained Doctor of Chiropractic and resides in Australia. He is a past chairman of the Sacro Occipital Technique Organization of Australasia, and a post-graduate educator in cranio-sacral therapy, especially SOT and craniopathy. He is currently a full-time practitioner of the etheric healing method inspired by the energetic archetype of Chiron. In 30 years of clinical practice, Dr Creed has worked with 330,000 patients – 112,000 have experienced etheric healing as the primary modality with compelling results. He teaches the essential techniques of this method in Australia, the US, Europe, the UK, and where demand indicates. He can be reached by e-mail at

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