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Body Alignment Technique and Vortex Technology

by Cherry Tyfield(more info)

listed in bodywork, originally published in issue 60 - January 2001

The Issue is in the Tissue

Body alignment technique uses vibrational energy to heal others and ourselves. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level and become part of our biological systems. This unique technique clears these subconscious memory pathways. Jeff Levin, founder of the technique, teaches that the "issue is in the tissue". This echoes one of Caroline Myss's favourite expressions, "Your biography becomes your biology". Their ideas are closely interlinked.

Muscle testing shows weakened energy field caused by mobile phone
Muscle testing shows weakened energy field caused by mobile phone


Air Vortex Card attached to mobile phone transmutes this harmful energy and the indicator muscle tests strong
Air Vortex Card attached to mobile phone transmutes this harmful energy and the indicator muscle tests strong

Our body is like a computer, storing memories of past trauma, environmental stress, toxicity and suppressed emotions. Through Body Alignment Technique, this knowledge of past memories is accessed, pinpointing these emotional experiences in a very quick and direct way, getting to the heart of the matter. These experiences are brought back into the body, to its deepest cellular level, and from that place of deepest feelings, released. The experience is taken out of the head, and back into the body and felt exactly as it was at the time of it happening. This helps shift the energy, as it is no longer an intellectual experience, but a body experience. As the body stores memory at this level, it is released from this level. To bring about healing, layer upon layer is released.

Some conditions balanced by body alignment and the vortex system
• Structural conditions and pain
• Brain dyslexias, learning difficulties, ADD and ADHD
• Neurological conditions
• Hormonal imbalances, infections, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies and suppressed immunity
• Emotional patterns and many more


Multi-dimensional Beings in a Multi-dimensional Universe

We are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe. Overlaying and interacting with our physical body are the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, making up our auric field. Imbalances are generally initiated in this auric field, before manifesting later in our physical body as pain and disease. When we become ill, it is our body that is shouting for us to take notice and pay attention. It is telling us that all is not well, and changes need to be made. How often do we hear of someone having a crisis? In fact, the word crisis originates from the Greek, meaning decision, so when we are having a 'crisis' it is actually time for taking a decision and making a choice. Unfortunately, we often cannot or do not want to hear what our body is trying to tell us, and so ignore the signs.

As a healer, Jeff Levin has witnessed deep and emotional transformation through working on the energy fields. He began to see that disease is actually initiated in these subtle fields and slowly cascades down to the physical, and that, as the energy field is cleared, the effect on the physical is immediate and profound.

In body alignment technique, through applied kinesiology, or dowsing with a pendulum, we are able to access this information, which is stored in the body and its energy systems, and with the use of charts identify the information. The physical systems interface with the subtle energy systems, the meridians, the chakras and the crystalline energy systems, which link us with all creation. Trauma or blockages carry a charge, which weakens the person's energy field. Once the blockage is released, the client experiences a 'lightening of spirit', and when tested they no longer carry the emotional charge of the experience. They are no longer bothered by the experience and it is no longer part of their patterns. As this is an holistic technique, we assist in bringing all the subtle energy fields of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into alignment. The process is called a 'balance'. There is a meeting of science and mysticism in this technique, of the physical human anatomy system and the subtle anatomy of our energetic systems.

It offers gentle, hands-on energy release work, leaving us feeling relaxed and more empowered to live our lives fully.

Natural Law at a Higher Voltage

As practitioners, we are not performing some sort of magic. We are working with natural law at a higher voltage. Our body has an innate intelligence, always striving towards harmony and wellbeing. The process honours our 'true' or 'higher' self, and not the programmes adopted through life's experiences. This is the part of us that has no agenda, except to be well, has no ulterior motive and knows only the truth.

We are facilitating the removal of these energy blockages, allowing the body's own self-healing mechanism to operate. This is a very powerful technique, transforming harmful energies and bringing the client back into their power, allowing for change to take place and to assist people to shift to higher dimensions of consciousness. It often brings to consciousness that which we do not want, or are unable, to see, giving us the courage to move forwards and make long overdue changes in lifestyle.

Vortex Cards and Supplements

As an adjunct to body alignment, Jeff Levin has also developed the vortex system of vortex cards and supplements. These cards emit sub-atomic particles that reorganize the atmosphere and bring it into harmony with our multi-dimensional bodies. When placed on the body at strategic access points, the cards accelerate the healing and deepen the balance. The cards are a powerful healing tool, as well as a tool for harmonizing the environment by transmuting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress to a light healing frequency. The supplements work on all the systems of the body, and help to maintain the raised frequency initiated by the balance, keeping us on the path of wellness and harmony. The cards and supplements, when used by a trained practitioner, demonstrate a remarkable ability to heal the body, relieve pain, align the physical structure, balance organs and body systems, chakras and meridians, as well as enhance our environment.

Like body alignment technique, the vortex system is easy to learn and is easily integrated into many different healing modalities, for example osteopathy and chiropractic. However, it is not a diagnostic method and never attempts to replace medical care.

Checking the skeletal misalignment prior to treatment
Checking the skeletal misalignment prior to treatment

A Detox balance using Vortex cards and correction points
A Detox balance using Vortex
cards and correction points

Integrating L & R brain activity, particularly for learning and reading difficulties, including dyslexia
Integrating L & R brain activity, particularly for learning and
reading difficulties, including dyslexia

Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Dyslexia

An 18-year-old boy with severe dyslexia all his life came to a demonstration talk. His parents had spent a fortune on therapies and for tutors to read to him. At the talk, he took several minutes to attempt to read one word, trying to read letter by letter. After a few minutes' balance, he read words in about ten seconds. He came to the vortex workshop where another balance lasting three minutes was done, after which he read the headlines of the newspaper, both forwards and backwards. Several months later he is holding the balance and reading fluently.

Case Study 2 – Scoliosis

A 65-year-old woman with congenital double scoliosis came to a vortex workshop and, after a balance that took several minutes, her spine straightened out. The process took several hours to straighten completely and she looked and felt significantly different. This was checked by a chiropractor in the audience. She came to a class three weeks later and it was still holding the balance. She has been relieved of a lot of pain that she had been suffering for years. A year later at another class she was still holding the balance and her spine was straight.

Case Study 3 – Scar Tissue

A woman learning body alignment had had a mastectomy over a year before, resulting in a very red and uncomfortable scar. During the course of her balance the emotions that arose were 'solitary' and 'strict'. These resonated deeply with her. Her surgeon, although brilliant, was not very empathic, and she had been left feeling very afraid and very alone to deal with this traumatic event in her life. These emotions also mirrored her childhood. Her father was always away, and there were many occasions where she had had to fend for herself. Once she was balanced for the emotions, her scar faded within 24 hours, and the pain that she had been experiencing disappeared. She no longer carried the emotional charge and she could now, confidently, move on.

Healing, Transformation, Growth and Consciousness

The stories go on and on. Healing, transformation, growth and consciousness all work hand in hand. This healing energy is available to all of us and does not require any special gift, just the desire to live life to the full in good health, harmony and wellbeing.


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Jeff Levin BArch, BSc (Nutrition), RNC

Through his own ill health, Jeff Levin began to explore other avenues of healing. His journey of discovery brought him to Canada where he founded the Natural Health Institute in Toronto, and the Natural Health Retreat in Northern Ontario, where he is now based. He came in contact with many modalities, including homeopathy, kinesiology, radionics, iridology, body electronics, touch for health, and nutrition. He teaches his revolutionary technique to both health practitioners and the general public in Canada, America, Israel, Italy, England and South Africa.

Further Information

For information on Body Alignment and Vortex Alignment, as well as workshops and practicals, call Cherry Tyfield: 020 8445 9252 or e-mail:


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About Cherry Tyfield

Cherry Tyfield studied and had practised Usui Method Reiki 1 and 2 for some years, and then was introduced to body alignment technique. Immediately, she knew that this was her path and began to study it in Cape Town, South Africa, where she had a thriving practice. She now practises in London and is also the UK co-ordinator for body alignment and the vortex system.

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