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  1. The Art of Falling

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In spite of the constant movements of the ribs, broken ones usually heal beautifully. The case of the broken rib exemplifies the awesome healing power of the living body.

  2. The Bat Method

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Humankind is fast becoming a species of sitting creatures and, if not sitting, just standing about. Affluent countries are a good breeding ground for cerebral workers who are den...

  3. The Beauty Factor

    by Joel Carbonnel

    What is your idea of a beautiful body? Wafer-thin, fat-free females and muscular hunks to which a normal mortal can't possibly aspire? But what is the norm? "I doubt there is such ...

  4. The Body - A User's Manual

    by Joel Carbonnel

    "What's the difference between the Mézières method and the Alexander technique?" is the question most often asked of Joel Carbonnel by his potential clients.

  5. The Bone-Eaters

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The skeleton has an important influence on posture and shape in its role as supporter of the human frame. If, for some reason, bones lose their normal rigidity, the human scaffold ...

  6. The Changing Face of Biomechanics

    by Stephen Braybrook

    This article will attempt to ask two questions: firstly is Biomechanics correct when describing all human movement? And secondly, what are the problems that have arisen if not?

  7. The Cold Facts about the Frozen Shoulder

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In the course of evolution, the shoulder, of all the joints in the body, is the one that has developed the greatest flexibility. According to Bernard G Campbell, "…it seems clear.....

  8. The Corporeal Cores

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The concept of core muscles and core strength is now being used to describe a muscular corset, a girdle of strength, which, in some people, can be drawn too tight. In explanation, ...

  9. The EMMETT Technique - Australian Bodywork

    by Lesley Salt and Sue Gassick

    Australia has produced many fine bodywork techniques over the years including various different physiotherapy approaches, the Alexander Technique and Bowen Therapy to name but a few...

  10. The Feldenkrais Method

    by Barbara Barnes

    Feldenkrais invites you to learn how to move in a new way. It is a movement based solution to movement based problems. If you imagine a friend of yours walking down the street, and...

  11. The Human Spirit Level

    by Joel Carbonnel

    When it comes to our senses, we usually only speak of five of them: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But in fact we have many more. For example, embedded in our muscles, ten...

  12. The Iliopsoas

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Expert Regular Columnist and Alexander and Meziere practitioner Joël Carbonnel tells us that the 'p' right in the middle of this strange looking word is a silent letter, so one pron...

  13. The Importance of Correct Breast Support

    by Lynn Young

    That 'most women wear the wrong size bra' has almost become a cliché. Women today should be very aware that wearing the wrong bra size can cause all sorts of medical problems, not ...

  14. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part I

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    As part of his series on massage and bodywork, the author advices on the correct posture and handwork of practitioners in this article. Postural awareness is a combination of body ...

  15. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part II

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    Mari-Paul Cassar looks at the use of hands, thumbs and forearms in this 2nd part of his Bodywork piece aimed at practitioners. The palm and fingers are the fundamental tools for th...

  16. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part III

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    In this the final of a 3-part series on bodywork, the author focuses on the importance of good posture in massage and bodywork and considers the benefits and indications of carryin...

  17. The Importance of Palpatory Skills

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    Mario-Paul Cassar is well established as a practitioner and teacher in Osteopathy, Bodywork, Clinical Massage and Sports Therapy. He has also written several article and books incl...

  18. The Importance of Scar Tissue Release Therapy

    by Marjorie Brook

    The author points out that the physical and mental effect of scarring are generally overlooked by health professionals. She describes the structure and functioning of scars and adh...

  19. The Little Toe and Beyond

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The fifth pedal digit or, for you and me, the little toe, would not win a beauty contest.

  20. The M Technique Touch for the Critically Ill or Actively Dying

    by Jane Buckle

    This article focuses on the M Technique, a registered method of gentle touch suitable for anyone wanting to touch someone who wants to be touched. It is a series of stroking move...

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