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  1. Podiatry - Importance of the Foot

    by Paul Harradine

    This features look in depth at the way your feet can affect other areas of your body. Podiatry is the profession which specializes in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of foo...

  2. Prenatal and Birth Therapy - Healing our Earliest Wounds from Conception to Birth

    by Graham Kennedy RCST

    Prenatal and birth therapy was developed by Dr Raymond Castellino as a powerful method of working with babies and their families in order to resolve traumatic imprinting that origi...

  3. Pressure Plate Analysis of Rothbarts Foot and the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity

    by Brian A Rothbart PhD

    Standing barefooted, surface area (X) and media pressure (Y) readings were recorded on 11 PreClinical Clubfoot Patients and 6 Rothbarts Foot subjects using the Podolab 2000 pressure...

  4. Professional Acronyms Alphabet Soup

    by Marjorie Brook

    ...he came in for a session and while discussing the course material he thanked me for taking the time during the class to continually explain the multitude of acronyms...A few thou...

  5. Prolapse, Ptosis And Posture

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Francoise Mezieres was fond of saying "what is beautiful functions well". Good shape is not only a beauty asset; it is also an important factor of health.

  6. Protecting the Integrity of the Metamorphic Technique®

    by Eddie O’Brien

    When the caterpillar form dies as the caterpillar, energy is released, this energy, this power is also consciousness; there is then communication between what has been released and...

  7. Psychotherapy and Bodywork

    by Allan Rudolf

    This month's column will be a special one, written by me and a friend and colleague who works in the related field of psychotherapy – Dr Sheldon Litt. Dr Litt trained with the foun...

  8. Reading and Misreading the Body

    by Allan Rudolf

    Therapists, whether they focus on the physical mental or spiritual can only be readily certain about the physical aspects of their clients; the body never lies.

  9. Reading and Misreading the Body (part 2)

    by Allan Rudolf

    In my previous column I suggested there are too many pitfalls (at least for me) to make informed judgements about a client's psychological condition or spiritual state from their p...

  10. Remembering Dr Rolf

    by Allan Rudolf

    May 1996 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr Ida P Rolf, one of the leading contributors to body therapy in the 20th century, who was born in May 1896. Although Dr Rolf ...

  11. Respectable Energy

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    This week I attended a post-graduation party at the University of Westminster. Candidates from the first intake of the MA in Therapeutic Bodywork had, with all due ceremony, receiv...

  12. Respecting Symptoms

    by Leon Chaitow, ND DO

    I suppose all complementary health care disciplines and systems agree that the body/mind complex is self-healing. That given the opportunity the self-regulating mechanisms will a...

  13. Reviving Head Carrying

    by Joel Carbonnel

    If you have never put anything on your head apart from the occasional hat, hood, helmet, cap, headscarf, headphone or even beret, you haven't lived yet. Carrying any weight on your...

  14. Rolfing: Transformative Method of Structural Integration

    by Jean-Pierre el-Rif

    This article focuses on Rolfing, originally named Postural Integration and later Structural Integration, a comprehensive system of hands-on connective tissue manipulation which rel...

  15. Round Versus Square Shoulders

    by Joel Carbonnel

    "Pull back your shoulders!" This must be the most common and popular piece of postural advice ever given. This must also be one of the most misguided.

  16. Self-Breema - Exercises for Harmonious Life

    by Denise Berezonsky

    Self-Breema refers to a vast repertoire of exercises that are a part of the comprehensive system of Breema. Based on a profound yet practical understanding of the unifying princi...

  17. Self-Help or Self-Delusion?

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In this column the author shares his views on self-help books, after being approached to write one on the Mézières method.

  18. SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy

    by Eilís Ward

    SHEN® is an acronym for 'Specific Human Emotional Nexus’, a relatively recent therapeutic approach to holistic well-being which has been developed and clinically tested by Californ...

  19. Simplified Musculoskeletal Assessment System

    by Dr Anthony Lombardi

    Manual medicine needs a standardized system for the assessment of musculoskeletal injuries to help ensure consistent quality in clinical outcomes.

  20. Tenderfoot

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Twenty-six bones, 31 joints, 20 muscles. These are the vital statistics of the foot. In spite of these numerous bones and muscles, arthritis in the joints of the feet, compared wit...

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