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  1. "I Was Too Ashamed......."

    by Nancy Blake

    The guilt of the victim can present a serious challenge to those trying to heal the damage done by any form of abuse. How can we understand it - how can we release it?

  2. 8 Tips to Motivate Yourself and Reach your Goals

    by Frances Coombes

    New Year’s Eve night is when I sit down and set my goals for the coming year. Usually I set six main goals and two big fat hairy goals that push me outside of my comfort zone.

  3. Anchor Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

    by Frances Coombes

    This article discusses self-esteem

  4. Aphantasia and Dyslexia - No ‘Mind’s Eye’ for Visualization

    by Frances Coombes

    Children who have aphantasia, (find it impossible to visualize a scene in their mind’s eye) or are poor visualizers are disadvantaged if they cannot read or spell. They may lack the...

  5. Beliefs - The Power to Create or Destroy

    by David Shephard

    Beliefs are the rules that we lead our life by. They are the concepts that we hold true about ourselves, other people and the World in general. They determine what we can and can’t ...

  6. Creating the Circumstances for Success

    by Frances Coombes

    In this article the author suggests ways in which we can create success in our lives and achieve our goals. She stresses the importance of being finely-tuned to our feelings, and d...

  7. Creativity and Lateral Thinking - Use It or Lose It

    by Frances Coombes

    The author’s concern is that in this age of instant knowledge, familiar procedures and so much reliance on computers and the internet, we are replacing absorption of information an...

  8. Delivering Success Usefully: How to Plan and Manage your Success Strategy

    by Gina Pickersgill

    When the delivery of your success depends on what you feel is going to be useful you can make decisions based on the way in which you want to see it happen. What this means is that...

  9. Developing Mental Muscle

    by Frances Coombes

    The author points out that we are very much influenced in the ways that we think and communicate by the use of computers, managing our time in chunks and conversations in sound-b...

  10. Different ways to look at - talk about - get to grips with NLP

    by Bob Janes

    NLP brings together neurology, language and patterns to help people with phobias, trauma, depression, smoking and weight loss.

  11. Does Changing Pictures Motivate You?

    by Frances Coombes

    In this column, the author, an NLP Master Practitioner and Performance Enhancement Coach, presents a case to demonstrating how she motivated a client into doing something she felt ...

  12. Emotional First Aid Through NLP

    by Brian Perry LDS

    The map is not the territory, so why not change it?

  13. Enlightenment and the Real Matrix

    by Steven Saunders

    This article focuses on true self-enlightenment. It questions how deep truths and messages from our awakened selves can possibly get through to us with so much spin and manipulativ...

  14. Flirting for the Over 50s – NLP and Building Rapport

    by Frances Coombes

    Socially there are Changes in the Way that We Communicate. Building rapport with others can help you to establish or promote a better relationship between yourself and others and to...

  15. Game of Thrones - Who Needs Therapy when you have This?

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    As a Harley Street therapist, I have sat watching one of my favourite programs, Game of Thrones, and found that actually, not only is it really addictive to watch (and entertaining...

  16. Get Over Your Fear of Flying - in Seven Easy Steps

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    According to statistics, one in four people have a phobia of flying. However, the causes vary from one person to the next. For some it is a fear of heights, for others claustrophobi...

  17. Havening: A New Way To Heal

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Havening is a process designed to eliminate the consequences of maladaptive emotional memories. Post–havening the response to an emotional trigger is averted or eliminated. In part...

  18. How to Cope with the Stress of City Living

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    You navigate rush hour to play that cosy game of sardines on the train every morning. You dodge the tourist that’s standing on the wrong side on the escalator, and if you stop to c...

  19. Integrating Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) with NLP: Substituting Rational Thinking for Irrational Thoughts

    by Frances Coombes

    The world has not changed - it is not a more dangerous place - however many of the people who inhabit it are thinking more irrationally, and this can impact on us all.

  20. Joy - That’s What It’s About, Isn’t It?

    by Nancy Blake

    This column on NLP touches on experiences of joy - the joy of the seasons - and pain, which is nature’s way of letting us know that something needs to be done to ensure our surviva...

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