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Enlightenment and the Real Matrix

by Steven Saunders(more info)

listed in nlp, originally published in issue 155 - February 2009

"To crooked eyes, the truth wears a wry face."
  –Gandalf, in "The Lord of The Rings"


In an age of many false gurus, doing the ego-trip with followers and worshippers; in an age where a few people have accidentally escaped the matrix, but clearly do not know how to help others to also escape, although they can write books and talk about how great it is to live in the now; in an age of so much spin and manipulative language patterns, how can deep truth and messages from the awakened ones get through?  In the playground a child says, "they made me do it, it's not my fault".  The child is punished for speaking the truth of emotional projection.  It is the adults who have lost their way. 


Exported processes and ways from the Orient have come and gone; they do not seem to work permanently, or require too-high a maintenance for Occidentals, and so the seekers of truth and spirituality give up or go to course after course, never finding the answer, let alone the question.  And the reasons are simple:
  1. The guide has to know where they are going; the teachers do not, partly because they have only experienced the temporary bliss of false enlightenments;
  2. The dreaming projectors within the matrix rapidly pull back in those who have temporarily escaped;
  3. The temporary enlightenment was just that, and there is too much structure within the person still to be transcended.
As Buddha said, "No, I am not enlightened, I am awake."   Enlightenment is the fool's gold of soul-seeking.  Full embodiment of spirit is the real, permanent result.  It is no use applying practices from the orient if the teacher does not know the outcome and purpose, and if the teacher cannot coach the student in living sustainably at-one after the attaining thereof. 

Sometimes, what goes wrong is that people learn mind control rather than creating the experience of 'no mind'.  In essence, the symptom of mind has been fought against rather than worked with.  Mind serves a purpose; that of attaining right understanding in relation to its creation.  When too many creating events have not been understood, the system is effectively overwhelmed, and the chattering mind can emerge.  There is an essential difference in the energetic structures between Orientals and Occidentals, and this explains why oriental processes are far less efficient for occidentals; if not highly unlikely to succeed!

Who on earth am I, and what do I know?  If I'm not a famous guru, then how can I possibly know anything about Buddhahood, enlightenment and cosmic truth?  Paraphrasing Jesus: "before complaining of the splinter in thy brother's eye, first cast out the plank in yours." 

The Dream

"To sleep, perchance to dream.
  – William Shakespeare

Life, as we know it, has hopes and fears, anxieties and reliefs, loves and hates; the social controls of shame, guilt and approval, right and wrong; belief and disbelief, hidden dark sides and hidden good sides, depressions and manias, compulsions, obsessions, addictions; something missing, happy sometimes, maybe happy a lot of the time, content and discontent, accepting and not.  These are just some of the aspects of the roller-coaster thrill ride of life incarnated into the dreamworld of what some call the matrix or the web of life, and what others call the real world. 

In a normal dream we may be carried along out of control, or perhaps we may be controlling some or all of the dream.  Sometimes the dream becomes too much to take and we awaken; these we tend to call nightmares.  Sometimes we wish to become conscious enough just to shift the dream into a more enjoyable or exciting experience and then to fall back into it, and sometimes we just become conscious enough to accept what is happening and then to carry on.  A good dream is finished naturally, and we awaken at its death.   Naturally, we awaken at a given light level due to the sun, normally in the morning.  Early risers may awaken before dawn, and late risers may awaken as the sun is much stronger-higher in the sky. 


So, if the universe were really a dreamworld matrix web of living interacting actors, then maybe at times a person can awaken from it and make the changes needed say, for example, if the world's dream were becoming a nightmare; like my world is polluted, running out of resources, full of mad power-crazy lunatics taking far too much for themselves, and causing millions of others to suffer and die. If the real world were a dreamworld, what would the equivalent of sunlight be, to awaken a person?  One answer is unconditional love and acceptance.  It makes sense to let everyone awaken naturally unless there is an emergency, like the house is burning down

Awakening during the dream is another death of sorts; of the ego.  Healthy staying awake seems to require short periods of sleep, which remind one of what is was like to be in the dreamworld, thus retaining compassion and empathy for the dreamers.  Because of the nature of how the dreamworld is constructed, if one does not take measures, one will fall asleep into dreams through the natural osmosis of being in the presence of all the other dreamers.

So what is it like to be outside of the dreamworld?

"You know it's like that, because that's the way it is." 
  – Run-DMC

The all-knowing, nothing-knowing void, that is full of pure being, that is the awakened one, has nothing to say or to communicate or to do or express – because it is at one and at peace both within and without.  And the literal meaning of the term at one is that all is in correct proportion: emotionally, perceptually and physically.   A result of this at-one-ment is that there are no distortions in the perception of what is.  So, this one knows the perfection and perceived imperfection of all of the aspects of this one, both self and other, and is at one with all, whether or not the rest of the all is at one with this one!

The knowing ones know the way and the destination for those who wish to no longer enjoy the roller-coaster experience known as life incarnated, engaged in the dreamworld-matrix, else the awakened ones would depart the dreaming plane of existence.  Thus, they choose being in service to those who ask; continuing with a body and personality and associated life activities, but without suffering, because all is accepted as it is, perfect and perfect in its perceived imperfections. 


The true nature of all beings, and of all materials, space and time, is the imagination of the one and only being that exists, the one that sees through every pair of eyes, and creates the illusions and webs of perceived reality in order to experience its magnificence in all its gloriousness and ingloriousness.  This being created a universe where aspects of itself serve other aspects.  Some aspects are awakened to their identity and serve consciously as souls; these are the rocks, plants, animals, earth spirits and celestial beings that provide the backstage, the scenery and the support for the players.  The players can engage as if they did not know their true identity, to engage fully in the adventure-journey-thrill-ride of life as a separated being.  The players are the human beings.

Why?  The first time one reads a book or watches a film, or experiences an adventure park ride, is the most exhilarating, and has the widest range of emotional experience.  When one is an infinite being with infinite powers, it is a little too easy to just cheat and make things as one wishes.  Therefore, some of the aspects of the one have the joy of falling asleep into a dream ("to sleep, perchance to dream" – Shakespeare), and thus experiencing life as the individual personality, genuinely not knowing one's true identity and powers.  And like in all movies and dreams, after the experience is over, one wakes up and does what is required while awake before entrancing into another dream – preferably at the earliest opportunity!

About Death

"Why avoid the inevitable; enjoy what is and let tomorrow take care of itself."

When a person dies, either a physical or ego death, they become one with all.  Separation ceases.  There is no judgement, no karma, no hell or heaven, just the pure 'isness' of being the all.  There is nothing to judge or forgive; the life is the experience, and all is perfect.

The reason a person conducts a life review at or near death is simple; one seeks to attain right understanding of why life has been as it is, and so sometimes the review has to happen in a flash of a second.  The right understanding is part of the release and the profound peace that overcomes all who face and surrender to death.  As some have not died, they report universally the same experience of the near-death surrender and associated life review of light, peace and calm.

The master wishing to be freed and at final peace and rest would not reveal his real name, but rather operates under a pseudonym.  Thus all the famous ones cannot leave our universe until their work is done, their name forgotten and their legacy destroyed.


The oldest healing rituals involved both the psycho-dramatic playing-out of the life of the deceased and the burning by fire of the body; thus helping the bereaved overcome their grief and let go their attachments to the dead, and releasing the body, making for the quickest exit strategy for a person.  From the ancient bereavement healing processes then evolved the dream and sleep temples, the archetypal plays and dramas of the Ancients; thus the catharsis of psychodrama, movies and plays; thus the sheer entrancement of great entertainment; it allows for a far wider range of experience than one person might follow in their life.  Thus the psychiatrist's couch comes from the sleeping room and the avoiding of the projecting facilitator requiring the clear-channel for the God's messages to flow.

I Am that which I Am

The all, or spirit in some traditions, or god in others, is everything; space, time, sentient, non-sentient, physical, mind, group mind, emotions; everything.  There is nothing that this is not, and thus the ultimate transcended identity is this same beingness of all.  In traditions of creator, and indeed in our understanding of the fundamental nature of creating, an aspect of the all has to remain separate from the creation in order to hold its cosmology – its universe – thus one might perceive a creator-god as external to this universe.  And such a creator is indeed external to the cosmology of its creation, and may only communicate with the less-self-aware aspects of itself by messages (signals) that indicate the truth. The seeds of destruction lie within the creation allowing the remerging of oneness with all of the all. 

The myth of the one god comes from the ancient knowing of man's true nature, and the desire of a few to control the many through separating the many from that knowing.  Thus communing with one's creator and receiving its messages is powerful and leads to flowing with the currents of one's life's journey.  By placing a priest in-between a person and the one god, power figures can then exercise control through the moral authority acquired with practices such as circumcision, which guarantee a major early-life fragmentation and separation of self from body.  The trauma and the enforcement of a greater power than oneself of that trauma leads to a permanent relative disempowerment in relation to religious authority. 

The origin of the one god myth dates back to the shift Akhenaten brought into worshipping the sun directly through him and his queen as intermediaries.  Before then the sun-god was the primary deity represented by Osiris, dying and being reborn; thus Osiris is the perpetual Messiah story of death and resurrection appealing to all cultures.

Actually, the mysteries of Osiris represent the template story of a human being.  If the Osiris hieroglyphics are re-read in the light of the individual human's path to awakening and radiating as an all-loving sun-god, then they can be re-understood in a completely new way from the traditional interpretations.  The human process is now represented by the archetypes of the seven days of the weeks, each representing one of the seven heavenly bodies that were seen to move around earth.  The first two days of the week are Sun-day representing the radiant self (Osiris) and Moon-day representing the reflection of the sun from the not-self. 

The Dance of the Void

"Avoidance; skirting on the edges of disaster."

In many ways, most people are better off never knowing the void; just being who they are and experiencing their lives without any spiritual enquiry.  But those who do choose to explore the spiritual side of life fall into two broad and interchangeable categories; the lifelong seeker who will only ever discover the truth at their physical death, and the more suddenly awakening seeker who discovers the truth, transcends their egoic self and then carries on with life no longer suffering. 

The void is the greatest fear; the horrible truth that you are god and that you have created all, and that you are entirely personally responsible for the entire universe as it is right now.  Indeed such a burden is too crushing for an ego; so only the transcendent human being can know this truth and live at one with it.  There can be no pretending; it is so abundantly clear to those who do know, and so abundantly not clear to those who do not. 

Krishna danced, Gurdjieff taught impossible dances, dervishes whirl, children spin, the emotionally-associated happily dance naturally, with rhythm. Moving is living, dancing, walking, being, fiddling.   Even at absolute zero there is energy left, called zero point motion, which reflect the uncertainty of location because of the zero net momentum of the particle. Thus this little Law of Physics affects me and you; sit still and your mind moves, and always moves. 

Who caused everything in your life, who made all this. The manic laughing hilarity of knowing truth so deeply one laughs for days at the sheer stupidity of human behaving and existing – no wonder cats express such haughty disdain for the muggling-along of human beings. The greatest healing power is love and the second-greatest is laughter – or is it the other way around?!  Love is interchangeable with truth – same thing! Laughter is love moving.

I wish you a happy, happy dream. 

If you wish to awaken, then there is a way; some people take longer than others, and once awakened it is now possible to sustain this, through the community of awakened ones.  The way is not meditations, but guided navigations of the psyche-scapes that enable right understanding of the individual's life, and thus a genuine experience of no mind through there being no need for mind rather than a focused controlled behaviour.


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