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Internationally recognised self-development master, Steven Saunders runs events worldwide that develop wholeness of being, increased work effectiveness, and mental powers. He lives in Glastonbury, England.

Founder of Holigral and author of Mind Tricks Ancient & Modern, Steven Saunders is the world's leading-edge facilitator of new generation NLP.  After 20 years leading teams in engineering research and development, including multinational laboratories, he applied his natural genius for innovation to psychology and human development, creating an unique experience: "The Authentic Leadership Programme", which he now delivers worldwide. He has re-engineered the existing knowledge of self-development into what has now become the way that is the most powerful and best suited to the western world's requirement of achieving ultimate peace of mind. He may be contacted via contact@holigral.com

Articles by Steven Saunders

  1. Enlightenment and the Real Matrix

    Listed in nlp

    This article focuses on true self-enlightenment. It questions how deep truths and messages from our awakened selves can possibly get through to us with so much spin and manipulative...

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