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  1. When Did You Last Check Your Values?

    by Frances Coombes

    This column focuses on the importance of Personal Values, how it differs from Beliefs and how to use them to decide what’s important for you. The author says our values define wh...

  2. When Emotions Overtake Rational Thinking

    by Frances Coombes

    Does displaying how you feel count more than engaging in rational thinking? Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) has been around for a while and, for those who need some balanc...

  3. When It's Not Going to Get Better - Redefining Success and 'Failure'

    by Nancy Blake

    The medical conference concerned the fate of a ‘younger disabled’ patient – a formerly healthy young woman who, for reasons no one could figure out, had deteriorated, over the years...

  4. Words that Can Heal in Turbulent Times

    by Nancy Blake

    our attention is compelled by negative emotions;  fear, anger, envy and rage. We know our media is controlled by billionaires and our politics is controlled by the banks and big cor...

  5. You Can Change your Neural Pathways to Change your Life – Here’s How

    by Ruth Kudzi

    I have always loved to look at the science and how behaviour changes. I am a development fanatic with an acute hunger for knowledge in neuroscience, psychology, neuroplasticity, pe...

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