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  1. Sports Injuries - Healing the Memory – Results

    by Joseph O'Connor

    This article follows on from an article in Issue 17 of Positive Health, detailing research using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help the healing of sports injuries.

  2. Sports Injuries: Healing the Memory

    by Joseph O'Connor and Ian McDermott

    Sports injuries happen at every level of sport. They are caused by overuse, overstretching, or sudden unusual force to that part of the body. They are painful and debilitating, and...

  3. Stories that Heal

    by Kendall Dowie

    One of the greatest gifts that came out of my NLP practitioner training was learning the magic of Metaphor. Neuro Linguistic Programming is, after all, about language and the art...

  4. Success Strategies that Work

    by Frances Coombes

    This article focuses on success strategies that work, based on NLP’s most powerful tool ‘modelling’, such as a practical skill, what to look for in  the people who produce succes...

  5. Successful Health Recovery Strategies

    by Frances Coombes

    I run Healing Power of the Mind workshops at City Lit London in which learners are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude about their health, and write their own, or adapt other pe...

  6. The Piers of England and How They Manifest Magic

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Magical Piers of South East England generate talisman like spectacles in that they reach out into the open ocean and magnify the energy of life that surrounds them. Two such piers ...

  7. The Power of Pre-Supposing

    by Frances Coombes

    This column focuses on our mental pictures and beliefs and how they work for and against us. According to the author “this cinematic power to run frames of thinking to construct m...

  8. The Swish

    by Richard Bandler

    The next submodality pattern I want to teach you can be used for almost anything. It's a very generative pattern that programs your brain to go in a new direction. In order to ma...

  9. The Time Dimension

    by Dr Harry Alder

    Another major difference between people is in the way they relate to time. Some people dwell on the past, others on the future, and others seem to live only for the present. A hi...

  10. Tips for Staying Motivated

    by Frances Coombes

    In this column the author provides some useful tips on how to stay motivated when working for oneself, or when things are not going according to one’s plans.

  11. Trump’s Smart at Mesmerising Metaphors

    by Frances Coombes

    Linguistically Donald Trump leads the field with his power of persuasion and he uses metaphors to do it. Language such as “America is sitting in a bubble about to explode” enhances...

  12. Understanding NLP Thinking Styles

    by Frances Coombes

    Our thinking patterns affect how we respond to situations in the world. Yet often we run thinking patterns, called ‘metaprogrammes’ that are outside our awareness. Understanding th...

  13. Unshackle Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

    by Frances Coombes

    A belief is a strategy that lets you know you can or cannot do something. If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t you are probably right. A belief is the strategy, the s...

  14. Using the Mind to Release Your Body's Potential

    by Trevor Silvester

    The author describes the mental techniques which are used by our most successful athletes, and which anyone wishing to reach their peak performance can benefit from. These include ...

  15. Walking Around the Cotton Reel - Using NLP to Teach Drawing

    by Bronwen Dace

    This article focuses on how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help us to access our ability to draw, and shares the author’s approach to generating interest and self-belief in...

  16. When Did You Last Check Your Values?

    by Frances Coombes

    This column focuses on the importance of Personal Values, how it differs from Beliefs and how to use them to decide what’s important for you. The author says our values define wh...

  17. When It's Not Going to Get Better - Redefining Success and 'Failure'

    by Nancy Blake

    The medical conference concerned the fate of a ‘younger disabled’ patient – a formerly healthy young woman who, for reasons no one could figure out, had deteriorated, over the years...

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