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Roddy MacDonald is the CEO of Water for Health Ltd which he founded in 2006. Water for Health is a specialist company that distributes a unique range of quality products to improve health through hydration and nutrition. Prior to founding Water for Health, Roddy worked in several industry sectors including financial services, construction and environmental services. Roddy’s interest in natural health was sparked by his own health challenges when he suffered for a number of years with chronic fatigue syndrome. He regained his health through hydration, nutrition and an understanding of the key role that emotions play in health and illness. It kindled his interest in natural health where he has read extensively for the last 30 years and is an enthusiastic believer in the ability of the body to heal itself, if it is given what it needs. He may be contacted on Tel: 01764 662111; roddy@water-for-health.co.uk   www.water-for-health.co.uk

Articles by Roddy MacDonald

  1. Good Nutrition, Proper Hydration and a Positive Outlook Help to Build a Robust Immune System

    Listed in immune function

    Since Covid 19 arrived there has been many negative effects on our lives and on our economy. However, there has been one positive impact in that it has caused more people to conside...

  2. Add a Little Liquid Sunshine to Your Diet?

    Listed in detoxification

    There are countless books written on nutrition offering varying levels of benefit. There is no one size fits all approach, no one supplement to address all ailments. Along with good...

  3. Can Water Greatly Enhance Quality of Health?

    Listed in water

    When did you ever go to your doctor and receive the diagnosis that you were dehydrated? When did your doctor ever tell you to increase the volume of water you drink? For most people...

  4. Is Adding Fluoride to our Public Water Supply Health Enhancement or Disease Enhancing?

    Listed in environmental

    One of the current hot topics when it comes to our public water supply is the Government’s intention to fluoridate all the UK water supply. Currently about 15% of the water supply h...

  5. How Can We Better Support Our Brain Health?

    Listed in nutrition

    One of the troubling concerns of modern living is the fact that there appears to be a steady gentle decline in IQ levels since the 1970s. It would seem that the growth in the use of...

  6. The Healing Power of Molecular Hydrogen: Reducing Inflammation Naturally

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas composed of two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded together. It is the smallest molecule in existence and is also referred to as dihydrogen or hydroge...

  7. The Inside Out Approach to Skin Health That Can Deliver Real Results Naturally

    Listed in skincare

    When we focus on a healthy diet, or supplement, our primary consideration is seldom skin health. However more and more people, and even the beauty industry, are latching on to the f...

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