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Good Nutrition, Proper Hydration and a Positive Outlook Help to Build a Robust Immune System

by Roddy MacDonald(more info)

listed in immune function, originally published in issue 268 - February 2021


Since Covid 19 arrived there has been many negative effects on our lives and on our economy. However, there has been one positive impact in that it has caused more people to consider their health and in particular to seek ways to improve their immune systems. There has been so much fear and panic whipped up by the media leaving many people to believe they are powerless. Yet, we are not powerless, there is a huge number of things we can do to strengthen our immune system and protect our wellbeing.

Many people think of immune support purely as Vitamin C, garlic and Echinacea to help provide some protection against infections. However, there are many things we need to consider to give us a robust immune system and protect us against harmful infections. These lifestyle and nutritional changes will improve our general health, enhance our energy levels and slow down the ageing process.

The following seven points are in my view, important for everyone who wants to enjoy optimum health with properly functioning immune defences. We must remember that health is our default state and disease is not normal - it is just an indication of our systems being out of balance. Nature has endowed us with a rich supply of nutrients to help restore balance in our bodies and allow us to live healthy lives.


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1. Proper Hydration - A Vital Ingredient for Optimal Health

A healthy body is a properly hydrated body. Hydration makes every part of our body systems work better. It is reflected in improved energy levels, good digestion, better brain functioning and a more robust immune system. Many people think body water is purely there to fill the spaces between the cells. Recent research is proving that the health of our cells is very dependent on the quality and structure of the water surrounding our cells. The quality of this water can help to protect our cells from toxic chemicals and electromagnetic stress.

Proper hydration does not purely depend on the amount of water that we drink but more importantly on the amount of water we absorb. It is for that reason that we need to consume adequate levels of mineral electrolytes. They are important for water absorption. We should also ensure that the water we drink is as free of possible of contaminants.

Water is more appreciated in many Asian cultures than in the UK. Over the last 60 years, there has been extensive research on water by the Japanese and the Koreans. They understand that good healthy water should have a number of important characteristics. It should be as clean as possible of pollutants, it should have a slightly alkaline pH, it should have antioxidant properties, it should have good structure and good energy. Sadly the bulk of the water we consume does not satisfy these requirements. Now, with advances in special point of use water filtration processes using bio-ceramic mineral crystals it is possible to transform ordinary water into water which meets these criteria. This is an important step forward in providing the body with water that helps to hydrate and support the body.

2. A Properly Balanced Body pH is Important for Energy and Immune Function

pH balance is frequently overlooked by health professionals who erroneously believe that the body’s buffering systems will always keep the pH of the blood within the narrow band of 7.30 to 7.45 unless there is serious organ failure.

Modern living in terms of excess consumption of acid-forming foods such as animal products and grains along with high levels of stress and environmental pollution are taking their toll on our body pH balance with a consequent movement towards acidity. When the pH of the blood moves even slightly outside the ideal zone this will result in a reduced ability to transfer oxygen.

Lowered oxygen transfer will result in lowered immune function and can set the scene for degenerative disease. It is important that we maintain balance by reducing our consumption of excess animal proteins, sugars and processed foods. We should consume plenty of vegetables, particularly green vegetables and mineral-rich foods. If that is a challenge then add a daily scoop of a quality ‘greens’ powder blend (such as award-winning Green Vibrance Powder) to your diet to address imbalances.

Prolonged stress can have a particularly a negative impact on our body’s pH levels in that it results in the release of hormones which are very acidifying. Consequently, we need to address the causes of our elevated stress levels and take action to reduce them.


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3. The Health of Our Gut has a Major Impact on Our Immunity

We will never be able to have a strong immune system and high levels of wellbeing without a properly functioning digestive tract. Much of our immune cells are in the gut. It is important that the bowel is moving properly so as to eliminate toxins from the body and also to ensure that we are properly absorbing nutrients from our food. Much of this depends on having robust colonies of good microbes in the digestive tract. Regretfully the impact of chemicals in our food, water and air and from medicines such as antibiotics has upset the balance of the microbial colonies in our body with considerable negative impacts on our physical and mental health.

New advances in this area offers solutions for many people suffering the debilitating effects of colitis, bloating, IBS, consultation and other gut problems that are a sign of an imbalance. One of the exciting areas of microbiome rebalancing has been the work carried out by Australian company Progurt. They understand that for good colonization of the microbiome it is often necessary to improve the bowel environment before introducing strains of microbes that intuitively belong in the human digestive tract. They believe it is necessary to introduce these microbial strains in high concentrations to allow them to compete and colonize.

Good health does begin in the gut. Improved digestive tract function will greatly improve immune function, it will also positively affect other areas of our wellbeing including our brain and heart health.

4. Get Plenty of Sunshine

Our body needs sunshine and very many of us get too little. We spend more time indoors that previous generations and that is not good for many aspects of our health. Sunshine exposure is necessary for adequate Vitamin D levels. Research is proving how adequate Vitamin D levels are important for many aspects of health, including our immune health.

Although Vitamin D levels are probably low in a high percentage of the population they are particularly problematic amongst those who have darker skins who find it more difficult to absorb Vitamin D. If you cannot get adequate levels of sunshine it is prudent to supplement with Vitamin D3. This will help, but should not be regarded as being equivalent to getting sunshine. I do not believe that the only benefit from the sun’s rays is Vitamin D - sunshine offers a lot more for our physical and mental health.

5. Molecular Hydrogen - Tiny Molecule that Packs Antioxidant Power

Over the last decade, there has been a significant body of research into the therapeutic benefits of molecular hydrogen. This tiny Molecule H2, is a very useful antioxidant. Due to its size, it is able to penetrate into areas where larger antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Glutathione are unable to reach.

You can add molecular hydrogen to your diets through special water filters that use bio-ceramic mineral crystals that release small amounts into the water you drink or through tablets that release higher levels into a glass of water. Molecular Hydrogen offers further support to our body’s immune defences in addition to its role in helping to neutralize excess free radicals that accelerate the ageing process.


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6. Natures Garden - Full Of Health Restoring Nutrients

We have been wonderfully endowed with so many plants that have got immune-boosting properties. In particular, many of our fruits, particularly the red and black fruits have got antioxidant properties that are beneficial to support immune function.

One Hungarian company has developed a method of concentrating the antioxidant benefits of selected fruits to give a very potent natural product to support immune defences. The process starts with selected red and black fruits such as elderberry and blackberry being grown organically on mineral-rich soils. The resultant product Flavin 7 Gold is very rich in beneficial polyphenols. This product is an excellent example of how working in harmony with nature offers safe solutions to protect us from infectious agents and has an overall fortifying effect on our bodies.

7. Sea Vegetables to Enhance Immunity

It is not just land grown plants and vegetables that can help to support our immunity. The sea also has a lot to offer. One particular type of red marine algae, a strain of Gigartina is proven to help stop the replication of herpes type viruses in the body. To my knowledge, there has been no research carried out as to its effects on other harmful viruses, but some experts believe that it could be helpful against other viral strains.

Herpes viruses are widespread and include the Epstein Barr virus which is commonly implicated in chronic fatigue syndrome. Helping to reduce the viral load can take the strain off the immune system and aid recovery.

Hopefully, you will see that there are many things that you can incorporate easily into your lifestyle and nutritional programmes that can boost your immune system and enhance your overall wellbeing. We are not helpless - in fact, when we appreciate what is available to us naturally we realize that we have tremendous sources of power. Still maintain your intake of Vitamin C and other immune supporting foods like garlic. These seven suggestions will help to take your health to a higher level. At the same time keep a positive outlook and feed your mind with kind and appreciative thoughts. It will amplify the effects of the nutrition you give your body. 


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