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  1. A Healthy Liver and Weight Loss

    by Dr Sandra Cabot

    The state of your liver will have a huge bearing upon how well you live, how long you will live and how you will look and feel. In this article Dr Cabot outlines the pathways used ...

  2. Add a Little Liquid Sunshine to Your Diet?

    by Roddy MacDonald

    There are countless books written on nutrition offering varying levels of benefit. There is no one size fits all approach, no one supplement to address all ailments. Along with good...

  3. Alcohol - How Much is too Much

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    How often do you drink? Do you know your limits? Recent reports suggest that Brits were expected to splash the cash with £2bn spent on booze over the festive season; in line with di...

  4. Cancer Detoxification Approaches

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    Drs Graeme and Lilian Munro-Hall advocate a program to support cancer patients consisting of physical, psychological and spiritual elements. They recommend Gerson Therapy and both ...

  5. Case Study Issue 128: Detoxification via Aqua Detox and Reflexology

    by Lila Kirkland ND

    This column looks at a specific case study – a thirtysomething who received reflexology treatments to help her (successfully) get pregnant, despite being diagnosed with polycystic ...

  6. Case Study Issue 146: 10-Day Detoxification Program Including Colon Hydrotherapy

    by Katherine Ung

    This case study is of a 30-year old lady who presented with a variety of symptoms. Over six months she had gained ten pounds, she was stressed, had irritable bowel syndrome, abdomi...

  7. Components of a Personalized Detox Programme

    by Amanda Griggs

    The author focuses on the pressures and demands on our lives today and the effect it is having on our lifestyle and in turn our health, based on the clients she sees at her wellbei...

  8. Demystifying ‘Detox’: What it Is and What it Isn’t

    by Elizabeth Montgomery

    Toxicity is a major concern for everyone. Given the current state of our planet and increased coverage from mainstream media, people are rightly becoming concerned with the way in w...

  9. Detoxification

    by Nicki Woodward

    With the advent of the detox diet, the author says we have lost sight of the true potential of cleansing as a naturopathic tool and looks at what this involves and if there is a ri...

  10. Detoxification - Deep Cleanse for a Radiant Smile

    by Mandy Eugeniou

    Detoxification is a necessary act of internal purification in today's highly polluted environment, unless one has been living a macrobiotics lifestyle in the higher plains of Tibet...

  11. Detoxification and Emotional Balancing for Optimum Health

    by Sandra Hallawi

    The author describes ways to achieve physical detoxification, using enzyme-rich juices and raw foods and herbs. Healing may occur from either physical or emotional blockage removal...

  12. Detoxify Your Way to a New You!

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Today toxins are in our air (Chemtrails, car exhaust etc.) we breathe, the water (acid rain) we drink, the food (especially processed food, most fruits and vegetables are sprayed gr...

  13. Detoxifying the Body with Naturopathy Diet, Hydrotherapy and Herbs

    by Sharmala Bandaranaike

    Naturopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the utilisation of the healing power of nature. This underpins nearly all the therapeutic techniques in alternative medicine.

  14. Detoxifying with the Lemon Diet

    by Janine Leach

    The Lemon Diet is one of the easiest fasts the author has used in her career as a naturopath. It is a liquid diet regime based on a totally natural drink made from a special organi...

  15. Energy Credit-Crunch?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Good health in terms of what we take into our body depends upon dealing with dehydration, malnutrition and toxicity.  Dealing with the last first, we need to eliminate toxins suc...

  16. Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

    by UK Saunas

    Health consists of two basic elements: the physical, and the mental. The former is concerned with difficulties like pulled muscles or damaged bones, and the latter regards problems ...

  17. How I Healed my Skin through Juicing Raw Fruit, Veg and Exercise

    by Hanna Sillitoe

    A study published in the Archives Of Dermatology suggests:[1] 350 Britons each year commit suicide because of psoriasis; 10,400 develop depression; 7,100 are diagnosed...

  18. How Scary Concepts Can Affect Health

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    You might be questioning why an article on fearful ideas would be relevant to health? What relevance does what I am fearful about have to do with my health? Isn’t health all abou...

  19. How to Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits While in Recovery

    by Ken Seeley

    It’s pretty amazing how great you begin to feel once you have completed detox and rehab. You are pumped to begin a new life in recovery, one that is productive and active, and cente...

  20. Massage for Detoxification

    by Mario-Paul Cassar

    This article describes what toxins are, the different types that exist, where they originate, and how different body functions work to get rid of them. The latter part of the art...

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