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How Scary Concepts Can Affect Health

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in detoxification, originally published in issue 249 - October 2018


“scary” means provoking fear or terror

a “concept” is an idea in which confidence is placed

How Scary Concepts Can Affect Health

You might be questioning why an article on fearful ideas would be relevant to health?  What relevance does what I am fearful about have to do with my health?  Isn’t health all about what I eat, how many hours I sleep, how much I do or don’t drink, what vitamins I take, avoiding bad foods and additives etc. as found in all the health magazines and Government blurb about alcohol, cigarettes and just about anything else that can be classed as part of lifestyle consequences? 

For those brave enough to peek over the blanket of familiarity, (i.e. beliefs established by consolidated layers of information and education) and dare to see something at odds with the norm, there is the equivalent of a “mushroom effect” of conflicting information and confusion.  This could scare enough to provoke a return to the established familiar (proverbial ostrich) or invite facing the gamut of conflict which could  initially be overwhelming.

So What to Choose?

What benefits would there be to choosing to look at what is beyond the familiar?  Would such benefits, if there were any, be any better than staying with the familiar?  What about people from different cultures who have different background familiar comfort zones - would they benefit from seeing aspects of life different to what they know?  Would that affect their health?

The mind, body and brain (which is part of the physical body) along with the human spirit (the life source which is present from conception to death) make up the whole person. Concepts are beliefs of the mind which directly affect the structure of the brain and impact the whole body.[2]   If this statement is true then it is important to examine beliefs especially if we are experiencing something amiss in our spiritual, mental or physical health.

Common examples of familiar misplaced beliefs with consequences that can be extremely damaging are, “a dentist would not put anything in my teeth which would be harmful”,[3] “a doctor wouldn’t inject my baby/child with anything harmful”[4] or “if a doctor prescribes it then it must be safe to take.”[5] 

Even in today’s climate of readily available online and published information there are many people who have not questioned issues such as those cited in the examples above.

The top five causes of death in the UK are listed as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and liver disease. The top five disease areas by prescription number are the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal system and respiratory system. In 2010 nearly 300 million prescriptions were dispensed for cardiovascular system problems.  The most prescribed drug, according to several sources, is Statins with the aim of lowering cholesterol[6] levels.

Taking statins[7] as a case in point, the premise of prescription for lowering of LDL is invalid because LDL has not been proven to be causal in heart disease. Studies have actually proved that lower levels of LDL are detrimental.  The presence of LDL indicates poor condition of vascular walls; LDL appears to provide ‘propping up’ of weakened areas.  When that condition is addressed, HDL clears away the surplus LDL. Adequate cholesterol levels are vitally important and fortunately not dependent upon dietary intake.  The liver manufactures it when needed and dismantles it when there is surplus.  The type of cholesterol particle is more important than the amount, but this information is not made available to the public by the medical profession. In fact, it is unusual to find amongst most mainstream doctors the understanding of the real physiological impact of cholesterol on health or disease.

Some authorities attribute weak and potentially porous vascular walls to deficiency of bioflavonoids and vitamin C, but nutritional deficiencies are synergistic which means that nutrients work together and the combined effect is greater than that of each one individually. Deficiencies are normally more complex than singular items. 

Where patches of LDL touch in vascular constriction, for example in a dehydrated state, it is presumed that LDL is responsible.  This is not sound reasoning any more than concluding that flies are responsible for creating a garbage pile. The flies are there because there is a garbage pile. The solution is to clear away the garbage or in physiological terms, replace nutritional deficiencies to increase integrity of vessel walls, doing away with the need for LDL cholesterol support. 

Presuming anything at the site of a problem is the cause of it
is faulty logic, especially when applied to the presence of bacteria.

Prescribing based on misconception is also relative to other things and does not only apply to statins.  Realizing that your confidence is misplaced, especially when in a position of need, can provoke established negative concepts. If those who you have always presumed to be right can have it wrong in certain areas, it can be extremely daunting and challenging, especially if the situation is of an urgent nature or if there is suffering from the issue, e.g. devastating side effects from misplaced prescribing. 

A potential solution could be to take a multitude of counsel but this can be time consuming, expensive and lead to much confusion with differences between foundational concepts of different types of practitioners and therapies.

In a nutshell, this can be summarized as looking outside oneself for answers to whys and wherefores of health issues.  The commonly ‘established familiar’ is that the problem (usually a set of signs and symptoms) is assigned an identity and then an established protocol for treatment of that identity tag is followed.  The treatment could be chemical, physical, surgical, mental/emotional, complementary or any combination.  Most people are very satisfied with removal of symptoms and then the real root cause need not be searched for or identified.   

To look within to uncover why particular signs and symptoms are manifest and to consider mind and brain involvement will not only get closer to the path from root cause to symptom but will be tailored to the individual.

As a real life example, a lady tried treatment from a practitioner who used curative hypnotherapy for severe reactions to onions. The therapy was able to uncover that the ‘child within’ was frightened when she was left alone in a high chair and onions were burning on the cooker at the same time.  The mother quickly returned (probably from a nearby room) but the child associated onion with danger and being alone.

This logical emotional childhood conclusion, whether factually accurate or not established neuronal connections and associations in the brain which triggered ‘red alert’ at the smell of onions. The child might not have been in any danger at all and the mother not visible but near.  The symptoms cleared as the ‘hidden’ old concepts were exchanged for new brain associations and neuronal connections.

Other therapies can also uncover emotional reasons behind symptoms.  Most physical problems have emotional or mental aspects and most emotional and mental problems have physical manifestations.

The establishment of neuronal connections in the brain continues as initially laid down unless actively modified or changed.  Those initial connections are established and built upon by further layers which fit best onto ‘that particular rung of the ladder’.  Of course, this is a continuous and fluid process because the brain is active and modifying every second of life especially during sleep. 

If health is built on a faulty foundational premise then the building will be awry.  Rearranging the bricks and mortar might sort a local problem for a while, but compensatory factors built into our bodies are not meant to be a long-term substitute for finding the cause of something and applying the appropriate remedy.  This might not be the easiest way but it is the right way and can end up time and cost effective.  A reasonable example is again using a case of mercury toxicity.

Mercury targets everywhere in the body especially brain, internal organs and the fatty myelin sheath which insulates nerve fibres. This insulation allows the nerve impulses to travel the length of the axon and be transmitted to the next nerve at the junction of the two. Mercury ‘eats away’ at the insulation around nerves.  It also crosses the blood brain barrier along with other toxic substances like aluminium and fluoride and can produce some unpleasant symptoms both mental and physical.  Without an accurate concept of what this problem is (mercury toxicity) and where it came from (dental amalgam fillings), misplaced prescribing of drugs for brain fog, depression, anxiety, anger, nerve pain, numbness, tingling and too many more potential symptoms to list, will add chemical toxicity to the problem in an attempt to suppress symptomatic warning that there is something wrong. 

How Scary Concepts Can Affect Health

Useful poisons can have a very sharp sting in the tail and cost more than you want to pay in health terms. With symptom suppression the accumulation of more toxic mercury continues unchallenged potentially leading to more serious health issues further down the line.

In the two examples above faulty concepts were unrelated, the first being the logical deduction of a child to a frightening situation and the second being poisoned by having toxic material embedded in teeth.  If the latter were done as a child, the parent or guardian consented in the child’s stead.  The fact that it was damaging to the child based on the concept that “a dentist would never harm my child”[9] was commonly done in ignorance of the facts. Parents had faith in the governing dental bodies who promoted mercury fillings as safe.  That situation is now reversing with more information available to individuals and even some countries have a ban on mercury fillings especially for pregnant women.   

The two examples will have very different remedies.  The first needed only curative hypnotherapy to re-arrange neuronal connections in the physical brain for all symptoms of the emotionally-triggered adverse reaction to onion to disappear.  The second will require removal and replacement of the mercury fillings, detoxification, rehydration and correction of nutritional deficiencies.

These examples highlight how misplaced prescribing would address neither cause and possibly make both a lot worse by suppressing warnings and potential side effects.

A few relevant verses from the world’s bestselling book of all time, the Holy Bible, contain information on how the body was designed to function best along with encouragement not to be bullied by fear-mongering, lack of information or professional opinions contrary to human well-being.[10]


1.  Image ref:

2.   Dr Caroline Leaf explains how the mind affects the brain which in turn affects the body.  Her multiple books and videos offer great insight into the workings of the brain and how to change negative patterns to the betterment of health and life.

3.  The evidence that dental mercury is devastatingly detrimental to health is overwhelming and there is too much available evidence to reference so one random website is given as an information example.  The information available ranges from general for those who are new to the subject to highly technical for dentists, doctors,  other practitioners and those who want far more detail.

4.  The evidence that vaccination, as one example, is detrimental to health is overwhelming and as with dental mercury, those who have vested interests in vaccinating are the £$multi-billion big corporations with powerful lobbies against free information and choice.  Research has to be done by individuals but there is plenty of information still available. One of the many information sites on multiple aspects of health is

5.  Drugs are useful poisons.  In combinations they can be even more hazardous and many doctors are not aware of the side effects or the effects of poly-pharmacy.  Doctors are paid by what they prescribe and promote in tests. The old days are gone when GPs could be independent of the drug companies’ education and controlling influences on doctors. In most situations the question needs to be asked “does lack of this drug cause my problem?”  If not, it is not the solution but a suppression (or possibly a prop whilst the solution is being sought).  In some cases drugs do offer benefits and we are all grateful to the accident and emergency services and lifesaving drugs. However, the mis-prescribing of drugs as a substitute for medical detective work to get to the cause of a problem is not beneficial.  Be informed about what you are prescribed and why.

6.  Cholesterol is a vitally important lipid belonging to the steroid family and has essential roles throughout the whole body. Cholesterol is fat soluble and therefore transported throughout the body in combination with protein in two forms, high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL).  These lipoproteins have different and complementary roles.  There is no such thing as bad cholesterol and the way it is portrayed in mainstream medicine and the media is inaccurate and it is not directly related to heart disease.  An excellent exposé of this and statins can be found at

7.  Statins ditched by those experts who do the research.     Despite this evidence from NHS sources and much more evidence besides, the internet is flooded with pharmaceutical backed articles that tenaciously hold to the need for Statins to save lives.  Fear of dying from heart disease is used to promote Statins as the saviour regardless of any connection.   Of course the need for doctors to keep prescribing statins generates a massive part of the £$billion big-pharma revenues.

8.  Image from:

9.  One of the many available excellent exposés on mercury fillings can be found at .  More dentists are becoming aware of the dangers of mercury fillings so it is up to the individual to find a dentist who does not put poisonous substances in teeth and removes the fillings using the correct practice.

10.  A few relevant verses from the world’s best-selling book of all time, the Holy Bible, which contains a great deal of information on how the body was designed to function best:

Prov 2:6  For the Lord gives wisdom: from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Prov 4:23    Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.

Prov 15:14  The discerning heart seeks knowledge but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.

2 Tim 1:7    For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


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