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  1. Can Water Greatly Enhance Quality of Health?

    by Roddy MacDonald

    When did you ever go to your doctor and receive the diagnosis that you were dehydrated? When did your doctor ever tell you to increase the volume of water you drink? For most people...

  2. Healing Energy and Water

    by Steve Gamble MGCP

    The author discusses how the unique properties of energy and water are so important to maintaining equilibrium and physical health.

  3. Levitated Water and Health

    by Michael O\'Connell

    The author applies the law of resonance to crystals, particularly quartz and glycerine, which have unique vibratory qualities. The findings of research studies are cited, to illu...

  4. Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: The Constitutional Treatment

    by David Goddard ND

    This account of the principles and practice of Hydrotherapy follows a lifetime's study of Naturopathic Techniques after conventional medicine had failed to improve what David calls...

  5. Pure Water Aquapax Evolution

    by Neil Tomlinson

    The human body is mostly made of water and your body absolutely relies on water to function properly. Yet, how many of us are as discerning of the ‘natural’ quality of the water we ...

  6. Swimming Baths - Cold Cures and Warm Hearts

    by Jonathan Buckley

    Jonathan Buckley, who has been cold water swimming ('ice swimming') at Tooting Bec Lido for the last 15 years, highlights the benefits that can be gained from plunging into icy wat...

  7. Using Water as Medicine

    by Samm Kweku Richardson

    Water is both widely and cheaply available, it also is essential for life. Water is important in curing disease, basically because ‘it is the blood that heals’.  Blood circulation...

  8. Water - of Vital Importance

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    About 25% of the human body is composed of solids (solute). About 75% of the human body is water (solvent). About 85% of the brain is water.

  9. Water – Wild, Weird and Wonderful

    by Marion Eaton

    I woke in the night so thirsty that my throat was on fire. Stumbling out of bed, I felt like the little mermaid in Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy tales - as though I were walking o...

  10. Water for Life and Optimum Health

    by Aimee Christine Hughes

    This article provides six helpful hints for understanding the 'extraordinary world of water' through examples and quotes from author Masaru Emoto's books on The Hidden Messages in ...

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