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The Inside Out Approach to Skin Health That Can Deliver Real Results Naturally

by Roddy MacDonald(more info)

listed in skincare, originally published in issue 292 - February 2024


When we focus on a healthy diet, or supplement, our primary consideration is seldom skin health. However more and more people, and even the beauty industry, are latching on to the fact that the best solution for optimal skin health is from the inside out. In other words health internally will reflect in vibrancy outside.

In addition to our food and supplement choices proper hydration is vital for skin health.  As the average person ages the percentage of water content in their body decreases. Typically when a baby is born its water content is around 80%, yet when people die the water content percentage drops to nearer 50%.  This reduction in water content affects all organs, however the effects of it are seen very clearly in skin health.  It is not just the quantity of water we drink but the characteristics of the water that dictates its ability to be absorbed.


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Good Water is Vital for Healthy, Glowing Skin

One of the primary reasons Water for Health focus on ‘not just’ clean water, but water that is alkaline, has antioxidant properties and good structure is because it will be absorbed better. Good water structure is not just important for the health of our internal organs but also for our skin.  It is estimated that the water we drink can get to the skin in about 10 minutes.  You can check out good hydration options here.

Good water must have a mineral content to aid its absorption. We do need to have plenty of beneficial minerals in our bodies to give maximum benefit.  One factor which I believe contributes a lot to dehydration and many other issues, particularly digestive problems, is inadequate consumption of good salt; that is natural unprocessed salt. Dr Batmanghelidj in his excellent book Water and Salt lists 20 reasons why the body needs good salt.  Another excellent book to dispel some of the myths of consuming salt is ‘Salt Fix’ by cardio vascular research scientist Dr James Dinicolantonio.  As he rightly points out there is a percentage of people that are sodium sensitive.

In addition to consuming good water that is going to support health another option for the skin is the Biocera Water Mist Spray.  It is a good option to help keep your face hydrated. You spray the face with water which has antioxidant properties. This helps to counteract the harmful free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress and breakdown of skin.


POM and mitophagy


The Health of Your Microbiome has a Connection to Your Skin Health

In addition to hydration the second main area to consider for excellent skin health is the health of the microbiome. If we have an unhealthy gut and unbalanced microbiome we will struggle with achieving optimum health and it will be reflected in our skin.  Most people only look at using probiotics when their digestive system is giving them problems yet good probiotics have a lot to offer throughout the body including skin health.

Making sure the bowel environment is balanced to aid the proliferation of good microbes is a sensible approach. Using a periodic course of Progurt can be of significant value.  Progurt probiotics are very different in how they are supplied and used. They are very concentrated in comparison to others on the market and use a unique combination of microbes that intuitively belong in the human digestive tract.  Many people, particularly those trying to rebalance the gut after a course of antibiotics just take a 5 day course.  As an aside, one of the most important reasons to get a properly balanced digestive system environment and flourishing beneficial colonies  is to enhance your immunity.

Omega 3 Oils to Help Skin Health from Inside Out

Skin health is also heavily dependent on Omega Oils and in particular the lesser known Omega 7. One of the best sources of that is sea buckthorn oil.  One of most comprehensive skin support supplement products is O’ Hisa. This formula blends high concentrations of sea buckthorn oil with other beneficial oils and a number of ingredients that are known to support skin health.  This product was developed by author Jo Wyckmans with a focus on health on the inside, beautiful on the outside.  He is best known for bringing to market the highest quality fish oils available.


Skin and beyond


New Unique Product for Skin Health Using the Power Of Pomegranate

A new approach to skin health has recently been launched called Skin + Beyond.  This is a completely new formula to promote wellbeing from inside to improve the quality of our skin on the outside.  It has 3 active ingredients - firstly,  a special extract from Pomegranate which has been extensively researched . Secondly glycine, an important amino acid to help to build collagen.  Thirdly nicotinamide a type of vitamin B3 which helps to retain moisture in the skin and preserve skin integrity. Glycine also offers other benefits for the body particularly for improving mood, for the health of the cardio vascular system and for the health of the gut lining.

We think this is an another excellent approach to support skin health, at the same time as offering  other benefits for the body. It is a plant based product. There are natural berry extracts and stevia in it to give a pleasant taste.  The pomegranate extract is particularly interesting.

 You can find a detailed article on it here.

At Water for Health we want everyone to be healthy, and to look healthy. We believe that proper hydration and good nutrition are vitally important.  Hopefully these suggestions will be helpful to achieve good health inside and out. How we look affects our self-esteem, and low self-esteem is often a contributory factor behind disease.  The aging process goes on, but we can do a lot to slow down its progress by looking after our health. When we do, everyone will see the evidence and you will experience more of the ‘feel good’ factor.

Further Information

This article was contributed by Roddy MacDonald , founder of Water for Health Ltd a specialist company who supply quality products to aid hydration and nutrition.


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About Roddy MacDonald

Roddy MacDonald is the CEO of Water for Health Ltd which he founded in 2006. Water for Health is a specialist company that distributes a unique range of quality products to improve health through hydration and nutrition. Prior to founding Water for Health, Roddy worked in several industry sectors including financial services, construction and environmental services. Roddy’s interest in natural health was sparked by his own health challenges when he suffered for a number of years with chronic fatigue syndrome. He regained his health through hydration, nutrition and an understanding of the key role that emotions play in health and illness. It kindled his interest in natural health where he has read extensively for the last 30 years and is an enthusiastic believer in the ability of the body to heal itself, if it is given what it needs. He may be contacted on Tel: 01764 662111;

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