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June M Butlin PhD is a trained teacher, nutritionist, kinesiologist, aromatherapist, fitness trainer and sports therapist. She is a writer, health researcher and lecturer and is committed to helping people achieve their optimum level of health and runs a private practice in Wiltshire. June can be contacted on 01225 869 284;  junebutlin@btinternet.com

Articles by June Butlin

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and NADH

    Listed in cfs me long covid

    Just as Tim was initially in denial of his illness, many doctors suffer from the same problem. They refuse to recognise the condition because they cannot find anything physically wr...

  2. Diabetes Mellitus

    Listed in diabetes

    This article discusses the genetic, lifestyle and dietary causes of diabetes mellitus, which results from either a lack of insulin or the body cells being resistant to it, and can l...

  3. Parkinson's Disease

    Listed in neurological and neurodegenerative

    There are about 120,000 people in the UK with Parkinsons Disease. This article by June Butlin makes an important contribution to the field, both with regard to understanding the pos...

  4. Fibromyalgia

    Listed in women's health

    In this article, June Butlin discusses the condition of fibromyalgia. She introduces some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as pain and weakness in the muscles, and some of the ...

  5. Schizophrenia and Nutrition

    Listed in nutrition

    Schizophrenia is a psychotic condition that affects 1% of people from every culture, and the lifetime severity is worse in developed countries.

  6. A Case of Double Infertility

    Listed in fertility

    June Butlin describes the nutritional therapy undertaken by a couple trying to conceive who were devastated by the news that they were both infertile, the male partner having a low ...

  7. Raw Fooders

    Listed in organic food

    Raw fooders believe that humans are naturally and biologically raw plant eaters, as expounded by experts on raw food nutrition such as David Wolfe and Edward Howell.

  8. Metabolic Typing - Part 2

    Listed in metabolic typing

    This article continues the study of metabolic typing introduced in Issue 65, looking in greater detail at the testing procedures used in the William Wolcott system and presenting a ...

  9. Metabolic Typing - Part 1

    Listed in metabolic typing

    Body typing focuses on such factors as the personality, appearance and biochemistry of the client rather than on the disease to determine specific body type and make nutritional and...

  10. Case Studies on Eczema, Acne and Dull, Lifeless Skin

    Listed in allergies

    This article follows on from discussion about the skin, which featured in the previous issue (no. 63) of Positive Health, and presents three case studies illustrating the effective ...

  11. The Skin

    Listed in skincare

    The skin is the largest organ in the body and has protective, respiratory and excretory functions. If the lungs, liver, large intestine or kidneys are overworked and unable to proce...

  12. Miranda's Bowl of Porridge

    Listed in weight loss

    This regular column by June Butlin illustrates how the author tackled the long-term weight problems experienced by a middle-aged client.

  13. Inherent Weaknesses

    Listed in stress

    This article illustrates how an inherent weakness to stress can cause a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms. It relates how a teacher in her twenties had suffered from practic...

  14. The Use of Herbs and Phytonutrients in Pain and Inflammation

    Listed in nutrition

    This article continues the discussion on pain and inflammation introduced in Issue 59 and focuses on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of herbs and phytonutrients. Five...

  15. Pain and Inflammation

    Listed in nutrition

    Although pain and inflammation are important life processes – pain warns that something is wrong, and inflammation is a protective mechanism that allows healing to take place...

  16. A Case of Otitis Media

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    Otitis media, inflammation and infection of the middle ear, is common in young children. Its many possible causes, including food allergies and lack of breast-feeding as babies, are...

  17. A Case of Osteoarthritis

    Listed in arthritis

    This article defines osteoarthritis, a degenerative, inflammatory disease of the weight-bearing joints, which affects over 5 million people in the UK and for which many different ca...

  18. The Properties of Milk

    Listed in nutrition

    Milk is a very important food for all mammals as it provides optimum nutrition for growth and development. However, when the milk of each mammalian species, whether goats, elephants...

  19. Susan's Story of Fat Loss

    Listed in weight loss

    Diet programs rarely produce safe and effective methods of achieving fat loss. Indeed, America spends 36 billion dollars on weight loss programs each year and it is a highly profita...

  20. A Case of Infertility

    Listed in fertility

    In her regular column for this issue, June Butlin discusses the case of a couple who had been unable to conceive for some eighteen months.

  21. Headaches

    Listed in headaches

    In this issue, June Butlin discusses the causes and characteristics of both tension and migraine headaches, as well as the use of pain killers.

  22. Fiona's Healing Journey

    Listed in healing

    Last month I discussed Fionas case study on Lupus from a nutritional point of view, which is one of the most important aspects of any healing process. Other major areas involved in ...

  23. A Case Study on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Listed in medical conditions

    This column by June Butlin looks at the auto-immune disorder Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which is characterised by severe rashes on the cheeks and nose, as well as tiredness...

  24. Case Studies on the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet

    Listed in metabolic typing

    In this column, June Butlin expands on the Peter D Adamo Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet. This diet identifies the foods which are most suitable for the four blood groups O, A, B...

  25. 'Eat Right for your Blood Type' Diet

    Listed in metabolic typing

    The Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet was developed by Dr Peter D Adamo, inspired by his fathers theories on the importance of blood types in predicting a person biochemistry.

  26. Case Study - Severe Stress

    Listed in stress

    Following on from the last column that looked at the role nutrition has to play in dealing with stress, this month June Butlin looks at a case of severe stress that caused a range o...

  27. Nutrition and Stress

    Listed in nutrition

    In her column this month June Butlin looks at stress. In the first half of the article she reviews the mechanisms of the fight or flight response. In the second half she looks at nu...

  28. Raw Foods

    Listed in organic food

    There have been many advocates of raw food diets dating back from the Essenes, a monastic sect at the time of Christ to Dr Max Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, and Leslie Ke...

  29. A Case of Multiple Sclerosis

    Listed in medical conditions

    Multiple Sclerosis is a disease in which scarring occurs to the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves. This results in the nerves no longer conducting electrical impulses normally...

  30. A Case of Candida Albicans

    Listed in colon health

    The June Butlin Column this month looks at the case of a 38 year old junior school teacher who had felt physically and mentally below par for more than two years. Though she suffere...

  31. Sarah's Story of High Blood Pressure

    Listed in heart

    diagnosis of high blood pressure should be taken seriously as it can lead to coronary heart disease, the commonest cause of death, in the western world. The specific consequences of...

  32. The Enteric Nervous System

    Listed in colon health

    Part of my responsibility as a nutritionist is to keep updated with research, to furnish me with the knowledge and understanding that I need to help my clients achieve their health ...

  33. The Importance of the Liver

    Listed in detoxification

    The liver is the largest gland in the body and weighs on average 3lbs. Its most important role is to detoxify foreign substances such as metabolic waste products, drugs, pesticides,...

  34. The Achievements of Two Sportsmen

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    June Butlin continues her column with the theme of Sports Nutrition from an holistic perspective and this month she reviews the activities of two former patients who benefited from ...

  35. An Holistic Approach to Optimum Sports Nutrition

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Sports nutritionists seem to be involved in a never ending search for the one isolated supplement, food or drug, which will enhance performance.

  36. Eczema Allergy and Beyond

    Listed in allergies

    Jane, aged 54, came to see me with a few minor health problems, and one major one of severe eczema, a chronic skin condition, which she had suffered from for most of her life.

  37. The Repercussions of Allergies

    Listed in allergies

    An allergy is caused by the bodys adverse reaction to normal stimuli such as foods, chemicals, animals, clothing, pollen and dust. The effects of an allergy can be obvious, whereby ...

  38. Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    Listed in cfs me long covid

    Mark came to me in sheer despair. He was suffering from severe tiredness, a racing heartbeat and continuous noises in his head. The doctors and specialists had treated him for tinni...

  39. Implications of Molecules in Emotion

    Listed in nutrition

    In nearly three decades of working in the area of wellness I have never found one health discipline that has all the answers for healing. The reason is that there are so many indivi...

  40. Nutrition for Children and Young Adults

    Listed in nutrition

    Quality nutrition is very important for children health, as it is likely to result in good eating patterns in later life, and is essential for optimum growth and development. Resear...

  41. A Case Study on Anxious Depression

    Listed in depression

    Helen is a single parent of three children who works extremely hard to provide for her family. She was employed part time as a teacher, and although the money was limited, she manag...

  42. Depression

    Listed in depression

    Depression is a growing health problem and one of the least understood diseases. It affects adults and children of all ages and can be very serious. Untreated depression may lead to...

  43. Perseverance and Endurance in Nutritional Therapy

    Listed in nutrition

    One of the fundamental principles of optimum nutrition is a time delay in the healing process. Nutrients in the form of foods, supplements and herbs do not produce an instant overni...

  44. Regenerate and Revitalise

    Listed in detoxification

    Summer is a wonderful time of the year when nature flourishes and life seems brighter, more colourful, and full of vitality. A newness evolves and we naturally focus on our surround...

  45. Optimum Nutrition for Babies

    Listed in nutrition

    I believe that optimum nutrition is essential in maintaining optimum health. It is vital to our lives as our bodies have been completely built and maintained by the foods that we ea...

  46. The Side Effects of Antibiotics

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    Discovering antibiotics in the 1930s was a major breakthrough for modern medicine as it allowed many people to be saved from life threatening diseases such as typhoid and meningitis...

  47. The Power of Corrective Nutrition

    Listed in nutrition

    However, in 1993, at the age of 52, she encountered health problems. She started to suffer from extreme mental and physical tiredness, and her weight started to creep up. She was of...

  48. Hormonal Imbalances

    Listed in women's health

    Over the past 18 months I have been consulted by more and more clients suffering from hormonal imbalances. These include premenstrual tension, menopausal symptoms, infertility and p...

  49. An Holistic Approach to Optimum Sports Nutrition

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Until September 1995, Catherine was fit, healthy and full of vitality. She had a happy home life, a good social life, and a reasonable degree of fitness. Then, she suffered from ext...

  50. The Practicalities of the Gerson Therapy

    Listed in detoxification

    After attending the Gerson therapy training day I realised that the practicalities of the therapy were far from simplistic and it could well be the most intense and extreme nutritio...

  51. The Gerson Therapy

    Listed in cancer

    In conventional terms there are many cancers, many causes, but few cures. Chemotherapy (drug based) with its extensive side effects including nausea, leukaemia and sterility is repu...

  52. A Good Beginning

    Listed in nutrition

    Michael is a lively, sensitive, impulsive, verbally adept thirteen-year-old of high intelligence with a wide general knowledge that would put many adults to shame. However, he is se...

  53. Controlling Diabetes

    Listed in diabetes

    Diabetes is on the increase. There are approximately 700,000 people currently being diagnosed yearly in Britain, and in America it is the seventh leading cause of death.

  54. Sharing a Common Ground

    Listed in complementary medicine

    It is not so long ago that complementary therapy was frowned upon and each discipline at that time was working towards the common goal of establishing themselves in the health care ...

  55. Georgia

    Listed in nutrition

    This case study illustrates how nutritional factors can affect not just physical well-being but also mental, emotional and behavioural patterns.

  56. Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Listed in sad

    June Butlin looks at Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). For many people who suffer from SAD, winter (between September and April) can be a time of depression, desolation and emptine...

  57. The Importance of Integrative Health Care

    Listed in complementary medicine

    As a nutritionist, June Butlin, believes that our bodies are derived from the nutrients we take from our food, helped by oxygen and water. She does not feel that the medical establi...

  58. The Role of the Gut in Psychology

    Listed in colon health

    This article explores the link between illnesses such as autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and gut disorders.

  59. The Role of Nutrition and the Nutrition Practitioner in the 21st Century

    Listed in nutrition

    The author says nutrition practitioners have to move beyond just prescribing a healthy diet of quality whole foods, water, essential fatty acids and eliminating offending food. Esp...

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