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  1. 3 Types of Probiotics & Why That Matters For Your Gut Health

    by Daniel Maman

    In Greek, the term probiotic means, "for life" and if you visit any health store you'll find a dizzying array of probiotic supplements vying for your attention. Which one should you...

  2. 8 Myths about Poo - What is and What isn't Healthy

    by Enid Taylor

    Talking about poo can be cringeworthy for most of us. The lack of discussion around the topic has caused myths around digestive health to leave people wondering - what is and what i...

  3. A Case of Candida Albicans

    by June Butlin

    June Butlin's Column this month looks at the case of a 38 year old junior school teacher who had felt physically and mentally below par for more than two years. Though she suffered...

  4. Absorption - an herbal approach

    by Keith Robertson

    Despite the advances in modern medicine, human beings seem to be getting weaker, and the main system that seems to be affected, alarmingly, is the digestive system.

  5. All Natural Remedies for Parasites

    by Helen Kimber

    Parasites have gained a reputation as ugly, hideous creatures that devour their hosts with vengeance, deriving nourishment and protection without giving anything back – a reputatio...

  6. Biology Of Balance

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    It’s the typical morning sonata. You’ve your hasty breakfast, before leaving for office, and the whole process brings about certain internal fluctuations. The first thing you know i...

  7. Bloating

    by Wilma Kirsten

    This article is a comprehensive consideration of bloating, its effects, its causes, and a useful and non-doctrinaire set of recommendations about diagnosis and potentially helpful ...

  8. Candida: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches

    by Nigel Abraham

    This article discusses the history of candida, what candida is, who gets it, how it can be diagnosed, and which therapeutic approaches may be beneficial in its treatment.

  9. Colon Health - Are you confused?

    by Peter Bartlett and Michael Sellar

    In treating people who have a wide range of physical and mental symptoms that don't fit in to a conventional, 'named' condition, nutritional and naturopathic practitioners have for...

  10. Colonic Hydrotherapy for Digestive Problems

    by Hannah McDonald

    This is a case history of a client with long-standing digestive problems including excessive gas, explosive bowel motions and lower abdominal gripes; also a sore, itchy and inflame...

  11. Constipation, Gluten and Milk Allergies in Children

    by Penny Crowther

    The theme of this article is constipation, gluten and milk allergies in children. The author approaches it via the case history of an eight-year-old girl who came to the clinic wit...

  12. Crohn's Disease

    by Cornelis van Dalen

    In 1932 the American doctor Burrill B Crohn and his associates first offered the description of a disease characterized by an inflammatory reaction of the bowel, usually affecting ...

  13. Cycles of Disease and Health

    by Brian Wright

    This article is taken from a book-in-progress which describes the fundamental factors in virtually all disease as a negative cycle, and shows clearly how they can be reversed by co...

  14. Digestive Disorders: From Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and IBS, to Coeliac and Ulcerative Colitis

    by Dr Sam Shohet

    This article takes us on a taster journey through the digestive tract in an attempt to highlight the interconnectedness of all organs of the body, as well as the importance of a co...

  15. Electronic Sputnik Capsule Against Parasites

    by Ronnie Turner

    We have been working with a quite extraordinary device for the past year – an electronic capsule which once ingested into the system can expel parasites and gallstones.

  16. Encouraging Healthy Inhabitants in the Gut

    by Penny Crowther

    Over the last 10-15 years, probiotics have undergone something of an image transformation.

  17. Environmental and Nutritional Approach to Candida and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    by Dr Diana Samways

    Bowel conditions, stigmatized as wind and bloating, are, the author claims, often misdiagnosed and wrongly labelled IBS or diverticulitis, when what usually is the matter is a gut ...

  18. Food Combining Wisdom for Greater Health

    by Elizabeth Montgomery

    Recent research has shown that over the last few decades there is a significant rise in digestive disorders due to ever changing dietary habits. As a result, there are now many popu...

  19. Food Intolerances: Understanding and Curing them using Natural Therapies

    by Christine Fadhley

    Good digestion is something that we should all be able to enjoy and take for granted. To be able to eat anything on your plate without worrying about the possible consequences is th...

  20. Great Vagal Tone = Happy, Healthy You! Is it too good to be true?

    by Emma Lane

    You can create more by simply working on improving your vagal tone with easy daily beneficial lifestyle choices. It sounds fantastic and some of you may well be thinking that’s just...

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