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  1. A Case of Double Infertility

    by June Butlin

    June Butlin describes the nutritional therapy undertaken by a couple trying to conceive who were devastated by the news that they were both infertile, the male partner having a low...

  2. A Case of Infertility

    by June Butlin

    In her regular column for this issue, June Butlin discusses the case of a couple who had been unable to conceive for some eighteen months.

  3. Case Study: Infertility and Reiki Healing

    by Virginia Anderson

    This article concerns the successful treatment of infertility due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with Reiki healing.

  4. Coming of Age – How Periods are Celebrated Around the World

    by Megan Johnstone

    Your first period is certainly a significant point in your life, but many women will not have a vivid recollection of this moment — it simply passed them by, and they entered womanh...

  5. Counselling for Infertilty

    by Vicky Allen

    Fertility clients are to my mind unique compared to general counselling clients - if they were not experiencing fertility problems they would not need counselling.

  6. Factors Behind Infertility; Optimum Ages for Becoming Pregnant

    by Dr Marcos Ferrando

    The subject of fertility has remained high on the news agenda in recent years and is understandably a topic many people will think about when first deciding to start a family.

  7. Fertility is not just about your Eggs

    by Michael Dooley

  8. Homeopathic Approaches to Infertility

    by June Sayer

    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive in a woman, or in the case of the man, the inability to induce conception.

  9. Natural Remedies for Early Pregnancy

    by Nicki Woodward

    This column focuses on the safe natural remedies prescribed a pregnant woman who initially consulted the author in her eighth week, when suffering from nausea, exhaustion and on-go...

  10. Nutrition and Fertility

    by Lila Kirkland ND

    This article provides detailed information about appropriate nutrition for maximising fertility, for both women and men.

  11. Polycystic Ovaries: Conception following Nutritional Programme

    by Penny Crowther

    Despite the remarkable breakthrough that IVF (in-vitro fertilization) has made in the treatment of infertility, Penny Crowther points out that there are other more natural and less...

  12. Reflexology, Fertility and IVF

    by Victoria Miles

    Recently there has been much negative press over IVF. This is such a shame because for some people it will be the only way they can achieve pregnancy. So much as I am always incline...

  13. Reproductive Reflexology

    by Barbara Scott

    Infertility, sub-fertility and delayed conception are increasingly common issues experienced by approximately 1 in 6 couples in the UK. And this statistic appears to be replicated ...

  14. Take Control of your Fertility by Understanding your Luteal Phase

    by Robert Milnes and Kate Davies

    Deciding to have a child is an exciting time for any couple. But, for the 3.5 million women who suffer from fertility issues (NHS Statistics), it can quickly turn to disillusion and...

  15. Two Voices, One Story - Overcoming Infertility and Choosing Adoption

    by Elaine Rizzo, Amy Masters

    I am nothing if not an enigma and a seeming contradiction: I am infertile, but I have been pregnant; I have been pregnant but I have never given birth; I have never given birth yet ...

  16. What Impact Does Stress Really Have on Fertility?

    by Sarah Stewart

    If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for a while then you’ll no doubt have had the stock response from family and friends telling you to “just relax and it will ...

  17. Women Finding Peace of Mind on their Fertility Journey

    by Russell Davis

    ‘Daddy, Daddy tell me it again!’ My friends’ son excitedly asked to hear the story again. I was feeling fine until I heard those words. Suddenly I felt sick, overwhelmed by a fear t...

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