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  1. Benefits of Fresh Juices

    by Samm Kweku Richardson

    Fruit juices stir up and flush out accumulated toxins. Their concentrated natural sugars bring about vital energy and speed up the eliminative process. Vegetable juices provide the...

  2. Biogenic Nutrition

    by Anon

    The idea for this article stemmed from our love of vegetarian cooking and the way it can be used to promote health. We found people have become vegetarians for many reasons, be i...

  3. Cancer and Organic Meat

    by Lisa Saffron

    Since the 1970s, red meat has been suspected of increasing the risk of cancer. Recently the World Cancer Research Fund published its monumental review of the evidence on nutrition,...

  4. Dead Soils/ Dead Foods

    by Debbie Stoton

    It may seem unlikely that Parkinson's disease, depression or attention deficit disorder could have one common contributing factor, but poor nutrition is at the root cause of many C...

  5. Dialogue

    by Lisa Saffron

    This column is the last I'll write for the foreseeable future. I've written fifteen columns with topics ranging from arsenic to xeno-oestrogens. But I've kept coming back to one to...

  6. How to Choose the Healthiest Juices for Your Lifestyle

    by João Gouveia

    Although a select few may still find the time (and have the energy) to forage through woodlands and over dales in the quest for their five-a-day, unfortunately that is not the case ...

  7. Living Foods - The Optimum in Natural Nutrition

    by Elaine Bruce

    Living Foods is a phrase increasingly used in therapeutic circles as well as by nutrition conscious people, to indicate the use of plant foods to obtain a superior level of natural...

  8. Nutritional Value of Organic Food

    by Lisa Saffron

    Of all the claims made for the benefits of organically grown food, the most controversial is the claim that it is healthier than food grown conventionally. To proponents, the vit...

  9. Organic Food and Cancer Risk

    by Lisa Saffron

    Can we reduce our risk of cancer by eating organic food? For many people, it is common sense that organic food is healthier than conventionally grown food. But a review of the scie...

  10. Organic Food and Health: The Evidence

    by Shane Heaton

    Shane Heaton, a clinical nutritionist, has spent two years reviewing over 400 scientific papers and gathering scientific evidence that supports the view that organic food is better...

  11. Organic Food: Nutritional Value and Safety

    by Sarah Merson

    The article explains the harmful effects of artificial fertilizers, which leach into and contaminate our water sources, and pesticides, some of which (e.g. lindane) have been found...

  12. Raw Food to Feel Healthier, Happier and More Vibrant

    by Ka Sundance

    The author, ‘a passionate health-seeker’, writes an exposition of the advantages of a raw food diet. We are closely related to primates who live healthily on raw food; uncooked foo...

  13. Raw Food, Longevity and Weight Loss

    by Suz Evasdaughter

    This article focuses on the benefits of raw food diet, which according to the author can prolong one’s life and also help with weight loss. Raw food diet also offers freedom from a...

  14. Raw Fooders

    by June Butlin

    ‘Raw fooders’ believe that humans are naturally and biologically raw plant eaters, as expounded by experts on raw food nutrition such as David Wolfe and Edward Howell.

  15. Raw Foodism

    by Joe Alexander

    Most people live on an omnivorous diet - that is, anything that it is possible to chew up and swallow and live long enough to tell about it, they will eat. But for one reason or ...

  16. Raw Foods

    by June Butlin

    There have been many advocates of raw food diets dating back from the Essenes, a monastic sect at the time of Christ to Dr Max Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, and Leslie...

  17. The Arguments for Eating Organic Foods

    by Joseph Keon, Ph.D.

    If you are truly motivated to protect your health and sharply reduce your risk of breast cancer as well as other cancers, you will want to make the effort to purchase organically p...

  18. The Benefits of Organic Food

    by Tanyia Maxted-Frost

    In this article the author looks at the contaminants that pollute our world and especially the foods that we eat. From an historical perspective these are not new issues. The las...

  19. The Healing and Transformative Qualities of Natural Cooking

    by Montse Bradford

    An experienced wholefood cooking teacher, healer, emotional therapist and counsellor in Life Energetics, Montse Bradford encourages us to take some time to reflect on the ways in w...

  20. The Juicer's Guide

    by Kerry Doyle

    A 27 point 'How To' guide for juicing for health. A follow-up to Kerry's article in issue 49.

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