1. After Atkins and Other Low-Carb Diets

    (by Dr Paul Clayton) Reviewed by: June Butlin

  2. Dr Jensen's Juicing Therapy: Nature's Way to Better Health and a Longer Life

    (Dr Bernard Jensen) Reviewed by: June Butlin

  3. Dr Jensen's Nutrition Handbook: A Daily Regimen for Healthy Living

    (Dr Bernard Jensen) Reviewed by: June Butlin

  4. Drop Acid: The Surprising New Science of Uric Acid – The Key to Losing Weight, Controlling Blood Sugar and Achieving Extraordinary Health

    (Dr David Perlmutter) Reviewed by: Kate Neil

  5. Feel-Good Food - A Guide to Intuitive Eating

    (Susie Miller and Karen Knowler) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  6. Foodwise - Understanding What We Eat and How it Affects Us

    (Wendy E Cook) Reviewed by: Gordon Smith

  7. Health Defence

    (Dr Paul Clayton Ph.D.) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  8. Macrobiotics for All Seasons

    (Marlene Watson-Tara) Reviewed by: Anna Freedman

  9. Nourishing Traditions (2nd ed)

    (Sally Fallon, MA, with Mary Enig, PhD.) Reviewed by: Stephen Byrnes

  10. Stop America's #1 Killer!

    (Thomas E Levy MD JD) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  11. Super Feast: Love Food - Defy Disease - Save Your Life

    (Michael van Straten) Reviewed by: Jane Sen

  12. The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies - 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

    (Natalie Savona) Reviewed by: Suzannah Olivier

  13. The China Study

    (T Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II) Reviewed by: David Lorimer

  14. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Nutritional Healing

    (Denise Mortimore) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  15. The Food Revolution: How your diet can help save your life and the world

    (John Robbins) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  16. The Healthy Food Directory

    (Michael van Straten) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

  17. The Juice Master's Ultimate Fast Food - Discover the Power of Raw Juices

    (Jason Vale) Reviewed by: Suzannah Olivier

  18. The Madness of Adam and Eve: how schizophrenia shaped humanity

    (Dr David Horrobin DPhil, MA, BM, BCh.) Reviewed by: Bella Clarke

  19. The Optimum Nutrition Cookbook

    (Patrick Holford & Judy Ridgway) Reviewed by: Suzannah Olivier

  20. The X Factor Diet - For lasting weight loss and vital health

    (Leslie Kenton) Reviewed by: Sandra Goodman PhD

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